Why Spinning Figure Skaters Don't Get Dizzy

Larinda McRaven

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Not spotting. I can spin all day without spotting and never get dizzy.

Your brains response to the fluid rotating in your inner ear is a "DANGER SIGNAL" and your bodies immediate response is for you to PAY ATTENTION and SIT DOWN. This is so ingrained in us that we don't even question whether or not our bodies are in danger. We just freak out and give in... often conjuring up a lot of drama to go with it.

If you simply accept the spinning fluid and the warning signals that your body sends to you as a FALSE ALARM then you will begin to desensitize yourself to it. If every time you hear a Tornado Siren (can you tell I grew up in the mid-west) you run and hide then you will ALWAYS need to run and hide. But when I hear a tornado siren now I am not in a panic. Likewise when I spin and my body tells me I should sit down I say "No Thanks"... and amazingly the sirens simply go away... after time.

It is simply a matter of training your brain not to freak out and stay busy doing something else rather than giving in to the drama.


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during a video spot in the olympics, skating champion/announcer scott hamilton pointed out that one male skater was unusual because he did something skaters do *not* do... spot. he showed some video clips and it was a bit strange to see.


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I've just spun round in my chair at work and my tea is going to make a reappearance soon :(

I tend to not get dizzy if I focus on an object and turn to face it quickly again - that's the way we do it in class although I guess some folk don't need that :)

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