Wine Thread


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Heh. My friend (who I posted the inquiry for) used to be a waiter at a fancy shmancy restaurant round here and was really good with wine and food pairing. He stopped working there and is now a salesman and full time musician but anyway he introduced me to a pretty good pinot noir that comes in a large SCREW TOP bottle and we drink it from large round glasses. You know the size of your glass contributes helpfully (unhelpfully?) to the rate of your drinking lol.. maybe not the best thing for me personally, but that's what he has. I had made him a lasagna for his birthday so he contributed the wine. I'll have to ask him for the name of it, was very good!


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Currently drinking some of this
(Killawarra Brut)

Mixed with Chambord. Very nice*, and I opened it all by myself

*For $7 champagne.

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