yesterday's activities


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Child left for 1 night camping trip!

Husband left for 25th college reunion! (We will join him late tonight, after Child returns from camping.)

I spent an unconscionable and indefensible amount of time reading Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park, a touching young adult novel that has gotten big reviews (NYTimes, NPR, etc) and which one of my alum friends recommended to me.

Brief summary: Eleanor, an extremely poor, overweight, red haired girl with an emotionally abusive step-father, is forced to switch high schools mid-year. She walks on the bus in ill-fitting men's clothes with bit of fabric hopefully distracting from holes to be greeted with the kind of hostility and cruelty that only high school students intent on enforcing the pecking order can dole out. Finally, Park, a bi-racial (Korean and Irish) boy, reluctantly allows her to sit on the other half of his seat with a curse. Those are the only words he speaks to her for a month. As time goes on, though, he realizes that she is reading his comic books over his shoulder--and that she is the only one in English class who was able to recite a poem with any kind of genuine emotion--and that's she pretty cool. And she notices that the "weird Asian kid" is actually tipping his comic books toward her on the bus, so she can read them too. Can true love blossom on the bus?

-I also went into work and worked on the Learning Outcomes. Complete first draft!
-I attempted to do some recruiting for Living-Learning Communities.
-I answered student queries on our Class of 2017 FB page.


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thurs: teach a fitness class, drive to indy, literally forget to eat...find a handful of chips and a bite of chocolate in the car...take 4 lessons...tired, sore, eat, drive home, apply bengay...go to bed


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The morning started with me staring at the lap top computer I purchased 3 months ago, that still has yet to be set up. ARGH.
Move to kitchen, staring at the items/stuff that still needs to be put somewhere as we await the arrival and installation of our kitchen counter and backsplash, the knocking out of kitchen ponywall, the install of a continuous floor to the front door.
Coffee, where's the coffee...oh that's right....amongst the paper plates and plastic wear,,,as I have no kitchen sink...that's will be over soon. Cabinets are worth it as I pull out the lower drawer and find what I'm looking for.
DH mosies into kitchen, tired, from medications for his heart.
DH mentions,,,"today is the day"....I know what that means,,,,the Cardio Doctor...who attended him in ICU.
It's the check-up, we both discuss the alternatives if it doesn't go well and return him back to a somewhat normal life.
We also discuss, if it does go well.
Kinda hang out at the house, catch up on paperwork, talk with ex-coworkers who suddenly seem to be calling.
Head off to appointment with DH. Cardio Doc, us, discussion and an EKG for DH. Good news,,,,but wait - hold it - going to still be on meds,,,although one of them is axed.
DH can return to exercise, THANK GOODNESS - he keeps staring at his recumbent bike like a long lost friend.
DH must do a journal, Doctor wants to see it on next visit, he gives DH a word of warning that is serious business.
We had home, I can tell DH is happier than a pig in mud. Really. It makes me laugh on the inside.
And with that relief, we head into the evening with a neighborhood walk that is quicker than the last few.
oh MY! made for a great evening.
now, we both stare at kitchen, sigh,,,and resign ourselves - to putting away the rest of the stuff the next day!


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teach bike and bench, give office people some copying that I need to have done for upcoming trainings...drop off stuff for both trainings and zumbathon...home, petcare, lunch nap, pay bills, tidy kitchen a bit and round up trash, tan, pick up a few odds and ands at drug store, staff meeting, home to storm watch as my son is coming home late tonight, also low light hair and make a delicious asian slaw salad based on the one I had on our vacation...dh falls asleep at nine...I am wired..also set up some counseling appts with engaged couples though this is basically the quiet time for that because most of them have already been prepped and it is now wedding season...which is a good thing because we are very short-handed at the gym and I am not certain that I could juggle both right it is I cannot find practice time...which I find very disturbing...tomorrow is zumbathon...praying my tired sad body will survive...then the children (and this is a long story that I will later share for you amusement) are expecting dh and I to go into the city to help them do something that is supposed to be a gift to us (which isn't)...more on that later....who knew that children in their 20s would be as much work as toddlers...who knew?...and if someone did know, why in the HE double hockeysticks didn't they think they should warn us?


