Whining Thread #2


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ok, it *was* sick Dear Wife. the juxtaposition of DW with the heat pump in the same sentence threw me off. have been reading too many kitchen magazines; assumed at first that you were referring to wife, but reference to heat pump made it sound like sick DW was sick dishwasher. and that's why I was nonplussed.

glad she's feeling better. and your heat pump is working.


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Have you ever been called up and griped out by the host of an informal social event because you didn't stop them and thank them for the party?

On one hand, guilty. It was late, people were starting to get drunk and rowdy, and I had to pee. I wanted to say "Thanks, great party", but every time I tried to make my way over, they were dancing, busy, or not around- like Josh Groban's character accepting tips in (the awesome movie you have to watch) Coffee Town.

On the other, that people brave some really crappy weather on a weekend they could be snoozing on the couch and recouping from their week, put money in the food-kitty in the corner of the kitchen, and laugh, dance, and have a great time with each other should be enough. They all COULD just say the heck with it and stay home. Like I wanted to, but students called, said they wanted to go, so we went, and then they didn't call or show up. Found out later, they were sick.

This host has a lot of people thinking that they're a martyr, that people have "done them wrong"- and to a degree, that's true, but come on- who HASN'T been encouraged to do something, and then not have any backers so that it has to fizzle? That's terrible douchery, but it's also just life in interpersonal business. Also, at what point do you put the victim card back in the deck, and either throw in the towel, or shut up and get back to it?

I just haven't ever known a studio owner to flatout pitch a spaz like this one has. I can't imagine the owner of a restaurant coming out on a slow day and scolding all of the SOBs sitting there eating their food for not bringing in more people- well, unless it was Crazy Amy's Baking Company.


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That happy Christmas buzz I've had going on for some time has officially been knocked off and stepped on. There's nothing like getting that rush of empowerment when you take charge, make decisions, things turn out right, people notice, and you get successful results. You feel like a real person, like there's a spot you fit into. It's magical to feel like a real person instead of someone kind of floating around without reason.

Then again, there's nothing like doing all that, just to have somebody come along and pick it apart, explaining in great detail all of the flaws and holes and errors and inconsistencies in it that someone COULD HAVE FOUND if they'd just looked as close as they should have. Working with someone who is quite a bit more academically intelligent and people-savvy can be really buzz-killing on occasion. I don't envy them, but I do wish I could keep up a little better than I do.


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I've been thinking of the future lately because as a soon-to-be second semester junior in college, I don't have that much time left. What in the world am I going to do? Obviously, I'll try to find a job and get some practical work experience. Beyond that, I'm unsure, and I don't like that.

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