yesterday's activities


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awake at 630
df-ed planned a class
subbed for "active older adults" workout class--love to do this...old folks are so much fun
lunch and nap
45 minute run in the neighborhood
drive dtr to band event
rehearsal in highland for the joan of arc CD
home for dinner and chat w/dh


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called mom to check on things at home
studio to finalize song for showcase


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My Thursday (times approximate):

6:20--Up. Brush teeth.

6:30--Quietly and steathily rush to grocery store due to DIRE EMERGENCY: we are out of Cheerios!!! Also buy ingredients for a recipe I hope to make in the next couple days, Lemon Chicken with Potatoes.

7:05--Cold cereal to dd.
Dress. Hair. Make her lunch.

8:20--Child to school.

8:45--Sit down and start reading Deborah Raschke's Modernism, Metaphysics, and Sexuality.

9:30ish--Spend some time on internet.

10:30ish--Send e-mail to time code committee.

10:45--Leave for Meals on Wheels

11-1--Deliver meals to clients.
Client #2 is an 88 year old woman with severe macular degeneration. She and I have a nice long discussion about pets.
Client #3 is on oxygen, but is always in cheerful spirits and has the window open. We talk about the great variety of meals MOW prepares, and about what we like to cook.
Client #8-9 are a mentally disabled couple, married 27 years. Guy is actually pretty sharp in some ways, and notices I'm not wearing my wedding ring and wants to know what that is all about! (My rings are a little loose, so I take them off when running. Hadn't put them back on since workout last night.) Client #8's birthday is Monday--72, I think--and they are going to an Orioles game.

1:15--Lunch, time on computer.


3:30--Child home from school.

4:10--We have an ultra early light dinner.

4:25--Leave for Sykesville.

4:30--Hit ATM.

5--Child has semi-private dance lesson, reviewing tap choreography.

5:30-7--Child has tap/jazz/ballet class. THEY GOT THEIR COSTUMES TODAY!!! OMG, they are so adorable!!! Ballet one is perhaps a touch small and barely covers what needs to be covered; others fit great. A little odd that my child apparently measured as an XS. All her costumes are labeled XS, and one is also labeled size 5, even though she is in fact 6. I realize she is not big for her age, but even so. Other kids in class range from XS-Med. Some who are the same height as my child get SM, not XS. I know they did waist measurements too, but it seems to me the really vital measurement is torso length. One girl in the class who has a very long torso definitely has a costume where the top hangs too low. Hopefully adjustments can be made.

7:30--Home. We have a snack. Then husband goes to put child to bed.

8:15--I leap into bed with child and start reading a book she has recommended to me, Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief. It is excellent. (Recommended for 5th grade and up, but still entertaining to an adult.) Child and I pretend to fight over "the flower pillow," then she winds up resting her head on my belly. I love snuggly reading time.

9ish--Child actually conks.

10ish--Nik calls.

11ish--Spend time on computer, read.

11:45ish--To bed.
This is a fun thread! ChaChaMama, I like how you give little detailed anecdotes :)

I don't think my life is quite as interesting and involved, but here we go...

7:00 - woken up by boyfriend who is leaving the house for work
7:45 - actual time I got out of bed (late, as usual), got ready, fed cats as running out the door
8:45 - caught the bus
9:15 - got into the office (late, as usual)
worked on a newsletter... got compliment on my design from the creative director, yay!
dance forums, facebook
5:35 - boyfriend picked me up from work. Interesting how much more people traffic there is when the weather is nice
6:35 - dropped off DVD at library, picked up a new book
6:45 - quick snack, change of clothes
7:00 - gym time! (and a chance to read my new book while on the elliptical)
8:00 - back home, shower, another snack, boyfriend out with the boys so I get the house to myself
more dance forums, facebook
stretching (gotta work on those pesky splits)
watched movie OnDemand while waiting for boyfriend to come home
11:00 - sleepy time