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Selpt around the house with DH in morning. Still staring at all the little stuff to find places for in the house.
DH gets on recumbent bike for the first time in weeks. Takes it easy and does 30 minutes, this is victory! yea!
I walk on threadmill and do some light running.
Head off to a really early dance lesson.
Text e-mails are flying on my phone from all 3 kids...there is a gardening/veges war brewing concerning sunflowers, tomatoes and pumpkins. HA!
Recruit DH to help me scrub clean items that are filled with mini dust particles.
Purchase new smooth dress (YES!) happy happy happy!
Prepare DH for the Studio's first open house - no charge, just come, enjoy for 2 hours...he grouses.
Seriously? grouse? your not allowed to fast walk, you cannot ride, your complaining about "not being able"....released fully yet....and 7 minutes away are a bunch of friends who have been concerned about you for weeks....
We're going, no funny business allowed.
Enjoy the first open house, mini dances of everyone taking lessons were rather quite fun.
Invited to late late dinner which we decline...he's got to be really careful and dinner at 9:30 at night just isn't possible.
DH tries to talk me into festival at church with rides for GS#2 on Sunday, uhhhh it's suppose to be 102 on Sunday, and he's miffed that I respond with "if you want to go with GS#2 and our DS - you go right ahead"
Really? if we go in the evening I'm all in...I'm not doing triple digit heat anymore. He stays miffed.


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All my yesterdays, lighting this fool's way...


I see that I posted on Tuesday, so that Yesterday must have been Monday


Gyro teacher cancels; she's sick
Lesson-free day, as Teach has happy family stuff going on; I appreciate deeply that he loves his kids and is so involved in their lives
Freecycle the bookcases that have been taking up space in the storage unit, which makes it possible for me to walk around in there and say, "I KEPT this? What was I thinking?" a lot
That is all, I think


Gyro, and it was good
Lesson, and it was useful
Start a 1,000 page book
Deal with preparation for father's surgery


Lesson, and although it started iffy, ended well; did I say well? WELL
Bank, where investment counselor is trying to sell me stuff I don't want
Rolfer, yay
Retirement dinner for my local brother and his wife; holy cow, they're effing RETIRING; they are both well respected and beloved in their school district (he an administrator, she teaches hearing impaired) and the speeches are lovely; meet a man who remembers my home town the way I remember it, we have a nostalgia-fest, way fun
Stop at local old-skool frozen custard place on the way home, for a vanilla cone, the taste of childhood
Read a bunch of 1,000 page book


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Take father for Mohs surgery on a potentially cancerous lesion; at 92 years old, the doctor is being hyper cautious, going on the "better to do too much too soon than too little too late" theory of life; this takes, shall we say, some time, and is, shall we say, stressful; turns out, pathology comes back beautifully clear, father breathes a sigh of relief and gets a meatball hero for lunch to celebrate
Home; park self on porch and read more of 1,000 page book; it's effing hot, and no a/c means the porch damn well better be cool
Stress eating; well, it'll pass


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7-12 zumbathon, prep and clean up...on 4 hours of sleep

lunch and nap

drive to chicago in driving ran b/c dh wanted new pics of our kids for father's day and they decided that we would like to be the ones who took the pictures....(we were somewhat incredulous over this...but we are awesome so we decide to be good sports and drive to the city to take pictures in the rain as a gift to ourselves) ...I will give them this, they did, for the first time ever, pick up the tab for dinner dtr back to northwestern, drive home..all are tired


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Hot and humid day. Hope Child is doing okay on camping trip.

Pack for weekend.

Take evening dress to dry cleaners to get it altered. Have to get a couple pairs of jeans done too, but it is too hot to contemplate taking on and off jeans.

Put in 5.5 miles on treadmill. Ankle is still iffy, so this may or may not be my best all time idea, but the jogging doesn't seem to make it worse. It doesn't seem to make it better, either, of course, but I am getting so antsy about this not being able to run thing.

