yesterday's activities


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Leavin' on a jet plane; fly Taipei to Tokyo, Tokyo to Detroit, Detroit to JFK; when I'm not asleep, I read Cloud Atlas, which I recommend *highly* and the time passes quite easily
Arrive JFK, pick up car from parking lot, drive home, get stuck in traffic, talk on phone -- I have not had phone service for what, 10 days? I have a lot of catching up to do, and continue phone calls after I get home and settled


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Jet Lag R Us
Cook and bake in order to try to get back on an even keel; seems to be working
Cough a little in the evening
Cough becomes troublesome overnight; am I bringing this year's Asian flu to the States? Apparently... whoopsie


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Ahhhh, fas,,,,,the creepy crud....BEGONE!
Yesterday - Up early,
cancel weighttraining circuit workout - really? sneezing doesn't help me or him.
Laundry - early
Dishes - early
Feed roses that are blooming like mad, and they are really confused,,,80 degrees one day,,,brrrr cold the next...poor plants.
Look up Jet Blue airfares to Austin, make plans to take GS#2 - to his cousins where all four can reck havoc together. HA!
Deny DD request to pay for 5, count them 5 as in FIVE round trip airfares for her and family to come to California and go to disneyland, in the summer. uhhhhhh, note to brain,,,does she not remember I retired. We will go to her, in the car. wink.
Pulll out patterns, iron tissue, getting ideas for new smooth dress. I'm not a blog person when it comes to sewing so don't ask. And Larinda continually has to save me on posting pics because I'm lousy at it.
Phone call from Pro, Pro(s) wife, and his children,,,"heading home on the road from San Francisco Open - what is with the wind? what is the weather,,,,this is alot slower than we thought it would be" Gotta laugh
Winds are clocking 80 miles an hour.
Head up to the high desert to take dad to several appointments.
Stormy rain down here.
Sun in the pass
DUST BOWL storm in high desert. Awful taste to it as well.
Take dad to several appointments and oxygen evaulation - new machine set-up - we go home with.
He buys me In-N-Out...YES! love it.
Small talk at his table.
Leave him feeling good.
DH calls,,,"if the tractor trailer trucks are overturned in the pass, just stay up there"...."be careful" etc etc etc.
Really? He doesn't appear concerned when I was involved in earthquakes, floods, mudslides, fires, blizzzards, etc etc etc but driving in bad weather he's all over me. Seriously? I laugh to myself.
Stop at large fabric store,,,buy lycra. Ok, so I'm slowly starting to formulate a dress.
Ideas are popping.
Home - DH has recorded the NCAA final game! - He doesn't care for basketball but I love the Final Four - as always.
DH watches game with me, becomes so involved in game - I start to wonder...
WHO IS THAT MAN? ya'know,,,the one sitting in the living room who doesn't care about basketball....
Oh THAT's right.....the same guy who is cheering for Louisville and jumping up screaming out of his chair.
Lol, nighty night...what a great game.


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mon...the usual...teach a fitness class, drive to indy, lessons,etc...
tues ; drive to Fort Wayne fro Indy and spend entire day in home and get home in just enough time to catch a group class and a margarita and spend an hour with dh

sleep as though dead ...could have continued to do so


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J_Alex and fascination--Hope you are fully recovered! And J_Alex, it sounds like you had an amazing trip!

My recent stuff:

Shower, then to campus by 9.
Graded 4 essays.

11--Nik came and taught me on campus! It really meant a lot to me that he was willing to do that. And it was also one of the best lessons ever. The overarching theme was progressive rotation.

4-6--Took Child to The Peep Show, a local event where people make art out of peeps. I'm not kidding.

That evening, we watched a James Bond movie as a family, "Live and Let Die."

AM: Read with Naomi.
PM: Graded essays.

Admitted Students Day. Attempted to charm and inform 17-18 year olds and their parents such that they will deposit with us.

Phi Beta Kappa induction and dinner.

A little more grading, then home around 9:30 PM. Who doesn't like being at work for 7-8 hours on Sunday?


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9:10--ENG 1101. Assigned big research paper. Discussed expectations.

10:20--GREAT WORKS II. Class outside! Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway.

Advisee meeting, because she registers tomorrow and hasn't met with me yet. Then lunch and prep time.

12:40-2:10--Senior Sem individual appts.

2:30-4--Rather dull meeting, though I did get a couple good suggestions out of it.


6.6 miles on treadmill!

7:30-10--MODERN WORLD. "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."


9-11--Individual advisee registration appointments. Lots.
11:30-1--Department meeting.
1-2:30--First year team meeting.
3--Pick up Child.

(See what I just did there? Total hours on campus: ~6. Trying to average it out a bit.)

4:30--Got Child ready for dance.
5-8:30--Child danced. I went to Panera, ate dinner, and graded ENG 1101 papers, then read a Senior Sem draft.
*My parents gave me a huge Panera gift card for Christmas. I've used it twice so far and still have over $100 on it! :)


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7--Work over breakfast on a course proposal for a transfer student class.

