Who here can do the splits?


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I can now.

Stretching three days a week with a partner assisting. And it took me two years.

I think that flexibility is either completely natural or comes out of necessity. Mine was out of necessity.

Supposedly, can anyone confirm this, that women are naturally more flexible than men because of estrogen. Apparently because a woman's body needs to stretch for child birth, they were given the natural ability to be more flexible.

I should try to look this up.
Apparently it is just hip flexibility.

Question: Is it true that females are generally more flexible than males?

Answer: It is true only if comparing, for example, hip flexibility of the sexes in the general population, but it is not true for particular individuals and not necessarily true for other joints. Don't you know men who are more flexible (in all major joints) than many women?

Females all over the world tend to have a greater range of motion in the hip joint and in the elbow (Alter 1996). But results of studies of differences in flexibility done in different countries may vary for other joints. For example, a study done in the U.S.A. by R. E. Koslow (1987) shows that 17- and 21-year-old women have greater range of motion than 17- and 21-year-old men in the shoulder, while a study done in Italy by F. Repice et al. (1982) shows the opposite. (Full references are in the fourth edition of my book Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training.)

From observation of gymnasts—athletes who are both selected for flexibility and work a lot on flexibility—you can see that women gymnasts tend to be more flexible than men of the same skill level. It has to do with differences in the bone structure and perhaps with women gymnasts having more compliant ligaments and usually less muscle mass around all joints than men gymnasts.


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I used to be incredibly flexible...and I'm hoping to gain some of it back. I was reading up on the internet last night and came across this guy's website (Kurtz). Great stuff. I did look at a couple of places that reviewed his books and dvds and wasn't thrilled enough to want to order either of them. The problem is that his website has great breakdowns on the types of flexibilities there are and what type of exercises to do accordingly, but to spare myself any injury, I'd prefer to see them done rather than read my way into doing them. I'm too old to be doing things incorrectly.
I can oversplit and pull my way through a full middle split too. I still have good hip flexibility, but nowhere near as good as it used to be.

Like you, MQ, I'm working hard to regain as much of my flexibility as I can.

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