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forgot a highlight of yesterday; watching dh puzzle out the location of all of his office furniture to scale on quadrile of those things I adore about him because it is so foreign to the way that I move through the world....he had every outlet blocked....everything...and his chief goal was to be certain that nothing was positioned beyond the reach of his office chair...I mentioned that a little exercise never hurts....

today; taught step, headed to indy...bravely show pro current video, respectfully refuse to look at it next to previous one....major commentary was; "hmmmmmm".....I explained that that wasn't likely to be helpful, so I was given a handful of things to work on and we got right on that....which was nice...the man never tires of new ways to get my feeble mind to grasp things that he already taught on the first lesson....

we ended with practice of most of what my showcase routine is going to be...except are still without a song for various reasons...I am now at the point where I am just like "dude, just pop one in on Saturday and surprise me"...too tired to do a sit down place for dinerand cutting back on, hit a drive through and now about ready for bed


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Yesterday: Up early-ish to clean. I really like starting the week with everything in its place. I find that it makes a huge difference in my outlook on the week.

DS to school. Me to work.

Good news, I guess. The kiddo I was told was fired on Friday, wasn't. He's at work, alive and I would say well, except that his demeanor is stormy at best. I don't ask, but eventually, he tells me. He is on a 90-day performance improvement plan. At the end of 90 days, no improvement, no job. On Friday, he was given a choice: Accept the PIP or go home and stay. I have to say I'm glad he accepted. He has a toddler and a young wife with gestational diabetes. He needs a job. Besides, being a loveable screw-up is no way to get ahead in life. It's time for him to act like an adult. *shrug*

Nothing much else happens. I have to make a quick trip to UPS, to pick up a package. Twenty minutes there. Quick pick-up. Twenty minutes back. Right? Uhh. Not so much. The roads all around the airport, where the UPS hub is located, are under construction. Stop and go traffic, detours, road blockages and worse, no street signs. TDNWMH. Plus I've forgotten my cell phone and I had the poor judgment to pick today as the day to start staying properly hydrated. So I spend an hour driving in circles with no way to call UPS, no freaking idea of where I am, and trying to ignore the increasing pressure in my bladder. Everybody's idea of fun. Not.

I finally meet an old Texan who's lived in this town all his life. He draws me a map and I drive right to where I'm supposed to be, which just happens to be within spitting distance of a spot that I've passed a minimum of three times. Yay. The upside is that Grapevine, the town I've been driving around in circles, is a beautiful, quaint little old town that I never would have seen, had it not been for my UPS misadventures. Really beautiful. I'll have to visit again sometime soon.

Oh well. All's well that ends well.


Watch DS do art homework. I find this fascinating. He has an art teacher who actually teaches art. Nothing even remotely like when I was in high school, where the art teachers basically said, "Here's some paper. Do art," and, if you were naturally talented you swam. Otherwise, you sank like a lead brick. This teacher is teaching. It's a beautiful thing to watch a boy who characterized himself as, "not an art kinda guy," creating beautiful, detailed works of art. Nice.

Treadmill. Yay. Practice spins. Yay. Why does the saying, "The old gray mare ain't what she used to be," come to mind?

Dinner. Watch political pundits for a while. Watch season finale of Major Crimes. Get into discussion with DS about the fact that, in my world, TV seasons should last more than eight to ten weeks and that, back in the early days of TV, the season might be 48 or 50 weeks (Think the Jackie Gleason Show. Live TV virtually every week of the year, for years.) Admittedly, that was before I was born, but my point still stands. 8 or 10 weeks and then hiatus? That's for wimps. Just sayin. DS gets that zoned-out, "OMG you're so old" look on his face and I decide to let it rest. Whatever. *shrug*

Chill. Read. Zzz.


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forgot a highlight of yesterday; watching dh puzzle out the location of all of his office furniture to scale on quadrile of those things I adore about him because it is so foreign to the way that I move through the world....he had every outlet blocked....everything...
See, and this amuses me because that is something my brain tells me I should bother to do. It makes perfect sense to me, I've done it before (pre-3 burn-outs), and would probably still be doing (if I hadn't burned out 3 times and ceased to care quite that much). Now I'm just impatient and start shifting furniture about. DH, OTOH, is a firm believer in doing the graphing and drawing things...which translates to never actually getting around to it, refusing to do stuff until he works it out on paper, and nothing ever getting done as a result. Which is also why I've taken to just shoving furniture around myself. But I have to admit I find the idea infinitely appealing.


