Whining Thread #2

I was in a car accident this Saturday. I'm not 100% certain of the cause, although it was most likely a matter of my hydroplaning. All I know for certain is that I lost control of my car and wound up spinning into the median at 70 mph. I was actually quite lucky. It was a stretch of interstate where the median was just a stretch of grass; there were no physical barriers. There was some damage to my car as it wasn't a flat stretch of grass, but it was even still driveable. And more importantly, I was uninjured (and noone else was involved in the accident). Had there been a barrier there, I very much suspect that I'd be fortunate had I simply wound up with a trip to the ER.

My whine: the highway patrolman who came to help decided it would be fair and reasonable to give me a $200 citation for "failure to maintain lane". I am struggling to see the justice in that.
bummer. maybe get a lawyer and sue the A$$ off the highway authority. There was a radio documentary about hydroplaning, after a cop lost control at 60mph
at an accident black spot, and it was down to the road surface that was conducive to hydroplaning, so he started asking awkward question about what surfaces were being used and why (usually cost)
Well, I have no interest in suing, but I am actually tempted to go to court over this rather than just pay the ticket. That's not something I would normally do.

(Although your anecdote is interesting. Driving home, I couldn't help but notice three other cases of cars in ditches or the median in a space of less than 20 miles.)


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I think it is fair to sometimes cite "an act of God"...ie weather...that being said, if one is doing 70 on a wet road there may be some argument for recklessness there ...kind of a toss up... imv...bottom line; very glad you are okay
I'll be taking it in to get inspected by the insurance people in a couple of hours. I'm sure they'll be taking a look at my tires while they're at it. My general impression is that while they're at a point where they *could* reasonably be replaced, they hadn't been at a point where they *needed* to be replaced.

As far as it goes, while I suspect that it would actually have been a more significant citation, I think I'd have had an easier time understanding a reckless driving citation than the FTML one. I didn't *feel* like I was driving particularly recklessly. That was the speed limit and while it was raining, it was a light rain. But ... ipsa loq. My familiarity with that road (I was making my weekly commute to Nashville for lessons) may have lulled me into a false sense of security.

But yes, I do feel very lucky that things were not far worse than they were.
exctly...also might be a very good time to check the condition of your tires
Called it in one. The insurance guy was pretty emphatic that I had been being overly optimistic about the state of my tires and that they lead directly to my accident. It's profoundly stupid on my part. My car will be paid off next month, and my plan had been to set aside the first couple of months without car payments and buy new tires later in the summer. But ... I have perfectly adequate savings to buy them now. It's not an *actual* imposition to buy them now and just put extra into savings in June and July. Stupid, stupid pennywise and pound-foolish.

On the plus side, my insurance company is seriously doing me right. That side of things has been remarkably smooth and painless.
which means you were actually driving faster than that.. badddddd Jude

glad you are okay tho
Ok, let me be clear. I don't know what speed I was going at when I actually hit the median. Before I span out of control, I was going roughly the speed limit. I couldn't give an exact number - things happened very quickly, but I was not travelling at a remarkable speed.


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The staff at the studio where I practice (NOT the studio where I take lessons) covers about 85% of its mirrors with JUNK. They put posters, sign-up sheets, birthday signs, “seasonal decorations” and a bunch of other stuff all over its mirrors. I’ve mentioned to the studio owner several times that it’s the only studio I’ve been in that hides a major learning tool, that it interferes with the use of mirrors for practicing, and that all the mirror-clutter gives the studio an unprofessional look. All I’m told is that the “staff likes it.” Well he must be pretty desperate to keep his staff, because, on the rare occasions when a mirror has been “empty” and I use it to check a head position or something, they barge right past me to slap up a seasonal daffodil or something right over the spot where I’m checking my head! Unbelievable.

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