Why has Windows 7 Been Rendered So Unusable?


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Which I had reported in Msg #34 of having found in Help. Alludes to a more complete syntax as well as to an entire new system of adding "tags" to files. Still rather sketchy, but it's the best we've been able to find so far, which still doesn't say much for M$'s handling of this. It appears that the entire search utility got a major overhaul in order to support these new "tags", whose documentation is also rather sketchy. Yet another case of M$ suffering from "Mac envy"?

My challenge to Quixotedlm was because his "solution" was suggested before by subliminal, I had investigated it, and found it to have absolutely nothing to do with my problem, which fact I reported. Msg #43 he recommended reindexing. Msg#51, I responded that reindexing or even anything to do with indexing has absolutely nothing to do with the problem of being able to specify the search parameters. Then again in #58, he offers indexing options (ie, choosing whether to search only in indexed directories or also allowing searching in unindexed directories) as a solution. That is why I requested in all seriousness that he describe just how he believes his suggestion is supposed to solve the problem of how the user is supposed to be able to specify the search parameters. I am still awaiting his answer.

What you and I have found is the closest thing to a solution that I know of. But the new approach (compose your own search filter based on intimate knowledge of search filter syntax which is largely unknown and undocumented) coupled by rather poor documentation is an extremely poor substitute for the dialog-box approach of WinXP. And if the goal of the new approach were just to add support for "tags", then that could have been done just as easily with minor modifications to the search dialog. And it would have certainly been much more user-friendly to offer both approaches; in the new approach, buttons appear that open lists dialogs to choose from, so why not offer a button to open an old-style dialog?

M$ really screwed the pooch on this one. They don't have the right stuff.

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