Whining Thread #2

PA is on holiday..boss needs to forward one of her emails, and he writes it in her name...not illegal but very weird...:eek:
especially as he has been talking to the person its going to...


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Trainer says, "all the fans and AC are on" yet I'm standing still, without doing any exercise at all and I'm sweating, there are only 3 people in his private gym and I haven't even started yet. ARGHHHHHHH.


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It has been warm and humid for so long, the lawn has a nice crop of mushrooms, and any surface that is not immediately dried off will grow mold. Sweating 24/7 is not my place of grace. And now the temperature rises -- out of the 80s and into the 90s. TDNWMH.


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only bright side is that, if your neighbors are morons who like to shoot their fireworks willy nilly, there is less likelihood that your house or lawn will burst into flames...anyhow, baby powder; my secret for navigating humidity without becoming cranky pants.... if that doesn't work; margarita in a cold tub :)
our office answering machine is switched off. A friend of the boss says he's called twice and left a message. Boss walks over to answering machine looks at it and says "There's 8 messages on this." then he asks "How do you switch it on? " There is a lead to a socket in the wall right in front of him. The socket is switched off. How do I say the bleeding obvious without sounding sarcastic...:p


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So we were informed Monday that contractors who work for the part of the Army that we work for will have be furloughed along with the civil service. It will be 11 unpaid days off. And right now my DW is in disability, at 80% pay, due to recent surgery. So our combined income is taking a double whammy, and it comes at a very bad time for reasons that I can't get into here.

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