yesterday's activities


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Well, since you asked...


Leisurely early morning, realizing just how much I know about negotiating motel breakfast areas, coffee makers, heating/cooling... way too much
note to self: no more low/mid-range motels
To shopping center where studio is located; stop at supermarket for water water water; it's sooooo dry here; market is right next to Ross Dress for Less; score! nice blue longtail Tahari cardigan for less than $40!
Lessons with out-of-town coach, magnificently useful, many issues cleared up in my head, at least; now to get them into my body
To airport hotel; check in; return car to airport and get shuttled back to hotel
Food delivered; am so hungry, I consume enough for 3 people, wtf?
Spend the night on the phone; one of these days, I need to get (a)new phone and (b)unlimited talk/text package
To bed early


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Up to the high desert.
Discuss the InogenOne O2 machine with dad. He doesn't qualify with insurance but it's lighter, better and he can travel in car with it.
Dad displays how he cannot move his shoulder anymore, take him to chiropractor, listen to him "scream" yikes.
40 minutes later, note that he can move shoulder again. Darn 02 tanks are killin' his shoulder..
Discuss his upcoming surgery.
A wave of relieve that he did not schedule it during Emerald Ball...thank goodness!
Have to laugh, it's schedule for my dear mother's birthday...Silent smile. Good for you mom!
Daughter calls, sends pics of her first harvest from her backyard, oh my!!!!
To workout with trainer.
Trainer increases reps to 75. WHAT! WAIT!~ are you really trying to see if I will just give up?
No walking for me....
collect my heat sheet from Emerald Ball website. ARRGGHHH! 10:30 p.m. scholarship....seriously? the brain
screams nooooo we are suppose to leave for Oregon in the evening.
DH looks at heat sheet. laughs,,,,"your normally in a sleep coma by 9:15 at night, too bad you believed your teacher when he said everything should be done within 5 hours during the day based on his experience"....
DH notes .....that his wife, ME, is not amused. at all.
DH bows head, "I'm sorry" then adds, "it will be entertaining just to see if you can stay awake that long, never mind actually dance"
HMOPGGH! is all I can say.


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friday...teach bike and down dog who breaks out of back yard...clean kitchen...practice...make dh a superior dinner

today; teach blast, then interval, tan, buy card, and b-day cake for dh, spend bulk of the day doing yard work....anticipate an early bedtime


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Wakeee wakee early, 2am; flight to Denver uneventful; flight from Denver delayed 2.5 hours; curse you, sequester!
But, since I have dance shoes, and ipod, and headphones in my carryon, I have time and space for some practicing, and at least am moving for part of the wait time
Get unexpected phone call just before boarding; make arrangements to respond to it after I get home; long story short, after driving home, eating something, and catching up on email etc, am on the phone for 3.5 hours, until the wee small hours have turned to dawn; this will come back to bite me in the knat later
Z at last, but not much


Groggy R Us
Lesson, therefore, is not what you'd call stellar
Stop to see X, get some business done
Get hair colored, very necessary
Have a date; not gonna turn into a friendship, but at least I stuck a toe into the waters
Home, read, Z


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Mammogram. 7am. who books a mammogram at 7am? I do, going on the "if you have to eat a live frog, do it early in the morning and then get on with your day" theory of life
Lesson, in which all the crap from yesterday has miraculously vanished and I am finally able to absorb something Teach has been trying to get me to do for a while; did I say a while? years
Color me ecstatic
Rolfer; more with the ecstasy
Buy herb plants; one of these days, it'll be spring for real, I want to be ready
Pack and ship some stuff; X has his off-again on-again sometimes GF visiting; this is a Good Thing
Long phone conversation with hottie contractor, who moved to Georgia and I miss him terribly
Make a simply stellar dinner, but nobody I invite can join me, so, like the Little Red Hen, I eat it myself; alas, the wine I cook it with is also simply stellar, and -- dear heavens, did I actually drink *that* much wine? let's draw a curtain over that moment
Full moon, spring, river, beautiful, beautiful night


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reminds me that my mammo and blood work order have been sitting in the trunk of my car for at least a month....probably more...and, before any nagging ensues, I get one every year......