Side note: Do you know my pink latin dress? (It is one of only two I have ever owned, both of them pre-owned.) I bought the dress off a U.S. amateur latin finalist. Well, guess what? She tried out for season 10 of SYTYCD and has made it to the Vegas round! I really hope she makes it onto the show!!! So excited for her.

Got my hair colored and straightened.

Home to phone call: Child ready to be picked up from camping trip! Go out and get her.

Child had great time. Did not get a ton of sleep--there were giggly girls in tent--but enjoyed the trip very much.

Chill out a little at home.

Quick trip to Claire's to buy neon accessories. Definitely went to the right place!

Drive to airport. Traffic not as bad as I had feared, so we are quite early. My suspicion that Child is a bit tired is confirmed by the fact that she falls asleep at 5 PM on the drive.

Read The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress in gate area.

8:30-9:35--Flight to Hartford, CT. Met by Husband. Get bag. Drive to Amherst for his 25th reunion.

Staying in a dorm that did not exist when we were students. It is very hot, but there is bad karaoke going on in the reunion tent, and I can hear it even with the window closed, so afraid to open it. Wake up at 4:30 AM bathed in sweat, so not sure this was the best call!


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8--Wake up. Opening the window after I woke up really helped. Room is still hot, but not unbearably stuffy like before. Can't believe I slept until 8, as we are meeting friends for breakfast at 8:30!

This is my man's 25th reunion, btw. Mine is next year, and we plan to go to that too.

8:30--Breakfast in Valentine with two of our very closest friends! The hours and hours we spent in this place together, talking, arguing about politics, laughing. It's as if we never lost a step; the convo picks right back up.

10ish--Head into town. Shop at Amherst Books. Shop at Hastings. I say "Reunion is probably a love-hate thing for local merchants" and a local merchant heard me and said "It's LOVE! Thanks for patronizing local businesses." That was nice to hear.

12:15--Picnic lunch on the quad. Hook up with a friend from my year, JS, who lives in town, and his 3.5 year old daughter. He's an environmental economist and an independent consultant. Also run into another friend from my year, JH, an MD-PhD, who is a pathologist and on the faculty at Harvard Med School. His parents are there too, as it is his dad's reunion year. His parents always liked me and they come over and say hi.

1:00--Bounce house time!

1:30--Magic show!

2:30--Family circus in gym. To say that it is hot in the gym without air conditioning and lots of people trying to learn to juggle would be an understatement. But it was fun! I run into somebody who was in my sophomore year Modern China history class. She was 2 years ahead of me, so her 25th reunion was last year, but it's her dad's reunion. I'm so pleased to see other people going to their dad's reunion, which I did last year!

4ish--Tour art museum. Child is blown away by the Hobo-Dyer projection, which is a map which puts the south on the top. Mind absolutely blown.

I was blown away when she gestured to this frieze on the wall and said "Mesopotamian. You can tell by the wings on the human-headed figure."
ME: Did you just read a placard?
CHILD: No. I just know it because I've learned about it. See, look. [We find the tag.] It's from Iraq. Iraq was a big part of Mesopotamia.
She just rattles this stuff off.

She also quite liked Thomas Cole's "The Past" and "The Present," showing a medieval jousting arena, and then showing it as a ruin many years later, which got me looking more closely at it. Very haunting.

5ish--Hanging at the class of 1988 tent. Child gets invited to play with a water balloon launcher with some boys. Buh-bye! That keeps her occupied for quite some time. I actually had a hard time finding her when it came time to get dressed for a photo of the class of 88 and families with the current prez of the institution.

Husband got to chat with one of his mentors for quite some time who described him as "the best student I ever had" and "probably the reason I got the job." (Husband had apparently asked a good question at this professor's job talk back when he was a candidate for the position, which allowed him to say something smart in response.) That was special.

Dinner under the tent. BEST dinner conversation I've had in--I don't know--probably years!!! Great to be with friends. Great political discussion. I love these guys.

Dancing. Got to dance with a guy from South Africa who was in my Intro to History class my freshman/his sophomore year. This man is black, and I met him at the college during apartheid. A lengthy comment he made in class one day taught me things you can't learn in textbooks. Also danced with Child, who really know how to cut a rug, and Husband.

