Why Do You Dance? It seems you're lost in music

A short but interesting article from Psychology Today with some good quotes on the inspiration of music...

Why Do You Dance? It seems you're lost in music
Thanks for that. Many of my instructors and dance partners over the years have told me that they can feel me expressing the music as we dance. And I have been told that they can also see me doing that as well. How deeply fulfilling that has been...
It's interesting to read what people write in non-dance publications; they usually offer something different than we're used to hearing.

Another addition posted today called Dance? I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out!. :'(
Yeah, that's just how human beings are. We have our own interests and our own perspectives. Locally (the Dallas-Fort Worth area), some of the sportscasters chided Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin for competing in DWTS. On the other hand, a few said that they did not mind that or watching DWTS because of all the beautiful female dancers.

So, there will be people with no interest in dance; as there are many of us who have no interest in, say, deer hunting or NASCAR (except when Danica gave it a whirl!)...

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