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Wake 7ish, have the runs, but it seems to be manageable
Cousin's son has a birthday party at the kiddie room at a Wal-Mart type store; we go; by the time I get there, I am very seriously ill; it's not enough that I have *legendary* diarrhea, but also cold sweats and vomiting, and am thankful that the ladies room is right next to the party, until I discover it's an old-skool in-the-floor "toilet" and thank god I"m wearing a skirt, that's all I have to say about that
Cousin takes one look at me and says, I'll take you home; I make it in the door, hit the bed, wrap up, and shiver for the next however many hours, then sleep for a few more hours, then get up and carefully drink some bottled water, then back to bed; altogether, when not immured in the toilet, I spend something like 19 hours out of asleep or in bed pretending I'm asleep


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hug...that sounds dreadful

saturday; sleep in,small annoying things to tend to then have to make a dreaded wal-mart trip for paint for dh (small office project), home to practice and holiday cooking, son arrives home late and a lovely family night was had by all


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Talk to GS#2 mommy about me taking him to dance lessons.
Head out to tile store - search for "cap" end tiles for kitchen,,,geezzzz of the entire bunch on store shelf - only 7 pieces are actually intact with no cracks. Now the hunt is on, plans made to hit other tile stores.
DH comes in from work - and he is wound up like an 8 day clock ready to explode.
Note to self": Always make sure to head out on errands when he comes in door from work like this.
Group classes at studio - are a life-saver, prayer to self - that DH is unwound when I get home.
Beautiful weather, very beach like.
Start searching patterns for new smooth dress - since shopping search is a miserable failure.
Drag out reference materials.
Map out next week schedule - generally enjoy the evening and watch the DH snooze off after his work out.
(I'm sure he rode that bike with gusto and I'm so relieved he did) lol, wink!


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doing today now as the pillow will be calling soon...

sleep til nine...hide easter baskets for adult children because we went to bed before they did...also hide approx 50 eggs for same adult children...

easter mass, which was wonderful, and trust me, it takes a great deal to say that with this bunch

home starving...make ham, pierogies, pasta broccoli bake, corn and tri colored potatoes asap...calls to and from dad and brother

family plays a game and I's one of those games with a thousand rules and I wasn't feeling it...discuss some of son's case law in his classes...son heads back to school...the rest of us are currently watching the Great Race and trying to finish our 3 separate piles of laundry...will be leaving house in shambles to go to lessons tomo...oh well


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mon...wake, tired and feeling nauseous...teach a step class...not my best effort...get another hour of sleep, feed cats, have a sandwich, pack, drive to indy...lessons...happiness...margarita and surf...pillow calling


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SATURDAY highlights:

Went and drove a Mini Cooper at the dealership. Liked it! But not sure about a 2-door car.

Read a lot of The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye.

Watched "Diamonds Are Forever."

SUNDAY highlights:
We dyed and decorated Easter eggs.

Child had very proudly designed a treasure hunt for us grown-ups using the plastic eggs, so we did that.

We finished reading The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye.

Jogged 6.5 miles on treadmill in 1 hr. Personal best of 2013! Then walked 2 more miles.

9, 9:20, 9:40--Individual student appts--except got blown off by 9:40 person.

10:20--GREAT WORKS II. "The Metamorphosis." Great discussion.

Lunch. Read Senior Sem drafts.

12:40, 1:10, 1:40--Individual Senior Sem appts...except got blown off by one of these people as well. Oh, and one of my advisees shoots in during a break in the action to be advised.

2:15, 2:35, 2:55--Individual 1101 student appts. Again, 2 out of 3 show up.

Had a little moment of lightheadedness during the final Senior Sem appt. Oddly enough, I find that elevating my arms helps. I find this curious because when I looked this up on the internet, some people complain that raising their arms causes them to feel lightheaded...I am the opposite. Apparently it can elevate your heartrate. So I guess my conclusion is that my heartrate is dropping, which makes me feel lightheaded, and lifting my arms helps bring it up a bit.

Another student comes by to talk about scheduling problems...not even my advisee and has never had a class with me.

~4-7--Go home and have some downtime. Did do the bp cuff. Heartrate was 50 the first time did it, 52 the second. But I feel much better now than I did during that final Senior Sem appt.

