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mon...teach a step class on not enough sleep...feed animals, feed to indy...proceed to have lessons that are AWESOME, albeit a tad violent...have some bruises...pour tequila on it, force self to eat some dinner and box the rest.....bengay immanent....all is well with my soul...I am so fortunate


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Installed an electrical outlet near the front door. Took me all afternoon. :rolleyes: Apparently the framing in that part of the wall was changed after I took my construction photos. Now I've got two extra holes in the wall that I have to patch. Fortunately, we plan to repaint the wall anyway.


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cornutt...fell over backward due to pants being too long...because I am losing wait I hope :)...also managed to get clocked in the somehow I always mange to have a thumbprint on the right bicept...but I am sure he has it worse :)


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Up very early; drive to Allentown to have brekkie with a friend from the Old Days who is in town for the gun show; I will not see her again for a long, long time, so it was worth getting up early and driving 2 hours to see her
Fall foliage is beautiful; the drive home is nice; stop on the way home to see Samina!
Arrive at studio; set up and work at Wheelchair Dance workshop, which is inspiring and moving and fun
Have a drink with DB#4 while we go over the workshop photos on my iPad
Pick up something for dinner; go home, cook, eat, read, crash


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I remember the first time I saw Allentown. I was fresh out of school and looking for an apartment. It was February. Cold and gray and damp.

I had some good times, there, but I will never forget that first impression.

From what I hear from friends who still live there or who have closer ties, the town has not changed for the better since the interstate straight to New York was completed. Higher cost of living. Higher crimes rates. Etc. of course, my friends who are still there are mostly life-long Lehigh Valley residents who considered Allentown the "big city" that they went to work in, while they went home to their small hometown bedroom communities at night, so their views might be a tad parochial. Who knows? *shrug*

Wouldn't mind seeing the place again. :cool:


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I don't remember when I last checked in but I know it was recent, so I'll stick to today.

Up early. The usual. Wake DS up. He says he's too sick to go to school even though I feel he has no fever. I realize that it's time. He's a big boy. I let him decide whether to go to school. Holy crap! Parenthood really is letting go. He decides to stay home, but to email his friends and do his assignments at home. (I think this is very grown-up, especially when I get home after work and realize that DS really did what he said he was going to do. Very cool. )

To work, where I attend yet another moronic meeting in which my immediate manager shares with everyone information that I gave him yesterday. No credit to me. What a freaking surprise.

GF with fibromyalgia (how in the hell do you spell that?!?!?) has decided to go to her doctor today and ask for disability leave. If she doesn't get it, she's going to quit. Either way, she's gone in a matter of days.My heart breaks ... for me. I am so selfish. God! I will miss her, but I force myself to pray that she will receive relief from having to work while in constant pain.

Other stuff.

Home. When I get there, DS is in my bed. He says it's more comfortable in my bed than his. He is feeling sick after all. Uh. Really?!? You're feeling sick so you, the fifteen-year-old, get in my used-to-be -clean bed, thereby contaminating it with whatever crap is in your system. Great. I am suddenly pissed. I know I am overreacting, but I am so afraid that DS is going to turn out self-absorbed at the expense of everybody else. I start to fuss, but I realize that fussing is pointless. Rather than yell and get ignored, I disengage, sit in the middle of the floor in a half lotus and start to sing. Dona nobis pacem pacem. Dona nobis pacem.

Fortunately, while I am singing/chanting/finding peace, DS goes away. Teenagers were sent to earth to teach us patience and forbearance ... or better techniques for killing teenagers. Enough already.

Take your own cold meds, DS, and put yourself to bed. We can talk in the morning, unless you want to die young. Done.

Figure out how to smooth over the snafus that I already know about for tomorrow's pot luck (Heaven help us tomorrow morning! I'm sure there are still more surprises coming our way. This is my justification for my pot luck OCD. If I were in charge, we wouldn't be getting surprises at this stage of the game. Guaranteed.)

Make dinner for DS. He can't eat anything heavy because he's sick. Trick him into eating ten or fifteen servings of raw fruit and veg. For some reason, DS thinks that grapes and strawberries don't count as eating. Okay. Whatever.

Now. Eat leftovers. Use one of my pairs of old-lady glasses to read absolute trash for a while.