After much back-and-forthing, we decide not to stay in town for the night, but instead to drive to an airport hotel because we have a very early AM flight so that Child can get back for dance class picture day.


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Sunday: Got up (always a good start) after getting home at 2am from third shift. Let dogs out, had neighbor dogs over for a dog party (it's always a dog party in my yard), put seedlings out for the day, let dogs in, bribed neighbor dogs out with cookies, fed cats, fed me, got on TVG (yay legalized online gambling) and Equibase and plotted out a wager on my one race for the day. Agonized over wager, made wager, as usual probably hedging too much. Took dogs out. Let dogs in. Went to work. Dragged through work until lunch break (yay lunch!), checked TVG account. Squeed with delight to see a payout on exotic wager. Fortunately, work in a casino and they are used to people getting excited over numbers on a screen (though not usually ones they have to research first.) Get back on line. Work work work. Get to leave an hour after close and not have to be final closer. Yay Sunday! Get home. Let dogs out. Take plants in. Let dogs in. Have port. Remember it was too early to feed the dogs before work and feed dogs. Check TVG, see hunch single show wager has also paid out. Go me! Try to wind down before making self go to bed, tired or not.


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7:30-8:35--Southwest flight home to Baltimore.
Walk right to short term garage (Husband is taking care of baggage) to take Child to photo day at dance studio. We are going to be tight for the first photo, which is hip-hop. I already have her in her costume, and have sort of a bun in, although she slept on the plane and it could definitely use a touch up (at least).

9:34--Arrive. Parking is of course a pain. Toss her in the room to see if she can still make the group photo. She does!
Then individual shot in that costume.

10:15--Tap production photo. I love this costume.
Individual shot in costume.

10:45--Jazz class photo. I hate this costume. It's not sized right, so I'm going to have to do alterations, and I'm not at all good at that kind of thing...and it's just not that great a costume. Oh well: in 7 years at this studio, with 3-6 recital routines a year, I think this is only the third costume I've disliked.

11:00--Ballet class photo. This is Child's favorite costume of the year and probably mine as well. She also loves her ballet instructors and ballet is currently her favorite genre.

Home. Lunch.

1-3--Husband and I take a nap. Husband actually sleeps until at least 4:30.
I work on getting photos of our gang from the reunion uploaded.
Also surf web and deal with e-mail.


I had suggested that Child go to sleep at 7:30 because she had 3 late nights in a row. It is one of Husband's nights to put her to bed. Unfortunately, he is not as much of an enforcer as I am and this doesn't happen. We do favorites and least favorites, then I leave. Husband is supposed to stay with her until she falls asleep, but doesn't. I come in, she is reading a children's book out loud to our cat Cleopatra. I eventually go in and say "[Child's first name], seriously?" I point out that it's not like I want her to go to bed early for some evil reason of my own. I also hint that if she doesn't show a little more commitment to sleeping, I might feel a little less of a commitment to go to the end of the year picnic her school throws on Friday. Asleep within 20 mins.

A little diary time, some internet time.

Bed around 11:30.


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(fyi, that ":mad:") was at a new poster entering meaningless comments in multiple threads to get enough posts on DF to share links. Seems to have disappeared now (thx mods...)

Carry on.


