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Staff member to Y to teach spin...we are cancelling the class next week so no one shows....thanks boss...come home and practice instead...finsish a bunch of other household to south bend to spend time with in-laws which has gotten less unpleasant as they home, dh conks out...quality time with dtr....


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Wednesday: total blank.
Thursday: contractor comes to start painting the library; we talk a lot, look at the job I expand the job to two other rooms
Fast forward to evening: father has a not-quite-conniption about my plans to paint two other rooms; clearly, there is much discussion to be had here with father, but I think I'm gonna lose this one
To HFKAM to pack and ship
To lunch at Indian restaurant
Evening: to comp to watch the Standard; take a dance buddy who is a social dancer and unaware of the nuances of politics in the BR community; she learns a lot, as do I


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Pick up Blond German Friend and go to comp to watch smooth
Back to comp; watch some Latin
Home; cook cook cook
BFF and her husband come for dinner; we polish off a mountain of food, a bottle of pinot grigio, and then crack out the champagne; thank god for the mountain of food, b/c otherwise, I'd probably have the hangover from hell


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Did our local comp yesterday. (I guess we can't call it a studio comp anymore; this year was the first year at a hotel.) Did an ungodly number of heats, with four different partners. DW and I had some problems getting going in the morning, and I kind of let it get into my head and I didn't dance most of the smooth very well. My best smooth of the day was the three-dance I did with one of the instructors, near the end of the session. Rhythm was much better. Did a last-chance dance with another pro, a tango which ended with me picking her up and carrying her out the door. :D Great pro show! Got home near 11:00 PM. Arm and leg cramps all night. Need some salty popcorn today.


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Sat: Lazy day at home, watching youtube videos and doing other stuff. Night Latin dance an hour way from 9:30 to 12:30am. Good mix of ballroom, swing, and other dancers. I left early as I had an early start the next day, today, Sunday.


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Start by being harassed by DS. What are we going to do today? Translation: "I'm bored. Entertain me." Suddenly, I have had it. As much as I want to avoid any statements that start with, "When I was your age" or end with "you young whipper-snapper," I am thoroughly fed up with DS expecting me to do stuff for him and with him all the time. So I ask him to make a list of all the things that have to get done this weekend, including rest and relax. Then I ask him to diagram when each thing will get done. IOW, I set him up for the sucker punch. When he has finished, I ask him where my rest and relaxation is supposed to fit in. Somehow, he has managed to fit everything into the diagram except time for me. His R&R does make it to the schedule, btw. My R&R is the only thing that falls off. Surprise, surprise. For once, he gets it. Self-absorbed teenager or not, he gets the fact that my working all the time while he plays all the time is unbalanced and unfair.


He goes for a walk, to "clear his head." I, ever vigilant, hand him his camera, on the way out the door. Might as well get your journalism assignment done, while you're clearing your head. Two birds with one stone and so on. *grin*

While he's gone, I start to think, too. When I was his age, I had an intact family, including a twin sister. Built-in annoyance, but built-in entertainment, too. Hmm. Must ponder how to get things more into balance, for DS and me both. Great. Now there's something new to worry about.

Spend balance of Saturday relaxing while harassing DS to get his piles of homework done today so that he can enjoy his Columbus Day off.

Sunday. Up late-ish. Clean. Laundry. To Gamestop, where disaster is averted. The cashiers who are working today don't know DS, so he doesn't have to admit publicly that he likes a "baby" game.

Barnes and Noble so DS can browse a billion books before he picks one. I read Entertainment Weekly (shame! I know) But I rationalize that it's really not all that bad, if the feature article is about The Big Bang Theory. The guy who plays Sheldon is actually not bad looking, when he's not in character. Think latter day Urkel. Ridiculously geeky, when in character. But, when out of character, really not bad.

Grocery store on the way home for large piles of snacks. Not sure why, but DS eats even more than usual, when he has a day off.


DS asks me to proofread his English paper -- a short story in which he was assigned to work on character development. Not bad, if a bit over-the-top creepy. I see elements of the butterfly and Mr Chou (i.e. Where does the dream end and and where does reality begin?) I also see lots of bad grammar. Hint: Changing from first person to third person mid-sentence is usually not a good idea. lol. But, all in all, the kid is an imaginative writer.

