Whining Thread #2


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Cat pees on work clothes right before I go away...BF says "don't worry about it I'll wash them tonight". Leave for 5 days. Come back, nap, and start to get ready for work.
"Hey where did my uniform end up?"
"Oh, I haven't washed it yet. Oops"

Oops indeed. Nothing like wearing wet clothes to work. All I want here is a commitment to doing something you said you would. I can plan if you don't want to. But if you say you will and I've acted accordingly...that's frustrating.


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I am not a mind reader. If (the figurative) you have plans which involve me, you should probably inform me of my role within them.
How can you have plans when you're snowed in till spring? :D

(I shouldn't laugh... we may be getting some of that a few hours from now. I brought my work laptop home just in case.)


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Minor whine....really enjoyed dancing at weekend socials for the past few weeks with leader who is an advanced dancer...but leader feels the need to fuss at me regarding my right hand position almost every dance...leader also pulled the name drop thing last weekend by saying, oh, I took lessons for over 3 years from such-and-such...I am getting annoyed...I tried to handle it by saying, maybe you should pick your battles...my next line would be he who lives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, or maybe, if you don't like my hand position don't ask me to dance, and after that, all bets are off...for the record, right hand position seems to be a non issue with pro...I also brought this up with 2 other pros (one leader and one follower) and 1 student (a leader), and it also seems to be a non issue...this leads me to believe the problem is not with me...any ideas on how to handle this situation

I come to socials to have fun, and while I like the opportunity to dance with an advanced leader, I do not appreciate continued criticism, well meaning or not.


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You've already said your "reply" for the next time. Re-read the last line of your OP. (wink). I have said that very thing...and it works like a charm, especially with a slight southern lady accent while smiling during the talk.
It's finals week and everyone is so wrapped up in their own stress they forget everyone else is at the same place too :(
On a funny note, I've been sympathy stressing so much with friends doing thesis, I forget that I'm not writing my theses yet :)


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Ripping SYTYCD routines off of youtube and having your own teacher show them to your new partner dancebatim doesn't make you a "professional choreographer/instructor". It makes you a knockoff, and your complete beginner student who's now being pulled and contorted all over the place look like that one creepy Oracle chick from 300. How about dancing a clean routine you can actually dance instead? Crazy, I know.
I soooooo, sooo, soooo do not want to do all my final papers/projects and exams. Cannot wait until winter break... except then I get to study for the MCAT. yay me. grumble grumble grumble.


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These people have been dancing for like five years and should know better. Then again, they're the same people who think you can "buy the look" and "be the dancer". Meh, whatever. Knockoffs fool nobody.


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Something for sale. To the right people, it's worth enough money, and it'll make me enough that I can do the rest of Christmas pretty well.

The one friend who always spies my stuff for sale sees it and does that wistful "Man, I really like that..." but they can't afford what I want for it.

So now, I either take a hit on it and let them have it because friends, or I stick to "It's this price, and I've had a few lookers already" and feel kind of bad.

I'll feel bad either way. I hate it when I'm in the position and I see something I can't afford at the time, so I try not to see my friends there either.

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