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See, what the book was saying did resonate with me.

The book is not claiming that people take dance lessons solely to purchase intimacy; obviously, people purchase dance lessons because they want to dance. But if the argument is that people aren't just purchasing dance, but purchasing a relationship, and that they care about whether the teacher likes/respects/enjoys having them as a student --guilty.

I did not choose to compete pro-am and then find an appropriate instructor. I chose to dance pro-am BECAUSE an amateur dancer whose dancing really spoke to me turned pro and I wanted the opportunity to learn from and compete with him per se. I would be lying if I said that I am indifferent to whether he values me as a student/human being or not. It is not the same kind of relationship that I have with, say, my dentist or my gynecologist, where she provides a service that I need, but there is no desire for any kind of personal relationship. (Indeed, I feel slightly uncomfortable when I run into my gynecologist socially and definitely do not seek out her company. And while I guess I do prefer to see her over other gynecologists because she delivered my baby, it's not what I'd call a huge preference/loyalty. And I feel even less loyalty to my dentist. I hope I am just another mouth to her.)
don't get me wrong....I think your impulse and experience is the best and proper one...and I agree that, absent other circumstances, that is what most of us want.....I just got burned the first time and, in the second case, it really isn't an option even if I was open to it....but there are merits to knowing where you isn't ideal...but I wouldn't know where to find least not in indiana, so I choose skill and a good work ethic....shrug...


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I also totally agree with you that, most of us are more satisfied when we have those sorts of relationships ...whether it be with our pro or our fitness instructor, etc...I see it all the time at the gym...I have a following because I cultivate it...I cultivate it by caring about the members of my is good for me not only professionally but personally, and it is good for them...ultimately though, I set the tone as the professional, and if it isn't there I had better be really good, or they will probably not stay...still, it is my choice....I am a pretty relational person....but I accept that not everyone is...


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yesterday...teach bike and bench....great to Kohler Wisconsin...dh drives while I read training manuals for the trainings I will be conducting in July for new instructors....we check into our room which is....impressive...we are in the carriage house, which is newly renovated and houses the spa....we have a charming room with luxurious bathroom (courtesy of the Kohler family) including tub for 4 and a waterfall shower...also a fireplace, a two room suite and a glorious bed.....we have a fabulous dinner (healthy thai wrap ...and a few cheese curds :)) and then the first of two scheduled 80 minute deep tissue massages plus a sauna and whirlpool....sleep like babies


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doing today now as it has been full and I anticipate collapsing into a foam at the end of the night...

up...luxuriate in bed for an indefinate period of time
continental breakfast
work out an hour on elliptical..@5 miles
dh and I walk the shopping village and I check out the yoga schedule...we pick up items from the grocery for a ritzy indoor picnic (see food journal)
dh goes to golf lesson, I futz around on df and fb, and read more of my Parker Palmer book on democracy which I have been meaning to finish for ages and which I love...also sit in huge whirlpool in the room and take an excellent nap.....
buy father's day presents at golf shop and things for grandbaby
lovely dinner at the golf course (crab cakes, one beef medallion, b/c 2 was too many, carrots and green beans and a square of potatoes au gratin)...neither of us has any idea where dessert would go...but dh picks up a chocolate covered strawberry on the way back to the room..
we are currently resting up to walk to the cigar bar because it is only open tonight...I am only doing this b/c I am a good all of this relaxation has exhausted me...we agree to be in bed by 10


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Read quite a bit of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. It is excellent.

1:30--Reported to work for graduation. Almost left my cap in the bathroom and had to run back for it!

2-4:50--COMMENCEMENT! Longest one for my school on record. Three honorary degree recipients, one of whom gave a long, rambling speech. The other two were Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt. Turns out one of their sons, Jeffrey, lives in Target Community housing (for people with developmental disabilities; this organization has a special relationship with the college) and works in the fitness center at the college!
The person sitting next to me's daughter was graduating, and she got to hand her daughter her diploma and get a photo with her up on stage. Nice. (Though that being said, I would prefer ChaChaChild stretch her wings and go somewhere else.) Professor kids aside, there were actually a significant number of people who work at the college with kids graduating, including some who work for housekeeping or are secretaries...because tuition is free for employees. It is a hugely valuable benefit. I find it enormously heartwarming. Upward mobility in action.
Oh! And someone whose Senior Sem I supervised got the college's biggest writing prize for that Senior Seminar! So that was a highlight.
But the ceremony was still too dang long. (Did I mention we sit on stage, and have to pretend to be well-behaved? Did I mention someone sitting two seats over from me started to have an asthma attack and had forgotten to bring an inhaler, and had to figure out how to get off the stage without disrupting the ceremony? It was that kind of day.)

6ish--Back on campus for the famous end of the year party. I managed to get into a convo with the president where at first I planned not to talk shop, and just asked him if he was going to get in a real summer vacation (yes, Ireland) and he asked me the same back (yes, planning San Diego). Then I decided the heck with it, and floated a couple long-term ideas I have for the first-year sem program and he was very receptive and supportive!!!!

