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Yesterday: prep for thanksgiving. Clean the house.

Today: get turkey roasted, get last minute things done...get call 30 min before show time that in-laws aren't coming. Can't be too mad, as it is health-issue related (FIL's prostate cancer). Still disappointing. Set table nicely, have nice dinner anyhow. Watching movies.

Un-thanksgiving. Looking forward to thanksgiving with friends on Saturday.


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Yesterday, received phone call (AGAIN) from ex-work boss man....."how about one day a week IF there is anything on the table" contract. hmmm hmmmm,,,tap tap tap. AGREED - and it's my call - not anyone else. I could like being a "contract" person.
Extra $$ for dance lessons (wink).
DH laughs,,,"I knew they would do this"he sparks.

I wouldn't say I knew, but I can say I suspected this was coming. You retire one month and the next month, there's a natural disaster of unforeseen proportions. You're needed, lady. :)

I've gotta say that one day a week is a really great schedule, though. Enough cash to buy yourself lessons and shoes and sparkly stuff, but plenty of time off to move things around at home and generally harass your DH with your newly retired state. Perfect! :cool:


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I wouldn't say I knew, but I can say I suspected this was coming. You retire one month and the next month, there's a natural disaster of unforeseen proportions. You're needed, lady. :)

I've gotta say that one day a week is a really great schedule, though. Enough cash to buy yourself lessons and shoes and sparkly stuff, but plenty of time off to move things around at home and generally harass your DH with your newly retired state. Perfect! :cool:
YES! many of my ex-coworkers who did retire before me ended up as "contract" - the great thing is, I don't "have to" go in even one day a week,,,,it's only "if" there is something and only if I want to, I can create my own schedule as well. I'll do this once, and see how it goes - lots of work friends like I am in we'll see mode.


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I'm a few days behind. Some have been more interesting than others.

8--Wake up call! Good thing I set one up, b/c this was the one day I actually seemed inclined to sleep in.

10:30ish--Flight home.
11:45--Arrive BWI. Got sandwich. Got baggage. Got car.

2:30--Picked up ChaChaChild.


Uploaded photos, dinner, etc.

8:30--Parent-teacher conference at CCC's school. She is described as an ideal Montessori kid and we get a glowing report. We emphasize the importance of continuing to work as a team to develop a positive attitude toward math.

9:10--ENG 1101. Peer review and sign up for next week's appointments.

10:20--GENDER, LITERATURE, CULTURE. Peer review and sign up for next week's appointments.

Lunch and prep.

12:40--VICTORIAN LITERATURE. Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest."

Brief meeting with student in class...who also happens to be the daughter of the chair of my department.

2:30-4--Meeting of Academic Planning Committee.

Back to office to do a few more things.


Husband and Child were gone...I assumed at ice skating. Turns out they were actually at the vet. The dog had a tick and had to have a lot of tests.


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4 miles on Nordictrac x9i. This time, I watched dancesport videos on YouTube. Omg! What an awesome way to while away the minutes! Cut workout off at 4 miles so I would have time to take a shower.

10:20--I'm dressed and ready to go. Wha...why am I the only one ready? I thought we were leaving at 10:20? Start doing Child's hair, which is a mess.

Turns out Husband was confused. He thought we needed to leave no later than 11:20 and had planned for us to leave at 11 just in case b/c of possible Thanksgiving congestion.

Luckily, we made it in plenty of time and security wasn't at all bad. (We like to arrive 2 hours early just in case, but 1.5 was plenty.)

1:20--FLEW TO ALBEQUERQUE. I read some of Ian McEwan's Sweet Tooth, which is excellent. Also read some of Trenton Lee Stewart's The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict with Child. Also took a nap and ate plane snacks. They have 100 cal Lorna Doones on Southwest's longer flights. Yum.

~3:20 New Mexico time and about 5:20 east coast time, we arrived.

Met by FIL. Drove to Santa Fe.


All of us to bed on the early side as we are jet lagged.


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Up way too early.

AM: Finished McEwan's Sweet Tooth.
Played Blokus and Scrabble.

Child had playdate with her 12-almost-13-year-old cousin. (Technically a step, since Husband is an only child biologically speaking.)

Out to lunch at Pan Asian place.