Soon. Zzzz.


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tues...more lessons...enjoying this time in my dance life...home to teach spin...crash and burn on every level....

wed/today; teach interval, change cat litter, do laundry, dowload pics, plan zumba, teach zumba....bed soon


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It's been a while...

Saturday: baby shower for SIL. Highlights: two-year-olds seem to have a knack for always being underfoot, and screaming. 2yo's father is completely and utterly useless at either dealing with his child or getting out of the way. EVERYBODY GET THE EVER-LOVING EFF OUT OF THE KITCHEN! Apparently, SIL's sisters, who "organized" the shower, feel that decorating means bringing in a bag of decorations and dropping them in the middle of the floor for someone else to put up while they socialize. Making sammiches look like owls is bloody stupid. Making cupcakes to look like owls is bloody stupid. OMFG, too many women around for too long. SIL has a great time. Home, vodka, more vodka, more vodka, and sleep.

Sunday: punkin picking, then veg with DH.

Monday: force coworker who is sharing credit on my project (despite not doing a damn thing) to actually do a damn thing. Realized that the problem was half me: I was expecting him to step up and take responsibility, as a lead on this, and have been trying to make room for him and provide opportunities for him on this. Nothing. Decide--enough is bloody well enough. Since I have to [expletive deleted] share the credit for this, he is going to bloody well [expletive deleted] do significant amounts of work on it. Oh, sure, it takes me longer to explain it to him than it would just to do it myself (because he is totally unfamiliar with anything related to this, because he hasn't done a goddamn thing on it), but he is going to do it, goddammit. I've had enough.

Meet with other coworker to begin learning new project. Kinda cool--he's pushing to have me do lots of stuff on this project very quickly, so that when I eventually have my promotion interview I can talk about having done it.

Tuesday: work from home. Decide I can't take another day of looking at the one project I've been working on for ages, so decide to "be lazy" and "procrastinate" by working on something else. Make great progress.

Wednesday: continue Tuesday's work, get to a good stopping point. Send email updating aforementioned co-lead...and cc-ing boss. The project is as done, and as plug-and-play as I can possibly make it at this point. Assign several tasks to alleged-co-lead. New acronym for coworker: ACL (Alleged Co-Lead).

Meet with other coworker about other new project. I'm learning this a)to give myself something new to work on, because I'd been kind of bored with my current projects; b)because it sounded fascinating, and like stuff I'm familiar with from my old job; c)this co-worker has absolutely no backup, which is a really big problem around here (ever stop and think about what a 10% reduction in force through attrition means, coming on the heels of years of hiring freezes? it's not pretty); d)to find a way to improve his process.

I've realized that one of my biggest strengths at work is overhauling processes to make them virtually plut-and-play. To toot my own horn for a moment, I am damn good at that. (As an added bonus, I really enjoy the process.) I can, and have, repeatedly, taken projects that are an absolute disaster and turn them into something where anyone could come in, pick up the project, and guide themselves through it. Not a real world skill, I realize, but around here it's got the potential to be very useful. Anyhow. Just in sitting and going through this project the first time, I've got all kinds of ideas on how to improve things. I can't wait to get in and play with it and begin to overhaul it. Yes, I'm a dork.


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I've realized that one of my biggest strengths at work is overhauling processes to make them virtually plut-and-play. To toot my own horn for a moment, I am damn good at that. (As an added bonus, I really enjoy the process.) I can, and have, repeatedly, taken projects that are an absolute disaster and turn them into something where anyone could come in, pick up the project, and guide themselves through it. Not a real world skill, I realize, but around here it's got the potential to be very useful. Anyhow. Just in sitting and going through this project the first time, I've got all kinds of ideas on how to improve things. I can't wait to get in and play with it and begin to overhaul it. Yes, I'm a dork.
That is a real world skill, darlin. Seriously. Give yourself credit.


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Oh yeah and I decided to pull the curtain of charity over the whole owl thing. That is really disturbing.

Today: Up at a billion o'clock, meaning around 2:30. This waking up in the middle of the night is getting old. Just sayin.

Think about everything that could go wrong with the potluck today. (Before anybody says it, I seriously need to start an event-planning business. Yes. You're right.) Google recipes. Pick one eventually. Back to sleep.

