yesterday's activities


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Lesson, the last before competition, and go figure, there's real dancing going on, shocking just before a comp
To Blond German Friend, who is making me a non-ballroom dress, she needs to do draping; watching someone who is really, really good at something do what she does well is just fascinating, and she's a couture-trained European designer/dressmaker, not just someone with a serger; this dress is going to be SMASHING
Home, eat, pack, talk on the phone, rearrange guest room b/c father has company coming, so I need to get my crap out of there
Drive to comp hotel, and socialize for the rest of the day, some of which socializing is politically interesting, shall we say
Discover that most of the people I know in the ballroom, the ones who smile huge and say HELLO!!!, are officials/judges; I just don't know that many dancers
Do my nails


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It's been a while, so just a couple things.

Me: Have a birthday. *sigh* I'm good with birthdays, usually, but things have not been going according to plan, of late. It's not good to be at a low point and a self-assessment point at the same time. *sigh* Also a medical issue that I thought was minor becomes less minor by the day. Why in the heck don't I just go to the doctor and get a shot? I have medical insurance. Good insurance. I also have a healthcare savings account with a balance that's more than enough to cover my entire deductible. Funny. When it's DS who's sick, I'm at the doctor in a heartbeat. If it's me, not so much.

Also spend unusually large amount of time on DF. I am learning SO MUCH about AT and swing dances. I think that it's time for me to delve deeply into one or both. Very, very seductive idea.

DS: Still catching up from the time he spent out of school with pneumonia. He also forgets to tell me about AP test registration until five minutes before time to leave for school on the last day of regular priced registration. This makes on-time registration impossible. (No. I am not a magician.) Late registration costs me $20 extra and does not warm my heart. $109 to take a test that is going to have zero impact on his life. Also un-subtle hints about what he wants in his Easter basket.

DS and Ex on the outs again. This time, it's because Ex has decided that, despite our mediated divorce settlement, DS's passport will reside with Ex. (It's supposed to be wherever DS is.) He's been calling DS every day and demanding that DS mail him the passport, which, incidentally, is in my possession, not DS's. Look. The agreement is between us. So, if you don't mind, would you stop harassing your fifteen-year old? Grr. I have moments when am reminded exactly how much of a favor Ex did me by leaving me. Single motherhood notwithstanding, I think that's the best (and quite frankly, almost the only) gift he ever gave me.

Also my usual political junkie stuff in which I learn a fun fact. Sam's Club employees, on average, make $17,486 dollars a year. Medical benefits only for full time employees. Costco employees average $45,000 a year and have medical benefits, even if they're only part time. If I believed in purgatory, which I don't, I could easily see some decision makers from Walmart corporation after death dragging around the heavy chain they forged in life.

Other stuff, but my new keyboard is such a pain that I create a typo in every other word. I could say more, but I'm tired of proofreading. :D


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Monday- work, watch dancing with the stars, sleep
Tuesday-Work, sleep
Wed-Work, sleep
yesterday-work, sleep.
Today- hopefully dance class if the snow does not cancel it out


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fri...teach bike and bench....good to be back....drop b-day gift off to post office....take dtr to train to get dh's a tad more Easter shopping...set up counseling appointments, and do more leg work to prep for an upcoming training...cook nutritious food for a change....practice, finally....nuzzle with dh


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Thursday - coaching, RATS, DRAT, ARRGGG, all four Smooth dances now changed around so much,,,my arms are not listening to brain and the feet are abandoning ship! crud. sigh.
Friday, lesson, - work on notes on coaching, arms are wildly opposing everything, feet are pretty calm, brain dis-engages completely,,,really? now? a few weeks from Emerald you decide to abandon me?
Go to trainer - trainer is trying to bend my legs in half/ I swear to , well, you know who, ...doubled the weights on the leg press...isn't that lovely?...60 reps on everything...sigh...
immediately call massage therapist...who, GOD BLESS HER, has an immediate opening...I couldn't push the accellerator down hard enough...heh heh heh.
She notes,,,out loud,,,"you've never ever said the word ouchie so much as long as I've know you"...I sigh...and let out a whimper instead.
Text from gent I know, social dancing on the calendar for Saturday! Lord knows I need the stamina.
Finish up details of kitchen,,and Husband eyes me,,,looking at paint chips....he runs the other way...and I do mean "run".


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doing today now...b/c my pillow is calling

teach blast at 8 and step interval at nine
change clothes, feed animals, grocery shop with dh
clean kitchen
cut dh's hair
late dinner
yawn through ncaa

sleep soon


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Anyone who says bowling is not a sport needs to feel like my neck and shoulder. Studio bowling outing today. I am annoyed at how badly I did despite rationally recognizing it's been at least ten years or more (I honestly can't remember) but our team (was on Mrs. NP's team-each pro was a 'captain') had the most spirit! (Ie we cheered each other REALLY LOUD. Even if not all of us were particularly adept. Okay, three of us were not especially adept, the other three were a lot better!) However I hurt now.


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Competition day. Survive/thrive.
Home; my father has company in the guest room, weird to have someone in "my" space, but not unpleasant


Crash and burn
Take Blond German Friend to airport so she can go home to see her dying mother
Pick up Chinese on the way home
Out-of-town family come to visit and stay overnight, but I am asleep when they arrive; when I wake at 1:30 to use the bathroom, there's someone in it :-0


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Last week: a blur of b.s. training class, attempting to stay sane while staying with parents for the week.

Saturday: breakfast, nap, trip to B'more for yummy Thai food with friends. Come home and watch 2 episodes of House of Cards. Crash and burn.

Sunday: breakfast, clean the house!, grocery shopping, dinner, finish first season of House of Cards (noooooo!!!!!!), start watching the British version. Crash and burn.

Today: slowly slip and slide my way to the train station, miraculously make it on time. Am the only one. Have important Conversation with acting boss about the practical steps needed for my upcoming job transition. Decide to start new job in four weeks' time, and to take a week of vacation before then. (Well, except for the Wednesday, because I have an important class to attend.) Steadily make great progress on a variety of fronts, mostly clearing up things from last week, tying up loose ends, and getting things back on track. Home, dinner with DH, piddling about now. Will z soon.


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teach step, pack, pet care, lunch
drive to indy
lessons...he may not have missed me but he certainly found me less tedious than usual (note to self; go away more often)
tequila, doggie bag
dwts...bed soon

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