Dust off resume while finally catching the first half of Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher. (I kept channel surfing and catching only the second half hour or so.) Finally a balanced show -- a liberal, a moderate and a conservative, all on the same panel. Now that's my kind of political conversation.

Dinner. Assemble dinner elements for tomorrow, in anticipation of crockpot in the morning.

Chill. Chill some more.



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sunday...fake christmas at my dad's before he and new wife leave for florida, all major unpleasantness averted, but it drudges up epic emotions for me and I have the worst evening I have had in 6 years WRT missing my mom and the life we had before her death... and dh and I, weary due to having had no peace over the past few weeks, both nearly implode on one another...but we mange to eventually snuggle up and de-compress so the weekend at least ends the right way
Show day! :)

Get up in good time, spend half an hour playing Runescape over breakfast and end up rushing. For goodness' sake. :mad: How do I do this? DP texts while I'm gathering costumes into a pile to say that she's running late. Decide I have time to make lunch after all. Halfway through making lightning-fast cheese sandwich, DP texts again to say she has lunch for me. Manage, by the grace of I don't know what, to shave at top speed without cutting myself, pick everything up and spin out of the door as DP arrives.

Share a dressing room with several small boys, one of whom (an Irish dancer) has brought green underpants for the occasion and is waving them about. :p Another is having a major problem with his tie and decides to punch it into submission. I tell him this is as good a strategy as any.

Both dances go well. I think they like us. Also recieve an unexpected and very welcome donation to the charity I work for. :)

Go home and spend a welcome people-free hour hiding in the bedroom.

Have an expedition out into the nearby countryside after dinner, to look for the Draconid meteor shower. We lie on walls and see several meteors and a satellite.

Finish the day by jumping up at the wrong moment and giving my head an almighty wallop on the ceiling above my bed. Hit it so hard that I delay going to bed by half an hour to make sure I haven't got concussion. Develop a fantastic bump. :rolleyes:


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Hm...lately, in brief.

Monday: work on application and get it submitted.

Tuesday: er...something. Oh yeah, catch up on other work stuff that got shoved aside by the crisis known as "life."

Wednesday: shot to hell, as I'm totally out of sorts after dealing with my [expletive deleted] boss. Crimeny, that woman can be a real witch sometimes.

Thursday: stuff. Got back on track with long-term project, discuss misc work stuff with my programmer, who I haven't seen in two weeks, desperately try to avoid drama queen-induced b.s. drama at work. Who has the TIME for that crap?!?!

Friday: cuddle with DH, then develop massive muscle spasm in my back which leaves me utterly incapacitated. As in, I couldn't sit up at all or turn my head--had to get out of bed by rolling off the edge onto all fours, and then standing up. Try rest, try heat, try ice, try long hot shower--no luck. Schedule a massage with local massage chain, somehow mange to drive myself there. End up with tears streaming as soon as chica touched my back. Not good. A while later--no significant relief. A half hour after it ends, I'm right back where I stared.

Manage to get a massage with my usual guy, who has fixed this same problem before and has never failed me yet. Lie down until I have my appointment. Drive. An hour later I am horribly horribly sore, but I can move again. He warns me that I'll be sore for a few days. (And I have been. Can't sleep on my back for it feeling bruised.) Hang out with friend for a while, then hang out with other friends. Warm-ish pool, then very hot hot tub, lather rinse repeat. Ahhh... OK, sure, so I was told to ice my back for 24-48 hours to reduce the inflammation, and I'm basically doing the exact opposite by sitting in a hot tub. Oh well. It's worth it. Home, bed, z.

Saturday: Renn Faire! Then dinner out, then home, bed, z. (DH and I concede that we're getting old and boring.)

Sunday: Head to SILs to see her and new baby. Bring lunch stuff, since I figure she's not up for cooking. DH does not go with me, which does not amuse me, but whatever. DH's parents turn up--good thing I brought lots of food! Watch football with the inlaws. Joy of joys. I keep myself occupied by unloading the dishwasher, doing dishes, emptying trash, taking out recycling, etc. If only there were other house chores to do. Thankfully, SIL/BIL are not offended that no, I do not want to hold the babby. No, I will not feed her. Offer to do laundry instead.