Home. More Blokus. It is a lot more challenging with four people! I realize about halfway through the first game that I am not being aggressive enough and readjust my strategy! Tie with step-mother-in-law in the first game, then win the second one!

4:30--Husband and I leave for Ten Thousand Waves.

5--Hot tubbing at Ten Thousand Waves! Very luxurious and decadent. Our private bath is called Ichiban. There is a private sauna, seated showers, and two Japanese style tubs.

Back to in-laws. Spaghetti dinner.

THURSDAY: Thanksgiving.

After breakfast, Child plays and then watches some Macy's T-giving Day Parade.
I grade 4 papers.


Help with food prep.

Some downtime.

Go outside and do a photo tour. Child and I were trading off using my camera, but then she said "I'm so inspired!" and more or less took over the camera. She really liked the stark natural beauty of New Mexico.

5--Everyone arrives for Thanksgiving dinner. We were 14: Father-in-law, step-mother-in-law, step-brother-in-law, his wife, his two kids, and his mother-in-law, step-sister-in-law, her husband, and their two kids, and of course Husband, Child, and me. The kids are 2, 5, 10 (Child), 12-almost-13, and 15. They have fun together.

More Blokus after dinner. Child and the almost 13 year old cousin are VERY into it, and they always want me to play because I'm pretty darn good at it and they want to try to crush me. (But I win anyhow, just barely edging out Child. Mwahaha.)

The 5-year-old boy is coughing pretty hard by the end of the evening. :( Hope he's okay. My Husband has asthma and his cough is still pretty bad. He has been sick for a month. He went to the doctor around November 1st and they said he didn't need medicine and would be better in 10 days. Still waiting. And it's not just a lingering cough; he feels crummy and run down. He's going back to the doctor this upcoming week because I just don't think this is right.

Read some of the collection Body Outlaws: Rewriting the Rules of Beauty andBody Image, edited by Ophira Edut, before bed.


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Might as well do today.


Read w/Child for a couple hours.

1ish--Out shopping with the in-laws. I was so not in the mood to go shopping, but one has to buck up and do the in-law thing. Child got 3 books, 3 toys, and a Navajo necklace.

Home. Some downtime. More reading. Over the course of the day, I read 115 pages out loud.

Out to dinner. The plan had been to go to a Persian place I spotted downtown. I had stopped to check out the menu and see if they had falafel, as that is one of the things Child eats. The owner had been outside and had tried to lure me and the rest of the family in with an offer of free tea. (It's a new place.) Unfortunately, the parking situation downtown was not good as it was the kickoff to the Christmas season and they were lighting farolitos (candles in paper bags with sand) downtown and had live music, Santa, etc. So we wound up going somewhere else, to a Chinese restaurant. I had some okay broccoli in garlic sauce.

Now home and spending some time on the computer. I forgot to mention that I didn't bring my laptop and my first two days here, I couldn't get on Facebook because the computer didn't think this was the right IP address for me AND I was trying to get on via a strange it locked me out! Finally, on Thursday, it deigned to let me take a test where I had to identify FB photos of some of my friends.

Pretty soon I'll go pack, as we're leaving Santa Fe by 8 AM tomorrow.


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Santa Fe sounds wonderful

It does, doesn't it? Don't remember when I last checked in. I suppose I'll attempt to hit the highlights.

Mom calls. My Dad is walking with a cane. I cannot believe this. The invincible man walking with a cane. DS is freaked out and asks me if he can go see gramma grampa during his second week of holiday break. I say yes, of course, and buy tickets, even though I don't know if I'm mentally prepared to see my Dad walking with a cane. OMG.

Really awesome Thanksgiving dinner with GF who has the same first name. I do not know what I did to deserve such a wonderful friend, but I truly do thank God for her most days. She's quirky and annoying and she's one of my peeps. After T'day 'dinner" (It's lunch, really. Lunch. If you eat it at 2:00 in the afternoon, it's lunch. I feel better now that I have that out of my system.) drive past Best Buy and Target on the way to Kroger. There are people camped out at 4:00 in the afternoon. Just for the record, there is no flat screen TV cheap enough to make me camp out in front of Target. I only camp out for concert tickets, not cheap TVs. A girl's gotta have her standards.