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DH is up early. Determined to get through the last day of one blood thinning medication that the doctor stopped.
Two more meds to go.
He hops on recumbent bike and does regular work-out,,,I spy a little bit,,,it's been 5 weeks since I witnessed this Norwegian attitude. (-:
Contractor appears early, fixes every electrical item, plug, burn out, moves outlet for range (NOW, it's flush with base cabinets! yea!).
He notes how much he likes the new resurfaced finish of the kitchen cabinets! yea! and everything else that was done. Still waiting for Stilestone countertop to arrive.
I pull weeds from pool yard, clip plants, feed garden, move things, it's great to be outside in the marine layer before the sun comes out.
Neighbors are all over the neighborhood Monday morning with their grandchildren.
Makes me miss our Texas kids.
Purchase Sunflowers, BetterBoy Tomatoe plants, note that wayward Good/Bad child-DS has bulldozed and cleared out, quite literally, his backyard,,,did I mention? there is a "I'm growing a better vege garden than you? war amongst the grown kids"???? DS obviously plans on winning the war.
DS calls, "mom,,,,your artichoke plants....they are getting huge,,,,how long does it take before the vege appears?"
DS...explains he's planting several...this is a vege all 3 kids fought over if it was in the house, the yards or being grilled. hmmmm, he really does plan on winning this "better than yours - garden effort".
DH, comes out of exercise routine, announces - He needs smaller waisted shorts! YES YES YES!!!! His Cardio Doc and I,,,,we love this! Off to K-Mart we go,,,shorts are 12 bucks each down from 24~ Excellent.
Several stores later, lunch and small things,,,,more's a great day...almost back to normal.
Until step-dad calls,,,"I thought you would call me on Friday, and you didn't"...argh.


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9-3:45--ENG Placement exam reading session, with an ~30-45 min break for lunch in there. I read 126 placement essays: 66 between 9-12 (22/hr) and another 60 from 12:45-3:45 (20/hr...since many of these are second reads and you have to see and record whether you matched the other reader, it is a bit slower). I'm impressed with me!

We had a Wall of Fame for particularly memorable or funny things students said and periodically laughed ourselves silly. I can't give specific examples in a public forum for obvious reasons, but trust me. As a general example of something that came up in more than one essay, I will say that several students acted like the history of communication went pretty much directly from sending a letter to Facebook, with no intervening period where there were things like PHONES.

4ish--Home, and pretty much did nothing productive the rest of the day because I felt like I'd earned the right to be a goofball after reading 126 freshman essays on the same topic.

Wrote in my diary.


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Staff member memory of what occurred except I know I practiced twice, went to see the star trek movie with dh and ds...and cooked them a good dinner

mon; teach 2 fitness classes, drive to indy, take 4 lessons, margaritas...try new without bed bugs...

tues; 4 lessons, drive home....teach spin.....pretty much useless thereafter


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Ok, I'm doing this now, because we are exhausted and this was way too funny not to share.
DH starts workout while contractor (who is a dear friend as well) arrives.
DH says, "I'm taking off on errands....without you in the car...and I'm driving"...uhhhhhhh...he smiles and hurries through house while my hands are full of sunflowers, dirt and a shovel.
Continue cleaning up all the yards and gardens, mulching...which has been sitting, screaming at me to throw it around.
Contractor busts out power saw, posts for patio to replace the rotted support beams, there is noise, lots of noise, then backyard neighbor is also sawing away, as well as neighbors next's almost a construction concert...of sorts, snicker.
And the dreaded removal of the kitchen breakfast restaurant booth's one of those corner lovely cozy booths...was part of the original plan on the block of homes....I photo shoot,,,and text to all 3 kids. They literally grew up at that kitchen table...there are all kinds of memories there.
And the replies go like this order.
DD#2 - "OMG!!!I'm going to cry"
DS - "me too"
DD #2 - "That is horrible"
DS - "I sound like a wuz"
DS - "Holy Moly is that pink behind there"
DD2 - "No you don't understand. That is the only thing left of our childhood"
DS - "Do NOT throw out that booth I want it"....
Frantic Phone call from DS to me..."MOM, not let An____throw out the booth...I WANT IT"
DD#2 - I boycott this renovation
DS - "hahahaha"
and finally...
DD#1 - "For the record...this should be a crime to destroy history like that. It should of gone to a museum or something."
We and the contractor are laughing at this protest....and finally inform both DD's - your brother will have the booth...if you want to revisit need to visit him. LOL.
End the day picking out a table base, skimming a wall, discovering more hidden wallpaper from the 1950s.
Go for an almost 1.5 mile walk with DH, his longest walk so far...and he smiles.
Ends the day saying to me, the wife, "that was almost cruel, sending the kids the pictures of the demolishion of the booth and the pony wall...but it was really funny to read their emotional reactions"
Humor....always a good way to end the day.

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