Whining Thread #2

Woken up at 5.50 by early rising sprog..first its her then the cat comes in but it wants feeding, so sprog does it (miracle!) then comes back, then goes to pee, then its giggles and purrs for the next 45 mins till my normal waking time...o_O:)


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Presenting on a book today...and everyone in my class is going "I haven't read it" "I'm only a little way through" "This book sucks"

Not encouraging...at least no-one can point out the things I get wrong?

Story of an African Farm can't be that bad..I love it.


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I've worked out why Japanese gets me down so much this year.

In previous years, we spent a lesson, or half a lesson, going over the new vocab. At that point, we only had 40-50 new words per week.
This year, not only do we have about 100 new words per lesson, but the lecturer expects us to have learnt the vocab before we come to the first lesson of the week...but she hasn't actually communicated that expectation...she just approaches each lesson/grammar point as if we are thoroughly familiar with every word she says.

And I don't feel like I can email her about it, because all she'd say is "Well, learn the vocab before you come to class".
I just don't know what to do. Right now I'm spending each class thoroughly confused and more than a little bit upset...she's not using the class to teach; she's using it to review.
And it sucks.


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take husband down the road to the train because we have a car in the shop, 6am
miss that train b/c tracks are blocked by a stopped train moving in opposite direction (eastbound)
drive fast to next westbound stop to get dh on that train (@6:15)
drive back, wait for a different slow eastbound, wait for next passenger train that husband could have caught had he simply stayed put, then wait for another west bound long, slow train....home at 6:47

this is a train that dh could have walked to if he had to....grumble ...I am not supposed to be up early on wednesday...car had better be fixed today


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There was recently a free concert at the Kennedy Center to inaugurate their new, huge pipe organ. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor was played. And I missed it! I didn't find out about it until just now. Damn and blast!!! I love organ music, I love that piece, but I've never heard it played live on an organ. Rackin' frackin'!

OTOH, DH's former teacher is playing a Chopin recital at CCM's school, so we will be going to that. Always exciting g to see Brian play. :)


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8 events so far...haven't been recalled in any of them.
Looked at the photos that DP's sister took and I look like a sausage squeezed into my costume :-(

Not a great day, really.

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