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I think there are moments of brilliance to West Wing, and I don't have a problem with it being smug, lol...that being said, I have a problem with most shows that have that sort of rapid fire rat a tat I prefer things to occur at a pace where I have an opportunity to be reflective during, not just after, the show.....andI appreciate that it was a show that didn't cater to the lowest common denominator in terms of writing and content so I am more than willing to overlook the son has the entire set of every season


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ccm said:
I do not like "The West Wing" for slightly different reasons. (I will admit I've only seen it maybe twice, and one of those was the post-9/11 episode, so this may be unfair.)

I feel like a lot of the liberal characters on that program are very smugly self-congratulatory and self-righteous about their values. I am quite liberal/lefty, and this is my worst nightmare of how I come off to other people. I really hope that is not how I am perceived by others when they ask what I am doing and I say "I'm going to rehearsal for 'Vagina Monologues.'"

The West Wing can be very preachy. The episode you're talking about, Isaac and Ishmael, is probably the worst I've seen, in that respect. *shrug* In the wake of September 11, a lot of people made poor judgments, IMO. The only really good memory I have of that time is Paul Simon singing The Boxer on SNL.

My take is that, overall, TWW was a good show that represented the political process in the US pretty well. There's a multi-part documentary on youtube. I forget the name of it. In it, lots of high power political people from both sides of the aisle talk about how accurate The West Wing was. It is what it is. Partisan politics aren't pretty all the time. And, no matter how honest or earnest I am, there are going to be people who see me as a preachy, bleeding heart, liberal.

That's about them. What I actually do is about me. *shrug* :cool:


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Still googling to find out how much, exactly. I forget the website, but I know that there's one out there which tracks exactly how much of an organization's money goes to admin costs versus the actual cause.
I think you're looking for Charity Navigator. They have info and evaluations on all sorts of charities, so people can see where there money is going before they donate.


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Thanks for posting that name, Charity Navigator. (I think I incorrectly told a class last week that it is called Charity Finder. Whoops. Will correct myself next time.)

I was also pleased to see that V-Day also got a 4 start rating, with scores of
OVERALL: 68.95 out of 70.
FINANCIAL: 68.52 out of 70.

Program expenses: 85.2%
Administrative expenses: 10.4%
Fundraising expenses: 4.2%


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With huge NFPs, and I'm not saying Komen (which I don't like for a variety of reasons anyway) is perfect, you do have to remember when comparing overhead you're basically operating something like a Fortune 500, only you're not producing anything of value to sell and are relying on people giving you money to keep afloat. So you need to put a LOT towards hiring and keeping talent and resources without generating anything that brings in money to pay for it. So some of the charity "percentages" people will throw around and complaints about OMG it's a NON-PROFIT, how DARE anyone working for them make six figures, are a little disingenuous. Working for the good NFPs is a full-time job.


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Haven't watched it in years. What's her face is so freaking annoying. Plus I can't get over the feeling that the writers are making us watch ushy stuff while using inaccurate medical jargon. No idea if this is true, but still. Blech. I'm supposed to believe that once in a lifetime, freak accidents occur every week? Amongst a svelt and beautiful cast that has enough time for hot, hot sex lives while they're going through residency? Seriously!?!?


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Yesterday: up, piddle a bit. Get started doing laundry and general straightening. How in hell is it possible for just the two of us to generate so much damn laundry?! Anyhow. Do laundry, put away laundry, unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, wash pans in sink, yada yada.

Get to work. Work from about 10am through 5:30. Straight. Yes, on a holiday. Because I've got stuff to get done, and my week will go much more smoothly if I get a couple of things off my desk. Revel in the fact that I'm throwing NPC under the bus, on a level. (On another level, he's technically an analyst on my study, he's gotten plenty of credit for being on this study, he hasn't don't jack up until now, he's the only one who was approved for the trainng it's perfectly reasonable to say that he has got to conduct the training for it.)

Exercise. Make mini-cheesecakes. (Testing recipe on guinea pig friends. DH is pondering a recital for his piano kids...I'm researching easy to make, easy to eat dessert thingies to serve after.)

Dinner: seared tuna steak (thanks to DH), steamed broccoli, mixed greens & spinach salad.

Watch the first half o The Bank Job before we get tired and head to bed. Z.


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Leisurely morning of pre-competition disorder
To NY with father for lunch and theater
Pick up out-of-town friend and head home
Quick change into dance clothes, then go social dancing at Grand Re-Opening of local dance studio; have a good time social dancing for the first time in AGES, really, since TC came to visit ;-)
BTW, Katusha in street clothes: that's just weird (she owns the studio where the social was held, and was there)
Downton Abbey, with resulting annoyance


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Lesson; it's 5 days to competition, you want to give me new choreo NOW???
Long conversation with Teach re: complex studio issues
To HFKAM to pack and ship stuff
Home; pick up out-of-town friend, lunch, and Retail Therapy, which includes getting my eye makeup done at Nordstrom
Home; heat lists are up; woo hoo
Eye makeup proves extremely difficult to remove, TDNWMH and my eyelids are most displeased; note to self: DON'T DO THAT AGAIN

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