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That's interesting. Some things, I must diagram. Other things, I go with the flow.

For example, with math, I draw pictures. With furniture, I just move stuff around until it feels right. With my ever-loving pot luck parties, I draw detailed diagrams, to scale, with top down pictures of every crock pot and serving dish. I kid you not. With project planning, I make detailed timeline diagrams. Lot of other things are just a big mish-mash. Hmm. I wonder why which is which. No idea. I just know what's right when I feel it.

But, just FTR, any diagram that involves obstruction of every electrical outlet in a room might not be the best plan, long term. Just sayin.


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Cornutt and peach will have both of you I my prayers. Cornutt I am really happy that things are going alright, and will pray that they continue to do so. Peach didn't you mention a massage therapist or something who used to be able to fix your back? He/she cannot cure it, or give some ideas as to what you can do to prevent it since you are convinced it is muscular?

Pygmalion I love made up words, particularly ones that convey the character of what they are describing well, and wingapalooza does that really well.

Monday a quiet day, but a good one with a lot of time spent outdoors in the balmy weather, soaking as much in for all the days I won't be able to do as much of the same. Night cha cha cha class.


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Sagitta, thank you very much. DW went to lunch with our instructor and spent the afternoon hanging around the studio. I picked her up on my way home from work. She's tired, but happy to have gotten out of the house for a while. BTW, I've always wanted to ask: did you take your screen name from the constellation? I ask because it's not a constellation that most people have heard of.

Today was a weird day at work... there was an explosion in a building across the street from our building. It didn't damage the building, but we understand that one person was badly injured. We're still trying to find out what happened. One report we got said that he was doing something with ammonium perchlorate. That building has no labs certified for handing ammonium perchlorate, so if that's true, we don't know what he was doing. It's got everyone stirred up, because last year there was a large perchlorate explosion elsewhere on base that killed two people and leveled a building.


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Last post was over a week ago; my very bad. Since then:

Library got painted, rug bought and scheduled for delivery; sofabed bought and scheduled for delivery the day after rug delivery.
Social things happened.
Lessons happened.
Theater happened.
I had an actual date, y'know, with like, a person of the opposite sex, for purposes of getting to know each other. It went nowhere, but since it was the first date I've had since the late 1980s I think that's a win. Toe stuck in the water and all that.
Much cooking and baking.
Family stuff, including a visit from my nephew's son, who has not visited here in years; boy and dog BOND like KRAZYGLUE.


Massive vertigo attack; TDNWMH
Cancel ballet
Do not cancel lesson; talk to Teach about the wonders of dancing as therapy for vertigo; lesson is magnificently helpful and vertigo nearly gone at end
Home; buddy comes over for pot roast and Irish whiskey
Another buddy and two of her friends come by for tea and coffee cake; her friends turn out to be terrific people and have much in common with my father, which is a good thing; any time he can meet new people to talk about Chinese porcelains, theater, books, etc, works for me
Group class
Phone call with dance buddy


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Yesterday. Awake at 1:30-ish. Thinking in circles because of stress. Oh well, I decide to DF for a while to decompress.

Not so much. DF is acting wonky and is incredibly slow and unresponsive. It takes me two hours to post either two or three things. Admittedly, one of the posts is pretty long (see YA Monday post above,) but still. Multiple time -out errors and just plain non-connections later, I give up, save the dang post in MS Word, and try to nap. TDNWMH. At. All. I understand that the new DF software is necessary for several reasons, but I have to go on record and say that it is getting on my nerves.

Up late. Run around. Work.

Check into DF to retrieve and paste/post my MS Word doc from last night, except I don't have to. Somehow, miraculously, my post uploaded, while I was asleep. Also miraculously, the last, best-edited (although not perfect) version of my post is the one that made it. And it didn't post in duplicate or triplicate. Much to be grateful for, methinks. :)

Long staff meeting in which everyone seems to be talking at once, something I find rude in the extreme. Five-year-olds who are too excited to shut up? That I understand. But these people are in their thirties and forties, for the most part. And believe me when I tell you that there is nothing exciting on the agenda. This is ridiculous.