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sun...doing today now as I am fairly certain the eventful part of the day has come and gone

today is dh's coffee, classical music, dh makes his beignets and opens presents, calls come in from our children, we take advantage of having the house to ourselves:cool:...we also book a long weekend over memorial day to a 5 star hotel and spa...lunch...and we head off to see "42" at the theatre...enjoy it....going to make wok chicken tonight and serve his birthday cake....will squeeze in a dance practice as well.....


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other than starting the process of cleaning off the porch in preparation for good weather, damned if I can remember, until it was time to pick up father from the airport


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Read a bit
Go with BFF for her hair appointment; we use the same salon and stylists, so this is way fun; we have much girl face time, and it's been a long time
Lunch with her
To theater with father; show is quite good, Nathan Lane is a force of nature and I never really appreciated the full range of his talents until last night
Home, z


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Monday-Wednesday--Worked extra hard trying to compress a 5 day workweek into 3 days. Came close to losing my patience when two students e-mailed me complete drafts of their senior seminar essays on Tuesday night, one at 7:41 PM (28 pages) and one at 8:09 PM (27 pages), prior to meetings at--if I remember correctly--12 PM and 1 PM on Wednesday. Seriously, people??? And the first of the two needs A LOT of work. It was painfully hard to read. The second one, which I didn't get around to reading until Wednesday itself, was gorgeous.

Thursday--Up at 5:30.
9 AM flight to Seattle. Arrive 11:45 AM their time (2:45 our time).

As you may have surmised, no, this is not a good time of the school year for me to be taking a long weekend...but it is Husband's step-dad's 80th birthday weekend, and you only turn 80 once. It also happens to be my birthday weekend, and my birthday was actually on the Saturday this year, but I am taking one for the team!

Check in to Silver Cloud Inn in the University district.
Get to see their apartment, which has a UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS view of Lake Seattle and the Cascade range.
Dinner at Husband's mother and step-father's country club.

Friday--Read with Child.
Lunch at country club with the relatives.
6.1 miles on treadmill.
Apartment complex April birthday party event at 4 PM. Lots of old people and Child is
the only child there, but she handles this well.
Pizza party afterwards.

Saturday--My actual birthday.
10 AM--Meet with friend from a different internet board and her 10 year old daughter and we have a playdate at PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER. Very fun. Had lunch afterwards at Rice and Spice...and the friend treats us, which was way too nice.

Back to hotel. Nap.

Dinner that night at Il Terrazzo Carmine, step-father-in-law's favorite Seattle restaurant. Also a couple presents for me: a gift card to one of my favorite clothing stores and some cash. :) I see dancing in my future!

6.32 miles on treadmill at 6:15 AM.
12:35 flight home. Child and I finished reading Flyte, the seventh and final book in the Septimus Heap series.
Flight was a little bumpy at times, but we had a good tailwind and arrived early. YAY! Unfortunately, we then had to sit on the tarmac for 20 minutes because they had nowhere to park the plane. Boo.
Child was somewhat unpleasant on the drive home...overtired and determined NOT to fall asleep despite reasonable points made by parents. Sigh.

Home, tired, with a somewhat stressful week ahead of me as both ENG 1101 and Senior Seminar have their big research papers due Monday, plus Mondays are my long day anyway...and the laundry fairy did not show up and miraculously do my laundry over the weekend. :) I'll get through it.