The faculty kids at said party were playing, and eventually there became a game of "Chase ChaChaChild." To be clear: not chase in general; specifically chase my kid. She was sneaking around saying "I know this place like the back of my hand!" and wearing my leather jacket and sunglasses pretending to be a secret agent, and four kids chased after her, while two admiring younger girls were her back up spies.

She informed me post-party that I should invite all those people over sometime.
I told her I actually had been thinking about throwing a cookout for all my FYS faculty and families at the beginning of the school year, but that the dads of the kids she was playing with were not actually teaching in the program in 2013-14 and she said "So? Why does that matter?" Lol.

Put Child to bed. Fooled around on the computer and thought about how glad I was not to be at a graduation ceremony anymore! Then bed for me.


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Yesterday - drive to Denver and watch daughter play in soccer tournament in the blazing heat. Managed to only sunburn part of an arm.
Today - drive to Denver and watch daughter play in soccer tournament in a dust storm. Managed to get covered in grit.


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sun...breakfast...go back to bed...workout...hit the little shops in the area, but really only get a few things from the "zen" store....lunch, df, fb...head off to a yoga class... sauna and whirlpool...back to room where dh and I order a movie and room bed at 10


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monday (thusfar)...leisurely departure from bed...hotel brekkies...fb, df....workout....lunch, whirlpool sauna, 80 minute deep tissue...df, best guess is that the evening will consist of dinner out and then a quiet evening in the morning (probably followed by whirlpool and sauna)...then we will be headed forecast is not good for the trip...but I won't has been a great weekend


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^^I understand that Tal Livshitz and Vlada Semenova are in "Silver Linings Playbook." (I've not yet had the opportunity to see it, though.) I also heard from a friend that Tal and his new partner, Ilana Keselman, were terrific in the Rising Star Amateur Latin at Blackpool. "Mesmerizing" was one of the adjectives she used. I can't wait to see them at a U.S. comp! Hopefully soon.
Read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah.
Child had playdate with one of her BFFs, who moved to a town about 45 mins away 2 years ago. They are going to camp in Baltimore together for the second year in a row, though, so that's nice. (Both are very bright girls who love to play imaginative games with toys: stuffed animals, Barbies, etc.)

We went to the pool from about 1-4. The girls swam. Husband and I sat poolside in sweatshirts and jeans. It was too cold for anyone over 35 to consider swimming a great idea. The pool has a great playground too, which the kids enjoyed.

We invited Child's BFF for a pizza party and sleepover, and her mom said yes, so the girls really enjoyed that. Sometimes, watching my kid enjoy her friends, I feel really happy. I hope she can have such great friendships her whole life long.


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the rest of the movie was intriguing but I felt like they edited too much of the story right out of it..still, there were some aspects that were fresh and interesting


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I am not even going to bother trying to catch up. My life recently has been:

Have out of town guest for 10 days
Lessons, some bad, some spectacularly good
Gyro, rolfer, Yamuna Body Rolling (am quite pleased with YBR)
Banking issues, boo, hiss
Interpersonal crap up the wazoo, boo, hiss to the max
Social dancing, incredibly, two nights in a row, didn't die of it; win
Waiting for spring; still cold, and it's after Memorial Day
Planning trip to London and Belgium in early September
Starting to clear out storage unit, have been avoiding this and now I know why; it's a 10' x 8' x 5' room of emotional baggage, wish I could just dump it all (except the books, and at this point, maybe even those) (oh, and the kitchen stuff)


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Staff member's rainy....time to go home....hotel home...catch up with a few folks...begin to ponder how the rest of my summer is going to go...lots of conflicting demands and ambiguous feelings...nothing horrible just not awesome either....apologize to animals profusely in numerous was.....tan...make a quick grocery run....pretty much couch warming the rest of the night


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Double lesson with Nik. Ankle was still a bit iffy, but managed to get through the first hour without pain. Last 30 minutes it was acting up a bit, and I managed to wrench my shoulder on a turn as well, but I got through it.

Read a lot.

Grocery shopping even before 8 AM, then made a double batch of red bean salad for Child's upcoming camping trip (Thursday-Friday). The dog came down from upstairs when he heard me cracking hard boiled eggs. I think he actually has gotten accustomed to the fact that this recipe (which I make a lot, since Child loves it) involves hard boiled egg whites only and that I will feed him the yolks if he is around.

Tried to work out things for this lecture I'm planning for November. Argh! It is proving really hard to find a workable date. I thought I had one, but the facility seems to be booked. Contacted Admissions to find out if they really need the facility in question all day.

1-2:45--Weekly first year team meeting.

3--Pick up Child.

Eat. Read with Child.