Think and think. My young male protege (the one on the brink of getting fired) said he would bring and make the queso stuff, except for the two pound block of CHEESE FOOD that I bought the other day. Hmm. Something tells me that this may fall through. (Something like his propensity for not keeping commitments?) So, instead of getting to work early and getting my [stuff] together leisurely, I stop by Kroger and buy more CHEESE FOOD and Rotel. Get to work late. My instinct was right. This guy dropped the ball. Again. I am ever-lovin ticked. I have now spent $22 on blinkety-blank queso, PLUS spent half an hour chopping CF into chunks to make queso that I DAMN BLOODY WELL don't even eat!!!! I don't eat queso. Why in the hell am I buying it and making it???? I am done. Done.

(By the way CHEESE FOOD aka Velveeta melts like a dream. It is super melty-licious. You're right fasc. *grin*)

To add insult to injury, the lady who had this party idea for some unknown reason thinks that parties plan themselves and has completely disengaged herself from any responsibility for its outcome, AND decided to set up the buffet table away from herself and near me. And acted like I was an invited guest, when what she apparently wanted was for me to do all the work. TDNWMH. I do the heavy lifting at my own damn parties, not yours [chick.]

Yes. I love doing crock pot/pot luck parties, when I can plan them over the course of several weeks, budget things, spread out the stress, etc. Getting bull-dozed into planning a party because somebody else wants one makes me want to spit nails. So, for a change, I spit nails. Yelling, cussing and fussing ensue. Fine by me. Later, it's apparent that the message has gotten across, because the same people who sat on their butts and watched me clean up last time come out of the woodwork to thank me and help each other clean up this time. I say nothing, but I do see what's going on. Fine. Whatever. You had a chance to show how you felt about me, and you did. Washing out a damn bowl after the fact is your choice, but won't change anything. I already see you.

Update from GF with fibromyalgia (turns out I was spelling it right, but the browser doesn't know the word.) She's going to get approved for disability. She is also being encouraged to accept anti-depressants. Chronic pain has taken a toll. Lordy. :(

Home. DS has been home sick for two days and hasn't taken the time to memorize his French skit. Two things: One. He is going to school tomorrow. Two: I aced ninth grade French a billion years ago. This is his problem, not mine.

More stuff to come, probably, but I need to log out now, so I'll catch y'all up tomorrow.



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Nothing of note happened yesterday after I logged out.

Today: DS back to school. Me to work.

Very, very slow day, hallelujah. Hallelujah and amen.

Not much of note, except.

1. GF with fibromyalgia is not coming back to work. She's already gradually removed all her personal effects from her desk. She is not coming back. This is almost overwhelmingly sad for me. Oh wow. I will miss her.

2. Have a heart to heart with my protege who dropped the ball yesterday. We have a pretty predictable conversation, then he says something that warms the cockles of my crusty old heart. "P, I know you're my friend so, even when you get mad, I know that you care about me and are willing to forgive me. You say what you need to say, but you don't hold a grudge and you don't stay mad for long." Wow. This is exactly how I want my friends to feel about me. Either he really feels this way or he knows me well enough to know which buttons to push. Either way, we figuratively kiss and make up. Nice.

3. The chick from yesterday's party manages to tick me off again (not that I am un-ticked yet, mind, you. She just adds insult to injury.) When it's time for lunch, she goes to the communal refrigerator and starts pulling out my leftover food from yesterday, to heat it up for the group for lunch... without asking or telling me what she planned. As it so happens, I had already warmed up the crockpots full of food that I was willing to share with the group but had set aside several Tupperware containers of food for a single Mom, so she could feed her kids tonight. (Incidentally, the Tupperware containers were disguised in grocery store bags.) Brazen chick searched the fridge and assumed that, because the food was in the fridge, it was up for grabs. Seriously?!? Since when is that okay? I admit it would have been less awkward if Single Mom had just taken the food home last night as I expected her to. But in no way, shape or form is it okay to go into the fridge and take tons of somebody else's food without permission, especially when some food had already been made available for sharing. Grr.

After that, everything else seems anticlimactic.

Groc shop. Home. Soon, Go get DS from his BFF's house.

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