Home. Hang out with DH, watch some netflix-tv. Bed, z.

Today: up, shower, head out. Go to VS. Yay! Grocery shopping...yay! Home to put away groceries and make/can chicken soup. Er...yay?

Z as soon as it's finished.


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Yesterday... day after comp, spend lots of day stretching, eating salty popcorn, and stretching to try to keep legs and arms from cramping. Spent some time playing with a metal shear I bought. It cuts .125 aluminum sheet pretty decently. Worked on some music for a showcase routine, and did some repair and rearranging of my modular synth.

Today, government holiday... they closed the gate that is usually open on holidays. Had to drive about 10 miles out of the way to find a gate that was open. :rolleyes: Very quiet -- I was the only person in our area for most of the day. Turned off the overheads and worked with just my desk light on. That was pleasant.


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Friday: cuddle with DH, then develop massive muscle spasm in my back which leaves me utterly incapacitated. As in, I couldn't sit up at all or turn my head--had to get out of bed by rolling off the edge onto all fours, and then standing up. Try rest, try heat, try ice, try long hot shower--no luck. Schedule a massage with local massage chain, somehow mange to drive myself there. End up with tears streaming as soon as chica touched my back. Not good. A while later--no significant relief. A half hour after it ends, I'm right back where I stared.
Wow, Peach, I remember you talking about back problems, but I didn't realize it had gotten this bad. My sympathies.


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Monday: Sleep like a log. Of course. Slept terribly all weekend. On the first day that I have to get up and get out, I'm out cold until the alarm goes off. Yay.

Tiptoe around because DS is asleep. He has the day off. I don't. Yay. At least he doesn't wake up and get underfoot, reminding me that he has the day off. THAT gets on my nerves. He finds it amusing.

Work. Bond with GFs, especially the one whose last day will be Friday. Spend a moment reflecting on how wonderful this group of women is and how much they have added to my life, in one of the most challenging times of my life. Thank God for GFs. Seriously.

And, as an added bonus, GF who's leaving reminds me of a funny DS-ism. Bung shui. A year or so ago, DS told me that our place was disorganized and that we needed to create a feeling of bung shui. Apparently, DS had been mis-hearing feng shui. He thought it was bung, not feng. What a hoot! That's the beauty of GFs. They remember cute things about your kids that you have forgotten.

Home. Get DS and set off to parent teacher conferences. Bottom line: DS is a kind and respectful boy who is making the effort to get his work done and turned in on time. He needs to assert himself and ask for more help, and everybody is confident that his Bs will turn into As. IOW. No surprises here.

He does have some very nice teachers, though, with whom I make a pact to irritate DS by corresponding regularly. lol. Teachers and parents with email. Every kid's nightmare.

btw I finally see the neon school-issue calculators DS has been telling me about. OMG. They are rain-slicker yellow. I've never seen anything quite so ... yellow. I'm guessing that the school doesn't have a lot of worries about theft. Nobody would want a calculator that ugly. *shudder*

Home. Crockpot pot roast turns out yummylicious. Even DS concurs. I <3 crockpot cooking in a big way.

DS gives me a cultural update. Gangnam Style -- something to do with a metrosexual Korean guy dancing around like he's horseback riding. "It's main stream, Mom. Get with the program." Apparently, Gangnam Style has gone viral and is number one on the iTunes chart. Whatever. It's totally fun, so I am compelled to dance around the house, Gangnam style. This prompts DS to burst into peals of laughter. "What's so funny, Little Boy?" Surprisingly, DS is not intimidated by my implied idle threats.

Monitor homework. Watch Major Crimes (It's growing on me, even though I feel traitorous to Brenda Leigh lol)

Read another trashy novel. Procrastinate about cleaning up. There's always tomorrow.

Relax. Zzz.
Gangnam Style -- something to do with a metrosexual Korean guy dancing around like he's horseback riding. "It's main stream, Mom. Get with the program." Apparently, Gangnam Style has gone viral and is number one on the iTunes chart. Whatever. It's totally fun, so I am compelled to dance around the house, Gangnam style.
Wonderful image! :D Gangnam style is a big hit over here too. I love it. I think the bloke dances a bit like I do in my kitchen. :p


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@Peaches--Have you ever been prescribed a prescription strength muscle relaxant like Flexeril (cyclobenzeprine)? The two times I hurt my back badly, I was prescribed that and it really helped.


