yesterday's activities


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Seriously, Eugene Orgeon is lookin' so much better for July than Austin Tx...which DD would scream at me for bailing.
I've promised myself, lots of swimming, floating, water sources to cool down with kids.
DH and I look at Banff Canada - discuss hotel vs rental home....we do both, frequently in our travels...this is different...he actually WANTS to stay put...ok,,,maybe he's changing his road trip mental outlook is brighter due to this.
Work out yesterday was great!!!
Started watching Games of Thrones DVD beginning with First Episode - as I work out...and the work out went really fast.
Head off, collect GS#2, "PaPa G" as DH is called - teaches him about Challenge Coins...and gives him one.
GS#2 immediately pulls it out and challenges,,,wins a Lemonade!
See Pro at Studio with visiting Pro from England...he's a tall drink of water...that one. I mean basketball star tall. WOW!
Visiting Pro teaches children's group class and GS#2 cannot stop staring at how tall he is. ahhhh to be 6 years old.
Back to the house for more swimming.
DH and I decide to invite our neighbors who do not have pools over,,,as it's reported that the weekend will be record breaking triple digit heat. Not seen since 2010.
Call Palm Desert Dad - leave - go to San Diego,,,it will be 120 at your house. Call Step Dad - DO NOT RUN AROUND TOWN - your city will be 111.
Us? 108. time for GS#2 to be with his dad in the south bay 10 minutes from the beach where it will only be 82.
Gotta Love IT!


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saturday...practice smooth and standard, tan, go to a coaching, home to play tennis w/dh, dtr,and her bf, un-do all that good work with pizza, watch big bang, study for bed by 9:30


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Pick up around house.
DH and I work out at home, noted it was seriously going to be 108.
Keep the house cooler by not drawing drapes.
DH heads out to up the hill to check on my step-dad.
I head to surprise welcome back home party for Pro and family (they thought they were teaching a group class only to have it hi-jacked by all of us and the other instructors) quite fun.
Cut half the length of my hair off.....damage control from all the pool time.
Cancel outdoor music on the lawn plans at local park, it seems to be getting hotter as the evening goes on.
Seriously, there is nothing moving outside, not one person, not one critter either.
Just hot air.


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sun...clean house, tan, buy bouncey balls for fitness class, buy groceries...clean house and do yard work, engaged couples retreat at our home....clean up....collapse...nuzzle....sleep soon


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wow..3 wishes, I know this will sound crazy, but I would actually like to know what that kind of heat feels ithas been constant rain....which is not working for me


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I know this sounds crazy, but I LOVE the heat, and I love summer. It is my favorite season. I love being able to wear shorts and dresses and sandals and feeling the sun. I feel lighter and happier in summer than any other season.


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I missed a few yesterdays in there.

June 26-28--Lots of transporting Child to/from camp and to/from swim practice, as Husband was in Jacksonville, FL.

June 29--Child had another away swim meet. I timed the first half of the meet. Child again got 10th place (out of 30 girls) in backstroke. Her other events were meh, and she DQed in breaststroke again which I think really bummed her out.

Nonetheless, she was overall a happy camper because Saturday-Sunday was two of her BFFs joint sleepover birthday party! If there are any words that make a 10 year old girl happy, those words might be "BFF," "sleepover," and "birthday party," and the words in combination are even better.

I spent the evening wigging out over how big Manhattan is going to be (I think my silver latin scholarship will start from a QF and the open gold from a 1st round (eighth final?) and reading Taiye Selasi's Ghana Must Go.

Slept across the bed and hoarded ALL the pillows. I am a shameless bedhog.

June 30--Very annoyed with myself, as I forgot to de-fang the alarm clock, which had gone off at 6:15 AM for the away swim meet on Saturday.

More reading.

Picked up Child at sleepover. Started drive to NJ. Then the sky opened up. We were going to drive 3 hours there and 3 hours back for about 5 hours of socializing. Now I was pulled over on the edge of the Baltimore Beltway in a torrential downpour. Eventually, I realized that this just wasn't going to work in such a heavy storm (and subsequent heavy traffic), and that by the time I got to NJ, we would have like 3.5 hours to socialize. Turned around and drove home.

Child and I finished reading The Last Apprentice: Rage of the Fallen. (We love the series, but this was definitely not the best volume in the series.) I also almost finished my book...but decided to go to bed early and leave the last 40 pages or so for morning.