Get into Kroger mere seconds before they lock the door. Feel guilty, because I do believe that it's morally wrong for stores to force their employees to work family holidays. Retail workers should get holidays, too, IMHO. But hey. I'm out of some essential stuff. And they're open anyway ... and they're not going to close just because I boycott. Yep. I resort to lame rationalizations. But at least I get TP (Who knew I was almost out? DS has much to answer for.) pink and purple Nerds candy and a fresh turkey that's on clearance. I'm such a bad citizen. *sigh*


Mildly disturbing conversation with DS. He knows zero about American popular culture before he was born. While we were flipping TV channels, I realized that he doesn't know The Godfather, I Love Lucy or ... wait for it .. The Three Stooges. Who in the world doesn't know Larry, Curly and Moe? I'm not saying you have to like them (I don't.) But you do need to know them. I threaten to sign him up for a 20th century popular culture humanities course ... either that or lock him in a room with retro TV on Netflix for a couple weeks.

Take DS to Chili's for lunch and get seated in the kiddie section. Seriously, folks? DS didn't behave like a toddler when he was one. Now he's fifteen years old and six feet tall and, because he's a "kid" we're wedged between a toddler who jumps up and down on the bench seat adjacent to mine (I feel earthquakes on my bottom whenever she has a tantrum, which is fairly often.) and a Mom who thinks her precocious kids are so cute that she encourages them to display their exceptional intelligence ... at the top of their cute little lungs. Clue: Nobody thinks your kids are are cute as you think they are. Just sayin.

Tonight: watched the last ever episode of iCarly with DS and wept like a complete fool. I dunno why. Something about seeing the characters as they were in the early episodes -- at age probably twelve or thirteen and in the last episode at age sixteen or seventeen hits a chord and the waterworks start. DS thinks I'm crazy and I really can't explain myself. There's just something about the fact that DS is a man in some ways but still enough of a boy to sit with me and watch a G-rated kids show for the last time ever. He's so innocent in some ways. He has no idea that there's no going back. This makes me sad. Lord help me, if DS ever graduates from anything. lol.

Now. Clean up this God-forsaken mess and sort through an obscenely huge pile of dirty laundry.

Zzz soon.


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Doing today because I'm spending the rest of today hanging out with DS and checking in with friends and family.

Laundry. Re-decorating for the holidays. I will not grouse about the fact that I bought red and green stuff and DS whined until I exchanged it for blue and silver stuff, because blue and silver is "more peaceful." In my world, peaceful = anything that minimizes Mom's workload. Just sayin.

DS and i finally get around to working on his French project, the children's story book in which 15% of the project grade is for actually doing French. Grr.

Anyway ... he writes an adorable story about "Les Trois Freres Chiens" who learn all sorts of life lessons while buying red velvet cake for a party for the poor children in their village. It is hilarious and lots of fun. I help him edit the story and help with a rough translation, but manage to keep my mouth shut about the fact that these Three Dog Brothers talk and nobody seems to give a care. lol.

Oh! Kids!!


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@Peaches--I hope that the interview gets the results you want. (Is it for a promotion within your organization?)

@Pygmalion--Glad you had such a delightful Thanksgiving "lunch" with your GF! I actually prefer doing it as a lunch so there can be cold turkey sandwiches later that night...but usually wind up doing it as a dinnertime meal for a variety of reasons. This year, the situation was that my husband's step-siblings were doing Thanksgiving with their father at 1 PM and then with their mom (my husband's step-mom) at 5 PM.

While in general I think it is rather unlucky that our relatives are so spread out--my husband's parents live in Seattle, WA and Santa Fe, NM, while mine live in New Jersey--the positive is that it is abundantly obvious that you cannot hit multiple houses on the same holiday!

@3wishes--Glad you are getting options to keep a finger in the game post-retirement if you want!

5:30--Up early. Excited to be going home. Breakfast, last minute packing, wrote in diary some.

7:45--Left for airport.
~9--Arrive airport. Discover our flight is about 20 minutes delayed.

11:30-2:45 Mountain time/4:45 Eastern time--FLY HOME. Flight was good except for the landing, which was bumpy.