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Up at 5:30: feline alarm clock made sure of that
dfed, caught up on email
to gym for first time in weeks
discovered how ****** out of shape I am; too much time in the car
rolfer at 12:30, and wasn't *that* a welcome event!
endless hours of running around, shipping, packaging, etc.
grilled a bunch of chicken legs (handy to have around)
made an enormous batch of ratatouille, also handy to have
discovered whole grain yolk free noodles, which are OK as long as you don't think of them as, well, noodles, but if you toss them with grilled chicken and ratatouille, it makes a tasty, high-fiber, low-fat dinner
dfed again; those tango folks are v. engaged in the dialog!
watched dvd of classes I missed again; I have much catching up to do
made the mistake of turning on the tv and falling asleep on the couch, which means I have yet again missed the verdict in Law & Order
(note to self: cat does not share couch well)
woke at 1:30 and went to bed properly


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This is a fun thread! ChaChaMama, I like how you give little detailed anecdotes :)

worked on a newsletter... got compliment on my design from the creative director, yay!

7:00 - gym time! (and a chance to read my new book while on the elliptical)
Thank you! :)

And congratulations on the compliment from the creative director!

Btw, I always read while running on the treadmill as well. I don't really enjoy running all that much--though I like the way having run makes me feel--so reading helps pass the time.


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My Friday:

6:30ish--Up with child.
Cold cereal.
Get dressed, brush hair, pack lunch.
Check to see if Nik sent me e-mail. He did. At 4:28 AM. LOL. We seem to be on slightly different schedules.

8:20--Drop child off at school. It is a gorgeous day.

Read over stuff from Nik and make notes.
Visit my favorite websites while I mull things over.

10:10--Make a few additions to what I wrote earlier. E-mail Nik back.

10:40--Phone him to see if he got it. Leave msg.

10:50--He phones back. He got it, but is reading on phone. Would be easier if I sent it plain text rather than as an attachment. So I do that.

11:15--Spend some time on FB and DF.

11:30--Talk to Nik again.

11:45--More time on FB. PM with mamboqueen, among others.


1--Talk with Nik again.
Wow. Happy...and sad.
(Can't say more than that yet. Soon!)

1:30--Check out robin's nest in back yard. (It's on the 2nd floor of child's playset, the platform where the slides are connected.) CCP climbs up the playset ladder for better angle...omg! He thinks the baby birds have been born! Either that or they are dead? There's pink and fuzz, he says. I say it sounds like babies. I want to look too, but Mommy shows back up, so we back off immediately.

1:45--Finally leave for work! (Normally during this sabbatical, I've gone in in the morning on MWF to write, but unusual day today.)

2-4:30--WRITING TIME. I am revising my work on Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. I am hoping to have an academic book ready to send off to publishers by the end of August. I alternate between thinking my stuff is good and innovative and sloughs of despond where I think it will never get published.
Take occasional breaks to FB w/mamboqueen, then dive back in.

5:05--Home. Ask child if her Daddy has told her the big news about how baby birds might have been born. Mommy Bird is seemingly off getting food, so we climb up the playset ladder. OMG! They have definitely been born! Newborn robins look weird, btw, not like "little birds," but more like this:

(This is not our nest, obviously, though we do hope to get photos of ours as well.)

5:10--Get child to do bike practice. We were doing this every day for awhile, but we've gotten out of the habit, and we've lost some ground. (She's 6, and is trying to learn to ride a 2-wheeler without training wheels. It's harder than you think to learn this!) But she mostly just wants to bike to 9-year-old neighbor's house to tell her good news.

9-year-old neighbor not home.

Oh, here she comes! Was at grocery store with Mom. We share the good news. 9-year-old helps Mom put groceries away, then comes out on bike, then we all check out nest.

5:30--Babysitter arrives, a neighbor, finishing jr year of h.s. I used to only allow college-aged babysitters, but this girl is very responsible.