5-8:30--Child at dance. I finished Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. Best book I've read this year!!! Six sentence summary: Ifemelu and Obinze are bright, ambitious high school sweethearts and soulmates growing up in Lagos, who head off to Nsukka University with plans of a lifetime together. When repeated, lengthy strikes at the university derail their educations, Ifemelu heads off to America with promises of a scholarship that will largely defray her expenses, but Obinze cannot get a visa for study in the U.S. and eventually winds up overstaying a travel visa in England. In America, Ifemelu initially experiences culture shock and financial duress which tests her values and temporarily sends her into a spiral of depression during which she stops communicating with Obinze. She emerges stronger, and discovers race, a topic that didn't really exist for her in Nigeria, and eventually uses her outsider perspective to become a prominent blogger on the subject. Obinze, meanwhile, struggles to live under the radar in England. As the years go by and other romantic entanglements ensue, can their feelings for each other survive?

The lively, nuanced characters and the many insightful, spot-on observations about class, race, and nationality in the U.S. and Nigeria make this an absorbing page turner, from the opening scene in which Ifemelu has to travel from leafy bucolic Princeton (where she is on fellowship) to Trenton to find someone who really knows how to braid African hair to its suspenseful finale. Highly recommended!

That night, had a nice phone chat with my BFF. :)


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Went to work. Found out through my co-worker that my boss isn't coming in this week until tomorrow, only because my co-worker emailed her.... I wish she would tell us when she isn't coming in. Worked on clearing out a binder and organizing the files within the binder. Then went to my first day of class for my summer class. It was a blast!!! It's a metal casting course and we spent the 5hours working with wax for our first molds. I think I have an idea of what I'm going to explore in this class for the next three weeks concept wise in this class. :)


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A few days of.....
Prepare for Lake Havasu River Trip with employees and their families.
Drive, no one is letting DH do anything except ride and enjoy, funny how that works in reverse now it's him being watched over.
Meet up with resort owners, our life-time friends, children dash out of cars to see the wild burros.
Put boat in water, blow up the rafts and water ride tubes, get skiis out...ahhhhhhhh.
And it's only 95 degrees. Thank you...Lord...for not having triple digit heat out here.
Take little ones to Lagoon and they have an absolute blast while their parents go out on the boat.
Spend time with DH, chatting and him resting. He's enjoying watching the kids but ansy to get into the boat and a little nervous about it.
Head up to the top of the hill to spend time with owners at their home, employees make dinner for everyone and the children sit looking at the beauty of the river, as we "older" people tell the story of how the resort came to be.
Lots of shared laughter, dinner, rounds of card game Uno,,,great discussion on current books and authors.
The sun goes down and the most magnificent moon, as close as you can touch, rises.
Repeat this scene, 3 nights in a row.
Husband drives boat and feels at "home" on the water as well as providing an annual retreat at no expense to his employees...
Head 'em up, load up, drive home and hit nightmare traffice from Palm Desert to Morongo Indian Casino and into Beaumont....goodness gosh, over 2 hours to go just a few miles...
inform husband, "I'm retired, you promised me I would never have to do this because I would never HAVE TO drive on the last day of a holiday weekend, from now on,,,we will leave the day AFTER the weekend ends"
He really doesn't have a choice in this I decide while I'm sitting there, deadlocked on the fwy.
It always feels good to be home again.
Thank yous received from every employee and child.....I hear whispered talk about a possible new boat happening between DS and DH...hmmmm hmnmmmmm.....tap tap tap with finger on table. We'll see...
nighty night.


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today...(wed)....teach 8 and 9 fitness to prep for trainings and zumbathon...lunch, feed animals, office, trip to walmart to buy stuff for work (they have a special deal there)...home to do more prep for trainings...cook dinner...pretty much done for til bed


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8:30--Drop off Child.
Read a little of a new YA book that was highly recommended by a trusted friend, Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park. Child was excited when she saw it on the counter because one of her four BFFs is a girl named Eleanor with red hair, and the cover art shows that this Eleanor has red hair.

9--Went on field trip with Child's class to get groceries for upcoming camping trip.

10ish--Came home to discover our cleaning person is here. Um...Husband? How come you didn't tell me this was happening? The house was not really ready for this. Do some last minute straightening up.

Send a bunch of work related e-mails related to the lecture I'm planning for November 18th and to first year sem director stuff.


1ish--In to campus. Type up raw notes from training meeting on the 23rd. Work on redacting these into more compact bullet points which I think will garner wide consensus. (I still have more work to do, but I got about 2/3rds of the way through the first draft.)

3--Pick up Child.

Read with Child.

6--Get Child ready for dance.
6:30--Drive to dance.
7-9--Child dances. I talk with another Mom, then drive to Target. Get some items we need for recital, to the best of my ability. (E.g., I'm a little vague on concepts like "black trouser socks," but I was told the boys' socks are the right thing, so I got those.) Realize after I left that I've forgotten an item, so we go back. The cashier definitely notices I'm the same person, and I joke with her about my forgetfulness, telling her she can roll her eyes if I wind up coming back a third time that night.

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