9, 9:15, 9:30, 9:45--Research paper abstract conferences. Oh, and very sick girl apparently has recuperated enough to surface! Yay. One more worry semi-off my list.

10:20--GREAT WORKS. Class outside again. Existentialism--Sartre's "No Exit."

11:30--Lunch and prep for Senior Sem.

12:40--Individual Senior Sem appts.

2:15--Meet with an advisee.

3--Pick up Child.

Work some more on this course proposal.

4:42--Course proposal sent! Weight off shoulders. (For now.)

Read with Child.

Take Child to dance. Phone mom from car to confirm plans for weekend. Grade truly awful paper. This paper is so bad that I consider whether this could be a psychological experiment where the student is seeing how badly they have to perform before they will actually just flat out fail. (You actually have to get a C in this course or take it again. This student could wind up earning a C-, D+, or D in the course...and that is going to suck on so many levels.)

Play Harry on the way home.

Condition Child's hair with special salon conditioner because it is getting knotty and brush it out. Let us just say that this is not the high point in Mother-Daughter Relations.

Grade. Surf web on break from that and somehow manage to contract a computer virus...even though I was on one of my regular forum sites! (Not this one.) Ugh. Cross fingers for no lost work.


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Did three miles on threadmill, and now...blisters. sigh.
Listened to a roofing contractor about our ridgecap replacement, then he started shoveling numbers, discounts, etc.
DH threw him out of the house. Not literally, but told him to leave. Interesting to watch from the sidelines.
Neighbors hung out with me on the front yard block wall, a natural gathering place.
Started planning our travels.
Oregon , immediately after Emerald Ball. This drive I really don't mind.
Watched the CMA awards that we recorded. Promised each other we would go next year Vegas to see this!


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ccm...loved the peep show pics on fb...also, very impressed that nik made the trip for you...nice...lastly, I still remember with horror, how unpleasant some of my hair combing experiences as a child very grateful that my own daughter had naturally tangle free hair

3w...driving in oregon is certainly lovely


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Played/browsing on computer all morning. Haven't done that in a LONG time.
Started reading reviews on ovens. This is killin' me.
Work called. Yes, the City,,,ya'know,,,the employer I retired from in September. "We need you,,,,pls consider a contract"
I'm soooooo not into considering anything right now, except a new oven. HA!
Pro calls - reminds me of lessons in the evening and coaching. ARRGHHH - that means I need my Yoga time.
DD - texts - excited about her teacher exam, has new full time job with school, does not miss Target. (-:
DS - texts - askes if DH can come and help him remove dirt for new driveway,,,uhhhhhh, that's a big negative, your young, you do it. lol.
Step-dad calls,,,,it goes like this....."the calendar you left me of your obligated days, only leaves me 3 days for me to have my carble tunnel surgery, I'm calling 'other daughter in West Virginia to come out and nurse me until I'm well"
My response, "why are you going to do that, she is her only support and has a mortgage payment, I'm right here"
His response, "because there is only three days open on your calendar".
My response, "are you wearing your glasses? because the onlly days blocked out are May 1-May 12. between now and July"
His response, "ohhhhhhhh but there is writing in the other days,,,"
YES DAD - but that stuff can be changed you know your surgery date
Have you been approved?
Do you have any tests you have to do?
"I don't know"
So, dad, in other don't know the schedule and the surgery supervisor hasn't called you to set a plan.
But, your concerned about my calendar....JUST TELL THEM WHEN YOU ARE AVAILABLE.
His response..."oh? I can do that? I thought they give you a date and that's it"
Went for a run for three miles after that dialog.


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fri...what a great day....spent the entire day training to become a trainer..and that was successful...then had a wonderful dinner with a new friend and some great dancing at a very friendly studio in her town where there are some lovely men who can dance....going to have to find excuses to go there more often :)


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Ok, so yes, I have been sick basically for a week. So: highlights:

Monday: lesson, to which I probably should not have gone, but I spoke feelingly to Teach about many things, and we danced a little
Avoided Ex
Back to bed

Tuesday: Gyro, in which I spent a lot of time talking about plans for the future and not much time working out; this turned out to be OK
Lesson, in which it was obvious Teach was thinking about the future
To House of Ex, did some business, talked about Taiwan, fielded his neediness
Theater; Cinderella, which was surprisingly wonderful


Lesson, in which OMGWTF changes start to happen
To House of Ex (hereafter called HEX 'cos it's shorter then HFKAM) to pack and ship stuff; this takes for effing ever, I have to re-pack one item, I do not have enough time to get through it all before
Rolfer! Swoon.
Home, eat a bit, then back to HEX, finish pack/ship stuff, go to UPS, drop stuff off
Home, din
Go to local watering hole/music joint to hear a guitarist I adore and whom I have not heard in years; in the meantime, I've discovered he's a friend-of-a-friend, so it's a good night of music and friendship
Also catch up with owner of said music joint; we've known each other for decades, we gossip and share memories; a good night altogether