Worka worka. Worka worka. Can't stand the uncommunicative nature of the company I'm working with. Seriously. It is SUCH a pain to be stuck between folks who share no information and folks who cannot (or perhaps refuse to) think independently in the absence of black and white certainty.

Home. Pick DS up from his best friend's house. Am startled once again by his friend's gel-induced fake mohawk. (Thank goodness his Mom prohibited the actual haircut.)

Home again, to more startlingly bad news. Sheesh. When does it end?

Enjoy presidential debate. Both president-type-guys came with their A game, IMO. My kinda TV.

Try to relax. Zzz.


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Gyro! Teacher spent the weekend at a workshop with the founder of Gyro, and she has new material and must share; I may never recover
Lesson, in which I do better than yesterday, yay me
Receive a good talking-to, which goes better than I expected
Rolfer, swooooooooonnnn
Home for 5 minutes to eat a bit and try to re-hydrate, but a day with gyro, lesson, and rolfing leaves me with a serious water deficit; drink a liter of water at least
Planning session with Blond German Friend; I have given up on looking decent for the day b/c I think I'm about to fall asleep on her floor, but the hydration kicks in, I wake up, and we move our planning session to a recently opened restaurant, which devolves into a 2-hour dinner, thank god at least one of us looks good, the owner/chef is friendly and flirtatious with her -- she's illegal attractive, I hate her -- dinner doesn't do much for either my feeble attempts at food intake control or wallet outgo control, but I enjoy anyway
Home; watch 5 minutes of the debate and can't bear it; go to bed and watch Lie To Me on Netflix


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Pry staples out of a hardwood floor for several hours
Lesson, in which some material Teach has been trying to pound into my pathetically resistant, terminally blockheaded head, finally comes to pass, I see the light, we have illegal fun and for once, I don't feel like I'm hurting him while I do it
Home; takeout Chinese for lunch b/c I know I'm about to spend the rest of the day refinishing the newly de-stapled hardwood floor, which has not been refinished since around 1935; massive food up front means a looooong time of energy
A short while into floor work, adopt philosophy and just do the borders, b/c why mess with the area that's going under the new rug? Am pleased with results
Watch a DVD that turns out to have been abused and spends much time skipping/stalling; must speak to library about this problem
Finally fall asleep


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not sure when I last posted...other than adorable pic

monday were lessons in which I forced myself to watch recent dvd with pro, and since he wasn't all cranky pants about it, I call that a good day...instead, he just pulled out his awesome skill and set about fixing what ails me....and we still had no showcase song for upcoming weekend but finally settled on one he chose, so there was much waltzing which is never a bad thing....skipped dinner out...think I posted, tues; more waltzing, don't you just hate that? home... thank self for having cooked over the weekend so that I didn't have to do anything else for the bed around 8;30...WED...teach a class, hear that another co-worker has quit...hello, do you think perhaps some things should change around here? but, it is more money and exercise headed my way... which is never bad....home to various household tasks and spend most of rest of day practicing and df-ing...again in bed by 8:30


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thurs...spend all morning looking at comp photos online and shopping for cutest baby...spend rest of day either grief counseling or prepping for third session of grief series for tonight....practice.....long evening at grief series, big group with many complicating issues...home... drained...tapping into dh's wine as I have not had an opportunity to buy any of late


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Observation: The length of my posts in YA is inversely proportional to the length of time between posts. If I wait long enough, I'll be able to summarize an eon in one word. One day = two pages. One week = two paragraphs. You do the extrapolation. ;)

Hah! As if I could actually wait an eon before blabbing. Not gonna happen. lol.

Wednesday and Thursday. Thank God the fog starts to lift. IOW a couple of major stressors seem to be resolving themselves and not a moment too soon. Well. Resolving themselves is probably an overstatement. But still. My stress is down to an almost-manageable level. I'll take it, what with gift horses considered and all.

Work: As I suspected, two dear GFs from my posse both have imminent plans to resign. By December 1 for both. (I'm with fasc on this one. Hello people! Have you ever considered the possibility that your changing the work environment for the better might lead to better employee retention?) Anyway. I engage in a flurry of deck-chair rearrangement. If my posse is going down, we're going down partying. Together.