I read some Body Outlaws on the way home, while Husband and Child watched Star Trek: TNG on the wi-fi enabled plane.
*Pygmalion, there was a piece in this collection about black women's relationship with their hair that I think you would like. In fact, there are several pieces by African-American women that I think you would find interesting.

I also read some of Trenton Lee Stewart's The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict to Child.

Husband was feeling super-lousy and asked me to drive home. This is at least Day 34 of this illness, which he seemed to pick up toward the tail end of our Disney/Harry Potter vacation. He is going back to the doctor this week.

Home. Do an initial damage assessment. (I.e., step on the scale.) Ooh! Better than I expected and under my magic number! (I try to stay in the 130-136 range.) This is good, because at OSB, Nik threw out the possibility of doing a comp next weekend. I told him that was a terrible weekend for me insofar as I will have a lot of grading...and then said okay! ;) In addition to Thanksgiving itself, there may have been some decadent French pastry action the day after Thanksgiving. We also had Chinese food twice and pretzels on the plane, and even though I tried to make reasonably good choices (e.g., broccoli in garlic sauce), I have had waaaaaay more sodium than any person needs to have. Tomorrow, it's back to The Plan and my usual sensible WW eating style.

Upload photos and sort into 6 sub-albums.


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updates are probably going to be one-liners for a while....synopsis = everyone is sick and possibility of grand baby coming for the holidays is diminished...still haven't taken bags out of car from Ohio, house is totaled from appearances by both of my grown idea when I will emerge from an avalanche of neglected aspects of my lessons till next week and I am ambivilent about that as of yet...


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@Fascination--Oh no! No grand-baby for holidays = sad! If you are committed to staying in the Indiana area for Xmas per se, could you maybe go out there for New Year's? I guess that's probably a busy time for fitness professionals, but you have covered for SOOO many people SOOO many times!

Hope everyone feels better soon.


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the real issue is that my son is in law school...she either comes here or we have to fly him out there...and pay to put him up...far more important that HE gets to see the schedule isn't the is just that the plan was that she was coming here and now that is in question her job....obviously, if this all goes foul, I will have to drive (because I am nuerotic like that)and I will wait until travelling conditions aren't as perilous, but, now that my son is not out there, that could be very messy...and could just be a long time...probably all I care to say on it as it is not one of those things made better by discussing it...but thanks


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Yeah. Custody and visitation issues are not pretty, and I say this from the perspective of the parent on the "winning" side. It's not pretty. For a variety of reasons that I typed out and deleted, all of the cards are in my hands when it comes to custody and visitation. And still there is much visitation-related angst in this land, from time to time. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be the grandmom. Your hands are tied. I'm so sorry.

Yesterday after I checked out of DF: Much fun checking in with sisters. Everyone is well although there is some job-related uncertainty for two.

Friends: Good Lord! My friends are getting old. Please do not extrapolate this to have anything to do with me. lol

Realize that buying all new Christmas decorations is not quick, simple, easy or cheap. *sigh*

Translate The Three Dog Brothers into French. By the end of the story, all is well. The village has become New Orleans -- the only French-speaking place we can think of where people eat red velvet All Three Dog Brothers admit that they love cake. The town's poor children have a rockin good time. And the very, very, sneaky (tres, tres sournois) dog brother, Guy, has realized the joy of sharing cake and toys with all the poor little children. And, to make it all better, no one has realized that they could probably make a pretty penny if they capture and sell the talking dogs. That's my kinda story. (Aside: It's surprising how much French I forgot and which bits I remembered. Neat.)

And, as an added bonus, find out that Staples will bind a book for less than $5. Score! :)

Clean up *some* of the God-forsaken mess. Wonder where my whole extended weekend went. *sigh and sigh again*


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there is no court arrangement (yet)...doesn't really make sense to have one at this juncture...for alot of reasons I don't care to go into at this that really isn't the issue...just the logistics of bi-coastal scenario....and significantly younger dad than mom who has got no income, and is in law is reasonably amicable... just not in a position at this time to do anything but to miss the little guy and hope that everyone continues to play nice and/or move closer....anyhow, moving right along


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Yesterday: up, nap, up, go see movie, home to watch movies, z.

Today: up, piddle before going to Friends Thanksgiving, get phone call, head to hospital, wait, acquire new niece, see kid, drive home. Piddling and z for rest of evening.

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