Whining Thread #2


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Ah, gotcha. I was in the middle of three different things there. I can put up with a lot of stuff- it's their wall, their opinions... but when they keep posting graphic images of violence, sickness, etc., it turns my stomach. I know their argument is "But see? It made you stop and pay attention to the cause!" Yeah, but only to think "Man, what d*ck would post that? I'm eating here!" because it's me, and I'm always eating. And they're usually the same people who take objection to someone using the term "smack dat *ss" in reference to choreography (it was a foxtrot... it's complicated, but I guess 'make it pop' could have been acceptable, too).

But yes, lesson learned- check them out beforehand, and when in doubt, direct them to the business/dance alerts page, OR add them and restrict everything coming and going except for important, relevant announcements. Otherwise, every time they have a pyramid scam party (sex toys, green coffee bean/raspberry diet crap, I think Excel is even still going around here), I get an invite and have to explain without telling the truth why I can't participate.


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Work has brought in new tickets for the bakery trays that snap off when you pull the trays off.

Thanks for letting me know beforehand...now you have broken tickets and I don't care

Working 48 hours thus week. Exhausted.


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Some people are just freaking unbelievable. I am so angry right now that I am literally shaking.

Trying to hold off on sending back an e-mail blast that I will regret. (It's drafted, but I'm self-imposing a two hour cool-down period.) I'm currently enjoying myself by imagining all sorts of evil actions - that I will never do - that I could take to get this person what's coming to them. Someday it will catch up with them.


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Yeah, I killed my FB and started another just to follow certain businesses. I think I have at most 5 FB friends now. Suits me fine.
yup...we started using fb to follow our son when he was in Africa...because it was hard to reach him and we were literally kind of interested in confirming his aliveness... neither of us knew much about fb at the time and were too quick to friend everyone who asked as a way of being polite and friendly....as time went on, that seemed to be too much exposure...I am pretty sure I have unintentionally offended a whole bunch of people....but that wasn't my intent...I just kind of want that circle of communication to be really small....so I made it so


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I think mine's just under 80 now, and there are about ten who could go. I whittle them down after a time period after each series of classes. Some do use facebook for all their alerts, because you get them realtime, and often, facebook messaging is quicker and more reliable than voicemail tag, emails which get buried, etc.

LOL, most people 'collect' friends (the facebook definition of 'friend', that is, and there IS a difference) and brag about how high their number is, and here we are happy that we have low numbers.


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I got spring allergies for the first time ever this season. I can't remember if I took my allergy med this morning, so that could be the source of the itchiness.


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My super awesome just the right shade magenta sparkly pink kids' shoes' vamps are too narrow to cram my fat square but short foot in. It's not that I have puffy feet today, either. The same size, the same style fit okay before, but I guess sweatshop shoes come in all different interpretations of size 36.

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