7:30-10--MODERN WORLD. Anna Karenina. Went well.


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doing today now as pillow is calling...teach basic step at 8 and advanced step with intervals at 9...kicked my own butt and a few others...home to lunch and a power nap...clean kitchen, clean car of dirty dance clothes...spend some prep time on some upcoming training, love kitties...couch potato...bed early to head this cold/allergies off at the pass


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teach interesting challenge as there are 50 year olds who still want challenge and 90 year olds whom I prefer not to have die on it is a class that, when everyone leaves happy, has me feeling pretty competent

home to more activity than I will probably remember... including but not limited to the following:

photocopying my certificates for various fitness specialties
order veggie garden seeds
order some gifts for dh's b-day
order pics of cutest baby on shutterfly
book rooms for my upcoming trainings
do dishes
clean litter boxes
feed animals
get a variety of piles of clothing ready for good will
do a lot of laundry
fold a lot of laundry
carry bunches of it upstairs
empty all the trash bins and take the trash out
1/2 hour cat nap, lunch
roll ankle, there goes practice
make quiche, green beans with ham, and mini cheese cakes for dh
send emails to children about what their dad would like for his birthday (a pic of the two of them together for his office)
arrange a delivery of dirt/manure so that something actually grows around here this year.....imagine the neighbors are going to love that
general other tidying up which it seems led from one thing to another until the day was over

watch project runway with dh...pillow time


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:) truly I love them...well, most of them...older people (IME) tend to be less likely to get their underwear in a bunch over small things...sure, there are some who are miserable and have let life turn them bitter, but most of them are just happy to be alive


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okay...doing today I am done

teach bike and bench, cough sniffle, go back to care...soak ankle, df, fb....staff meeting...make grocery list, begin reading training materials...

anticipate that the entire weekend will be a combination of reading training materials, practice and yard work....all good in my world...


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9-11--Office hours.

11:25-12:45--Faculty meeting.

1-2--Skype meeting with new Provost. This went well.

3--Picked up Child.

Read George Saunders' Tenth of December. One story put me in a very contemplative mood.

4:30-6--Trained two new FYS instructors on how to advise.

Had a bite, then off to the heavy hors d'oeuvres reception pre-poetry reading. Problem which I had anticipated: none of the food is Passover acceptable. Even though I am not particularly observant, I am just observant enough that I will not eat stuff on a corn tortilla or on bread, nor shellfish of any kind, etc., during Passover. Glad I ate before I came!

7:30--Poetry reading by Lia Purpura.

Home around 9 PM.
(Yes, I was home after 10 PM on Monday and home around 9 PM on Tuesday. And some people think professors only work a few hours a week because we only teach 9-12 hrs/wk.!)


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9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 appts.

10:20--GREAT WORKS II. Finished "The Metamorphosis." Another great discussion. Then started Freud. That went less well. I got the feeling not everyone had done the reading b/c papers were due today.

Lunch, read drafts of Sr. Sems.

12:40-2:10--Sr. Sem appts.

2:15-2:45--Office hrs.

3--Pick up Child.

I read to Child and maybe did something else in here.

7-8--Take Child to dance. She danced; I read.


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9-11--Individual advising appts, with brief detour to go get eyebrows waxed.

11-12--Drove to Towson.

12-12:40--No teacher...and studio locked, so cannot practice. Went home. Turns out we got our signals crossed, but teacher feels badly about this and is willing to come to my town, at my convenience, to make it up to me. And comp me? Sweet.

1:30-3--Graded papers.
3-4--First year housing meeting. Being the nice person that I very occasionally am, I give the other stakeholder exactly what she wanted, with the proviso that we may need to revisit if the pilot program becomes universal.

Home. Read a little with Child. Then remember that I saw on e-mail that yearbook ads are due at her school tomorrow. Team ChaCha swings into action and we design an ad.

8:30 PM--6.6 miles on treadmill in 1 hour. Another new personal best for the year! I can't believe I can run for an hour at a 6.6 mph pace. I realize that isn't all that, but this is a big personal improvement for ME, as basically a non-runner who jogs for health. In high school, I remember thinking jogging one mile was hard!