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Slew of days but really fun.
Pick up GS#2 Friday - DH brings GS#2 to studio for his kids group class, GS#2 is feeling his oats with other kids while I have private lesson with pro.
Head to Upland Lemon Festival with little man. Carnival rides are decidely his age group and cheaper than LA County Fair.
Home late. Little man sports huge smile on face with cotton candy at end of evening.
Up and on the road to palm springs/palm desert with little man.
Swimming gear and swim toys packed.
Great Grandparents - thrilled to see him - immediately kidnap little man for a ride in custom Golf Cart decked out in USC and Marine Corps colors, decals. Little man does not even wave goodbye - he's thrilled with Golf Cart riding.
Brain tease enters my mind (I should change their colors to University of Redlands, my Alma Mater! just for sport!) HA!
ahhhhh, little man returns.
Everyone prepares for pool...(there are 18 pools here!). Watch golfers come by patio window,,,,
Head to large pool, tennis tournment on other side - teaching pros play offs for Variety Club charity, great games...and can watch matches from poolside as well! WOW!
Little man makes friends with two very tiny young ladies - and they are off an running. Where has the time gone?
Ice Cream break! poolside. Yum=o (really frozen yogurt but they don't care)
Off to change clothing and out to dinner - little man is seated next to great grandfather,,,and I flashback to our own DS who use to sit next to him when he was a little boy.
Strumming guitar player starts singing to little man, who jumps out of his seat, and breaks into rapid fire dance moves in the middle of restaurant,,,guitar player goes along. LOTS OF PICTURES are snapped!
and clapping ensues.,
Take GS to Marriott Hotel - show him all the exotic birds, lobby, inside lake, go on spontaneous boat ride...he's so amazed and excited he cannot even get the words out! These are,,,the times of our life!
Back to parents home,,,,little clearly tired ...does not want to give up. We all laugh, enjoy the night sky and stars.
Talk about Stagecoach in Indio - huge Country Festival (Keith Urban and others) as we watch lots of people load up to go.
Breakfast on the outdoor patio, all of us note that little man is sleeping sleeping sleeping....and laugh.
His great grandparents are savoring this time with him. They are so active, I pray I am that way in my 80's.
Awake, and another golf cart ride, breakfast, duck feeding, and heading off to the Living Desert to feed the animals and such.
Heading home,,,,,all smiles.....tons of memory making moments...and no electronic all...not even a TV for 3 days and 2 nights. Imagine that!


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Realize project start date is drawing close for kitchen.
Parents call..."we are going to stop by with your Jersey aunts on the 20th, they are landing in the morning at LAX and since we are driving by"
UHHHHH, warn parents about demo of kitchen but hey, we can sit in the garden patio and visit.
Talk with dad about his military service and other family of his generation that served.
Challenge coins come out of DH pocket, throws the coin down at breakfast,,,against (dad)...who also has his challenge coin.
As they one up each other.
Prepare items to take to Emerald Ball. me "will there be anyone there I know? your joking about a jacket for Thursday evening right...why are you dancing so late....does Pro know you are not, even on a good day, a night person?"
Seriously, the third degree from DH....I'm about ready to suggest hearing aids, we've been through this twice already.
DH discusses, since I'm dancing afternoon, he's going to our store to work, check mail, issues, since we will be "right there"...really...right there....he will drive a whooping 3 miles away from the Hilton.
I silently bless him...THANK YOU...for not hanging around Thursday morning....whew.
Firm up road trip plans to Oregon...DD#2 has taken days off...and will take jr. high kids out of school so we can go to Powell Book Store. all of us.
I love Oregon.
Watch The Voice, while going through dance patterns in my brain.
Decide I like this show.
DD calls...shaking with excitment, she PASSED PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 of her teachers exam for Texas so she can teach 8-12 grade and/or K-7.
I AM SO HAPPY, DH is thrilled beyond belief....she already has several offers, plus her discipline was Special Ed here in Calif. but she couldn't get into Texa schools for her to variety of reasons.
RELIEF washes over us,
DS calls....he is thrilled for his older sister....this has been a long long LONG road.
Happiness ends the day!

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