Whining Thread #2

patients like you pay for my dancing!!:eek:
Well, I'm generally pretty healthy. So it hasn't (directly) bitten me too badly so far. But believe you me, I fully understand the dangers of that sort of attitude when something serious actually does crop up. For example, by the time my mother's lung cancer was discovered (when she collapsed while teaching at her elementary school), the cancer had already spread to her brain and kidneys. The doctors gave her maybe six months, she lasted nearly six weeks. The last of which was downright hellish.

So I kid, but I'm well aware of how bad of a thing my general aversion to going to the doctor is. I really do try to overcome my inherited tendencies and the effort the naval flight surgeons put into making me want to desperately avoid seeking medical help.


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Why why why must my two favorite events be on the same weekend???? DC Swing Experience and Ohio land on the same weekend this year :( Now I must decide with my partner :/


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I've had my computer back for about a week and a half after it has gotten "fixed" and now it is broken again. But more broken then when I sent it into the shop last time. Taking it back this afternoon.... grrrrr (I am thankful that this is happening now though, and not half way through my digital media class coming this fall)


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Text DP earlier this week..."Hey, seeing as we have expensive lessons this weekend, can we skip our normal lesson and practise instead?"
Answer is yes.

Text him to confirm at 2.30pm today...usual practise time is 5.30...was prepared to do earlier if need be.
Text back at 4.30 (when I need to leave...dance is an hour away)..."Sorry, GF is coming over at 6.30...but I can do until then if you want"

Drive for an hour for half an hour of practise? No. I texted you earlier so we could reschedule if we needed to...like, say, if your GF is visiting when we're meant to be dancing! I was super hoping for a nice long practise today so that we don't spend $95 on stupid mistakes over the weekend.


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