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wow..3 wishes, I know this will sound crazy, but I would actually like to know what that kind of heat feels ithas been constant rain....which is not working for me
Constant rain would not EVER work for me either unless it was the holiday season.
Yesterday, the marine layer came back and pushed the hot air out...THANK GOODNESS, now it's only 88 with humidity.
I suppose this is training for Austin where DD#1 informed me it's 107 down there. ugh. I really am not looking forward to this. However, I will suck it up as we realized we will be able to get pictures of our 4 Grandkids in one place at one time if I can get GS#2 on the jet.
Yesterday, work out with trainer early morning - uhhhh does standing still and sweating count?
Plant desert cacti with curious flowers in front garden bed, after nearly fainting from a $193 water bill for one month (and mind you, we didn't have a kitchen sink or dishwasher as the kitchen was being renovated).
As I'm planting I mantra to myself "I will love this plant/flower, I will love this plant/flower" and internally my soul cannot stand them.
DH comes home from our business, smiling...ahhhh good news he shares.
Head out for my walk and yoga session.
Start really looking at Banff/Canmore, Alberta Canada area for September trip. DH insists on taking the car and driving there at 500 miles a day to get there in 3 days. This is always his formula not mine.
A gentle reminder to DH that last September we got to national park too late in September and all the visitor centers were closed. This does not go over well.
DS gives me half of his first crop of Jalapeno Peppers which I understand from his neighbors are pretty darn "hot".
Gotta find some recipes...I'm not a pepper person...but hey, there's always salsa right?


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mon...teach 2classes, drive to indy, practice an hour, take four lessons...apply tequila and bengay...sleep
tues, hotel breakfast, bank, gas station, walgreens, 4 lessons, drive home, teach spin.collapse
wed;teach two classes pack car and move dtr's stuff to her summer location in chicago, drive home, return neighbor's truck and visit...home to utter uselessness


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oops. no post for nearly 3 weeks? my bad. Since last post, I
- worked at the Yankee Classic
- had a whopping two lessons, one of which was meh and the other wowie
- buried my head in the sand concerning some major issues; this will come back to bite me in the knat, I'm sure
- went social dancing a few times; didn't die of it, even had fun a few times (social dancing gives me a Dance Fix when the lessons get sparse)
- rolfer
- gyro
- saw some good theater; saw some bad theater
- had dinner with Samina!
- Blues Dance immersion workshop, and wasn't that a blast, color me happy
- had a date; didn't die of it, either
- have been emptying out the storage unit, and that's all I have to say about that


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Spend yesterday morning researching where to stay, decide Canmore, Alberta, CA.
Inform DH of all the things that he had previously told me, "don't worry about it,,,we will deal with it when we get to where we are going"...uhhhhhh....
inform DH, this is not the USA,,,,,and oh,,,did you know about the flooding? this? that? and more information I share with him.
He acts surprised. That what he thought woudl be a 0ne hour drive in Alberta, is deemed by professional drivers to be the most hazardous road they've ever driven.
He retools his driving plans. THANK GOD!!!!
Book Falcon Crest Lodge in Canfield,,yea! my own kitchen, washer and dryer...NICE!~
Head out to DS 4th at his house. It's so much cooler air by the ocean. I enjoy not cooking and sitting getting to know his new neighbors.
Fireworks,,,YES! the entire street comes out. It was GREAT! I haven't heard fireworks like that since I was little.
Our city bans fireworks....his does not.
The kids all come out and DS spends time helping them with tiny Roman Candles. Fun to watch.
I realize it's the first 4th of July where we've been somewhere actually enjoying decades rather than staying home.
I could do this year~!
And on the way home,,,the travel bug bites me. Might be time to go see some places and do things for a few months.


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heat, humidity, misery; JA does not take this well; can barely stay awake but sleeping is miserable, too, whine whine
take self to local mall just to get cool
stop at Apple store to see if they can address issues with my ip5; they address
meet DB#1, shop a bit, score some new sandals and a dress way out of my comfort zone; horizontal multicolor stripes? me?
home; corn on the cob, burger; it's the 4th of July, what else is there?
watch fireworks from 2nd floor window; all along the river across from me, there are towns setting off sparkles; delightful, but provokes a whopping cascade of memory, some good, some less thrilling


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thurs...spend entire day knee deep in bill writing, laundry and alas, shovelling more dirt/cow poo into raised beds...too exhausted to walk down to the lake for fire bed by 8ish for the second day in a row...could I please have a day off of physical activity soon? that too much to ask?

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