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I haven't posted on this thread in several days. The highlight reel:

-Met with external review team for Chemistry Dept.
-Worked out.
-Lunchtime workshop: Talking about Writing with Students with Disabilities.
-Got filling replaced at dentist.
-Took my class to see "Hairspray" at the college.

-ENG 1101--Exercise on writing to different audiences.
-GLC--Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club.
-Graded stuff.
-Shopped for Child's bday party.

-Cleaned up house.
-Wrote in diary.
-Dogfest. (Baltimore County Humane Society event.)
-Child's BFF came to sleep over. (She had just been a RenFest, and had another couple friends there as well. Maybe you passed them, Peaches!)

-Child's bday party! Bounce house, two crafts, some fun games. Kids had a great time despite the weather not being ideal. I was so pleased!

-Last minute prep for big endowed lecture event I organize.
-8 individual ENG 1101 appts.
-GLC--Fight Club.
-Victorian Lit--Browning's "The Bishop Orders His Tomb at St. Praxed's Church" and "Andrea del Sarto."
-Hit panic button when I realize we may not have reserved AV for the guest speaker. Send secretary an email at around 10:30 PM, and tell her I will be in no later than 9 AM.

-More last minute details. Secretary gets AV stuff squared away. I'm so relieved.
-More individual ENG 1101 appts.
-Department meeting.
-Read with Child. Do her bun.
-Write gracious introduction of speaker.
-Pick up guest speaker. Take her to AV check. Take her to dinner reception.
-Endowed lecture. It goes well! I am so pleased. It's fun to pick a speaker and put together an event, but it's stressful to feel like if the speaker isn't good, or if the arrangements go awry, it's on you.


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Last minute AV glitches will give you a heart attack. I'll never forget the time I had to buy an overhead projector on the day of an event. This was years ago (obviously.) The facility where I worked at the time had all cutting edge stuff, and the invited speaker had last -generation colored slides. Oy! I found this out at 8:30-ish, when the speaker was due to start talking at 10:00. I just about vomited internal organs from the stress. Thank goodness there was an office supply store about a mile from work. 300-something bucks out of pocket, and worth every penny at 9:00 on a random Tuesday. I sent my brazen GF to return the overhead projector after work that day. No idea what she said, but she got my money back. lol.

Tuesday. Awake early. DF in the middle of the night (bad habit that hurts so good.) Back to sleep. Awakened by horrible nightmare involving ex, other stuff and my childhood home. I wake up in a cold sweat. Jeesh. That man put me through some stuff. But I count this as progress. My subconscious is processing stuff that it never had the courage to process before. Eww. Really icky way to start the day, though.

DS to school. On the way, he realizes that he forgot the school issue camera that he borrowed. I start to turn around and retrieve it, then i think, no. I reminded him to pack it last night. He didn't pack it. So now it's time for him to handle it like the young adult he is. He won't die or get killed from turning the camera in a day late. Besides, I have a long and moronic staff meeting to attend.

To work. Long and moronic staff meeting. *yawn*

Nice easy day at work.

email DS's teachers that I didn't have time to meet last night. Startling news: DS's pre-AP geography teacher used to be our next-door neighbor. For five years. What the?!?! I confront DS when I pick him up, and DS is mortified. He, "thought Mr. J looked familiar, but couldn't quite figure it out." Now DS is self-conscious. The same guy who taught DS to play catch and took him swimming (after DS's Dad left) is DS's teacher now. Life is funny, n'est-ce pas? I am happy. DS's most challenging class is being taught by a man that I know to be truly benevolent. This is good.

Home to incredibly stressful news that barely impinges upon my consciousness. Another blow upon a bruise (Did Evelyn Waugh coin that phrase? Dunno. Just know that there are so many ways it fits life perfectly.) The only nice thing about already being bruised by stress is that additional blows are pretty dull, by comparison. *shrug*

Proofread DS's short story final draft. Good Lord. Teenagers are melodramatic.

Much-needed zzz.

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