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Sleep forever; I seldom sleep past 6am, this time, I am wakened at 9 by father, who needs me to move my car
Up for a while, then back to sleep, no fooling
To theater anyway; see something far better than I expect, it ought to wrench my heart, and it does

a note about parking in NYC in the theater district: do yourself a favor and go to bestparking dot com, click on NYC, and find parking coupons; the difference is staggering, a $55 parking job becomes $16 with the coupon; also, father has a favorite place for Broadway, and the head of parking there admires and respects father, so Parking Guy --get this-- cuts into the line, comes and gets our ticket, coupon, and father's credit card, jumps the line to pay, jumps the line to have the car brought up; this is amazingly endearing and also quite useful, at times like last night, when the line was about half an hour long, and 92 year old father ain't up to it


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Might as well do today, as it's almost over and was, shall we say, interesting

Do nothing productive (other than buy cat food) until time to go to theater
Park at same parking lot as last night, with cooperative Parking Guy (Felix, no kidding, his name is Felix)
We are a tad bit early, but not enough to go get dinner, so we wait outside Major Broadway Seriously Important/Hit Show; it's cold; this is key to what happens
Get into show, sit, and father keeps his heavy overcoat on and starts to shiver; he spends the first act shivering like an earthquake; I hug and hold him and give him as much body heat as I can (I'm boiling hot) but at intermission, we leave b/c he's about to faint from shivering
Back to parking garage and Felix, who sees me holding up father while we're walking in and, no kidding, has our car up and ready and waiting and warm before we've paid; the kindness of people blows me away, sometimes, seriously, near tears
Home; feed father soup; he feels better, but goes to bed; 92, did I mention, he's 92, and still going to theater 3-4 times a week? WHAT WAS HE THINKING BOOKING FIVE NIGHTS OF THEATER IN A ROW????
OK, I'm calm now
Apply Jameson to my jangled nerves; any sins of grammar or punctuation may be chalked up to Irish whiskey


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ohhh JA,,,,jangled nerves! can join my sneezing opera.
Some serious wind yesterday, crazy garden just doesn't know if it should bloom or waste away.
DH notes, as nice as the wind is, we are both sneezing like mad
Mine has now turned into a cold, wasn't that lovely in coaching!
Chiropractor sees me in evening, inform him, "my knee just collapsed in Tango for no apparent reason and it doesn't hurt at all"...he adjusts me....and leaping lizards...really? literally hanging off his table..."trust me" he says....SCREAM.
I love my Chiro,,,dear friend...but hanging off of the table is not my cup of tea, he seems to sense this ....LOL.
Dreaded phone call to step-dad. Call goes well. THANK YOU LORD.
Attempt to set up spring skiing trip to Mammoth Mountain, currently a 15ft base, for GS#2 to learn to ski.
DS calls,,,"why don't you just teach him"....uhhhh,,,and you DS, father of GS#2, you are also a ski/snowboard instructor,,,"why don't YOU just teach him".
We both laugh. Never teach a family member...they don't listen. We laugh more.
I love spring skiing, great tan, good weather, no chains required, sitting outdoors at lunch and apres ski time.
Inform Pro of potential ski trip,,,,,
I had no idea he could make such a screwy face,,,"now? before Emerald? your going skiing?" I'm sorry are you deaf?
DS calls back, "mom, really, I need you for my front garden - I want no bees attracted but lots of color, can we do a vege garden with herbs, no annuals..." When? tomorrow. WHAT! wait. breath breath breath, he's driving me crazy.
I make quick plan to blackmail DS. I make plan to do his front yard which is nice and bare, not even grass, if he teaches me how to golf! THERE! win win.
DD#2 in Oregon,,,calls, she has taken three weekdays off, taking oldest GD#1 out of school and we are all headed to Powell Book Store in Vancouver/Pearl District! IF you've never been there, and you love books. seek hard to find books, and like quirky book stores...this is THE place.
DD#1 - calls,,,,informs me that DD#2 has teased her about our visit,,,,it appears the loving war is on. (really I love Oregon and the weather is, for me, so much better than Texas). We never get there enough.
It's a continually battle of the sneezing all day and evening between DH and myself.
Planned on seeing 42. It opened. Cancelled seeing 42.
Watched NASCAR in Texas,,,,drugged ourselves silly to stop the sneezing.
DH complains that I purchased so much refridgerated foods (veges, fruits, etc.) that he doesn't even have room for a bottle of water in the fridge.
Really? really? you know I don't feel well, your not feeling well, and you want to attack me about our fridge looking like a living salad bowl? hmgph! silence is golden.

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