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I once heard that a good sauv blanc smells like cat pee...that really blew it for me:rolleyes:
I suspect the person was confused.

My understanding is that if Sauvignon Blanc is over exposed to the sun and or picked before it is ripe, then it does take on a litter box like smell, but I wouldn't say this would be "good sauv blanc". ;)


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so do you know anything about Vouvrey DP?...I don't care much for whites..I am a cabernet girl...but I love a vouvrey with seafood or fruit especially in the summer...not unlike a dry dh is a pinot noir fella
See post #13 on this thread for an Viognier description. ;)


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well, either way...just can't bring myself to drink it now
Sauvignon Blanc does tend to have a sharp smell, with flavors of grass, gooseberry, olives, bell pepper, grapefruit, melon, vanilla, and butter to name a few.

I've found that it does seem to be more enjoyable for me when blended with other whites.


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not the viognier...the Vouvrey
Oh, Vouvray ... yes, that's a French style wine, made mostly, and usually completely, from the Chenin Blanc grape. Very little expereince with this. If I recall correctly, some of the flavors often found with it are almonds, honey, and melon. Works well with chicken and veal meals.


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Not sure. Perhaps you are referring to the acidity of the wine?

Can't recall pepper in the Pinot Noirs, I have no experience with the Syrahs, and they have made some very good Viognier's.
I have only had the cab and the syrah and it was most notable in the cab...and I had NEVER sensed it in any other wine...


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Oh, wow, I'm glad to hear it!

I've read it twice now, and I just find the language so beautiful and the thoughts so comforting.

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