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The dog woke me up at 4:30 AM and then my brain decided it would be fun to go through every single thing on my to-do list that I haven't gotten to and worry about it. Finally drifted back off probably around 5:30 so that I could wake up at 6:30. I had a great dream in that last hour, though, so I'll take it.

9:10--ENG 1101. Very spotty attendance. It's opening day, which is practically a holiday to some students, so I wonder if that is the issue? We did peer review of the paper that is due Monday.

10:20--GREAT WORKS II. Freud. Then intro to Virginia Woolf.


12-2:30--Advised. Also had a second Senior Sem meeting of the week with my weakest student that made me crazy and which I should not have done for the sake of my sanity. Luckily I managed to retain my sense of humor even though this guy made me fall way behind on my appt schedule.


5:30--Home. Can we go to the Scholastic Book Fair that ends at 6? Aaaaah, why didn't someone call me??? Drove out to that.

Husband dragging, so vetoed idea of seeing a movie. Child and I read instead.

After I put Child to bed, watched USA DANCE NATIONALS live stream! Quality is excellent. I recommend!!! You can also watch events that have already happened as it is archived. :)

I don't know if this direct link to the livestream will work or if you need to go to, but I will try:


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saturday...sit on couch, blow nose, cough, read training manual, consume liquids, nap, cough, read training manual, df, fb, cough, watch dh watch various shows, cough, blow nose, medicate, go to bed...


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Last Sunday:

Mostly recovered from food poisoning, go to Jade Market, Flower Market, and Artisans Market, then up Taipei 101 for the view
Home, birthday party for Baby Gabrielle, who is 1 today; party mostly consists of adults having wine and cheese, but there's a cake, also for adults


Leave for 3-day trip around Taiwan with cousin, eldest child, two longtime friends of Cousin, and their two kids; thank god cousin has an illegally purchased Honda Odyssey
Drive through mountains -- literally; tunnel about 30 miles long -- to coast, which is mountain/cliff/shoreline; beautiful; stop in small town for noodles for lunch, then into Taroko Gorge for sightseeing and hiking; beautiful beyond words
Overnight at palatial hotel/spa in the Gorge; the tub in my bathroom is deep, and the water comes from hot springs and the bath salts are free, it's like heaven


Walk to monastery/temple in the gorge overlooking the hotel; I'm gonna stop saying "beautiful" and you can assume it is, b/c it's all beautiful
Drive mountain road so high and curving, it's the top of the world
Stop overnight in small town referred to as "Little Switzerland" b/c of terrain and also many chalet-style hotels built there
Walk to restaurant; a word about the food; Chinese food in Taiwan is not like Chinese food here; I don't bother ordering, I just eat whatever shows up, and some of it is deeply odd, but almost all is delicious and only a little bit is too challenging for me; aside from that, it's all fresh, clean, simply prepared, and even when I have not an idea what I'm eating or it looks like stir fried yard waste with a little chicken, it's delicious
Back to hotel; no wifi; sit on bed and close my eyes for a few minutes; wake 2 hours later and just go to bed


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Start coming down out of the mountains, and aren't I glad my cousin is an excellent driver; holy cow, those roads are scary curvy mountain roads
Stop and visit Spirit Tree, 3,000 years old and huge and beautiful
Finally get to flatlands; go to Sun Moon Lake, take boat trip, visit temple, back on boat, visit restaurant/souvenir shops, back on boat, back to car
Back to Taipei; traffic is challenging b/c it's the beginning of a 4-day weekend; Thursday is Children's Day and Friday is Grave Sweeping Day; holidays are different in Asia
To American Club, where kids go off to the playroom and adults consume adult beverages, cousin's wife shows up, everyone's glad to be reunited
Home; z


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To small town which is the center of the ceramics industry, and don't I have fun here; omg what beautiful pottery, porcelains, teapots, there's an old town shopping area and I about lose control
Lunch in art gallery restaurant
More shopping
Back to Taipei; cousin takes me to Night Market, which is an outdoor street market with booths and food vendors; it's raining; it's enchanting; we go to teppanyaki restaurant where the owner practically kisses cousin and adopts his daughter, food wonderful, market crowded and chaotic and fun
Back to apartment, pack suitcase

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