DS: All is well with the boy/young man. His first high school report card looks exactly like his last middle school report card. Hah! All those years of learning self-discipline and working twice as hard as everybody else are starting to pay off. Almost all of DS's friend's grades have taken a huge hit with the transition to high school. Not DS. I told him this would happen. Very proud of the boy.

Family and friends: Reconnect with some people from whom I've been distant. No details to share. Just saying that this is a very good development for me.

ETA: Oh! I left out hearing from an old DF friend! It was wonderful to hear from her.

Personal: Trying to step back and take better care of me. It's an uphill battle. I have been my last priority for quite some time. I suppose I'll get there eventually. Not yet, though.

That's pretty much it, I think.

Other than that, not much. Lots of vegging. Weeks of unbearable stress have taken a toll, for sure.


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When I open this page of this thread, the first thing I see is Super Baby. Oh my goodness. He is so cute! Just sayin.

Friday: Awake in the middle of the night, as usual. Decide to listen to gospel music and dance around for a few minutes. This turns into hours but what the heck. I get some exercise. Too bad it's three AM and I can't sing at the top of my lungs too (without waking the neighbors.)

Back to bed. Wake up ridiculously late, but still in time to get to work on time, if I blur (Remember that from Top Cat cartoons? "Blur boys!" I love me some Top Cat.)

Take DS to school, sans Subway, which I promised us both, as a Friday treat. Don't have an extra five minutes. Okay. Make it eight minutes. The lady who covers the early morning shift at Subway has no sense of urgency.

Work. SS. DD. There was a snafu at work earlier this week, and my manager has decided to track down the source of the problem. TDNWMH. I am firmly in the camp of catching people doing something right. Hunting down the wrong-doers is for suckers, IMO. Just fix the damn problem and while you're at it, understand that humans make mistakes sometimes. Apparently, my manager is a sucker. No humans on his watch. Did I mention that TDNWMH? No wonder people are quitting left and right.

Mid-day news: Big Tex, the gigantic statue that has "lived" at the Dallas Texas fairgrounds for sixty years, burns down in half an hour. This makes me sad. Not sure why, but I am sad.

Worka worka. Worka work. Dear friend with fibromyalgia (sp?) leaves early. She's out of vacation days and sick days, but she has an FMLA agreement in place. So she leaves, knowing that she won't get paid for the time off. For the fourth time this month. I think there's something fundamentally wrong about people who are suffering physically being made to suffer financially, too. Just thinking about this makes me cry. She makes jokes to cheer me up. I catch the irony.

Pick up DS. He's full of beans, today. He wants tomato soup and yellow rice for dinner. Umm... okay. Since when do you care what's for dinner? I manage to avoid asking, but I suspect that this is one of those teenager things. He's finding his own way. So I let him. And I teach him how to make his own yellow rice. Just FTR. I don't cook on Fridays. Never have. If you don't want take-out or leftovers, you're going to have to cook it yourself, bud.

Veg. Read. Order DS's custom Vans that he wants for Christmas. Ugliest color combination I've ever seen. And yes. I said Christmas. It's not too early. Custom Vans take six weeks. If I don't order them soon, there will be no Vans for Christmas.

Veg more. Chat on phone with friends.

Watch Tyler Perry interview with Piers Morgan. I feel that weird little ping inside that tells me I have something to learn here, so I watch closely. Tyler talks about his abusive Dad, his work ethic, forgiveness, charitable giving and a bunch of other stuff. I watch and begin to learn. Whatever you think of Mr. Perry's movies and TV shows (Lots of people have negative things to say.) this is a good man. Or at least that's the impression I have, after watching him talk for twenty minutes. Good, influential, successful, Black man. Raised by a single mom. Who says that the biggest joy in his life was becoming successful enough to give his Mom the life she'd always dreamed of, before she died. This does warm my heart.

Watch worst Bill Maher show I've ever seen; everybody is yelling simultaneously. What in the world?!? Have I gone to sleep and waken up in bedlam? Eeek!!! Moderate your panel, fool. For some reason, Bill doesn't hear me and has the nerve to say, at the end of the show, that he had fun. Well. That makes one of us. Sheesh.

Zzzz early.


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fri...teach bike and bench...complete numerous household tasks...dh is home because it is office moving we go to early dinner at 4(yes, I know that means we are old) at a new place run by the chef of our old favorite place..we are happy..home to practice...cuddle time....nice day

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