6-7-Dance lesson with our local teacher, who has had a genuinely crummy week. I could tell when I came in because she looked rattled. Catch up on her news. Creepy male stranger incident, BOTH cars in shop, expensive. Yuck.
Work on cha-cha, then jive. One thing I need to work on--among many others :rolleyes:--is when doing triple locks back, I tend not to wait for the lead on that final rock back, and I also take too big a step and get back weighted. Focusing on what Nik tells me about wind up of the hip and then just driving the hip back when I get the lead--rather than thinking about stepping back--seems to be helpful for me. (That probably makes zero sense the way I wrote it, but makes sense to me.) Jive--CCP tends to dance jive way too straight-legged and without enough floor pressure, so a lot of the time is spent on that. Analogy of digging in wet sand.

7:15--Dinner @ Panera.

8-9:40--Dance party @ Dancing Made Easy. (It goes until 11, but CCP is tired. Allergies are taking a lot out of him.) We sit with a couple who just got married in April--her third. (I mentally note that I didn't get invited this time...but I did go to wedding #2, so I get the gist.) Catch up on her news. Son in 20s has testicular cancer. How awful. But treatment appears to be successful.

Dance 1 or 2 cha, 2 rumbas, 2 hustles, 1 west coast, 1 Viennese waltz -(after much protesting by spouse), 1 or 2 jives,...and finally 1 samba. Can't believe the first samba of the night wasn't until 9:30!
CCP threw in some west coast in hustle and started calling it "wustle." He really is tired.

Do not succeed in talking spouse into social dancing with other women who came solo, though I try my very best guilt tripping. :rolleyes:

Do not succeed in getting him to quickstep with me either.

10:10--Home. Give babysitter $50 and send her on her merry way.

Have snack, read "Dance Beat." I see mentions of Nik, standarddancer, stargazer's kids, cantskiforlife, among others from DF. Check on child, happily sleeping with cat next to her.



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Slept late; 6:30! Ack!
turned into vegetable for hours, staring at nothing with jaw slack
admired garden
dfed, email, prepping packages to ship
off to Costco for iTunes gift cards, spf70 sunblock (70! yay), and tried to find an umbrella to replace our garden umbrella
tried Lowes, no luck
took spouse to lunch, then dropped him at barber
collapsed into nap
admired spouse's new haircut
back to napping (have been taking napping lessons from cat)
back to computer for website updating, email, etc
fed spouse dinner
showered, then went to friday night social and had entirely too much fun
and so to bed


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up at 8 to the gym for kickboxing at nine
df, nap, gardening, post office, grocery store
trip to kohl's so the kid's could bleed us dry
home for a jog
massive tex-mex feast prepared
angels and demons with the family
out like a light


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Had a GREAT Saturday.

9--Wake up. YUMMY! (I often only get 6 1/2-7 hrs sleep when I get up with Ms. Early Bird, so a 9 hr night is truly DELICIOUS.)
Spend some time on internet.

11ish--Call sister to try to make plans for the weekend.
Check out what time pool opens. Oh. Pool does not open until Memorial Day. I thought "Memorial Day weekend." Bummer.
Think about whether it would be insane to go the waterpark at Hersheypark during Memorial Day weekend, which is the waterpark's opening weekend.

11:20--Post message on Bella's wall on FB asking her opinion. I don't mind crowds, but I don't want to go if it is going to be wall-to-wall people, more waiting on lines than getting in water, etc.

Child has heated argument with husband (daddy, to her) about whether she will eat a source of protein. She just wants to eat Cheerios. She seems a bit tired and crabby. Maybe we should NOT do anything special today.

1--Husband goes to take nap.
Child shapes up and is being ever so much more pleasant. Is very interested in this waterpark idea. I tell her it probably makes more sense to wait and go early a different day. Child really would like to go today. It is a perfect pool day. I start looking at all the ticket options and deals. What about the hotels? No, more than I want to pay. But what if we went and got the sunset deal, which starts 3 hrs before closing?

2--I decide to be spontaneous and just DO IT!
Smear on insane quantities of sunscreen.
Put on bathing suits. Child's is a tankini, pink with butterflies all over it from Lands' End. Mine is a bikini, denim with sequiny designs on it from Victoria's Secret.
Pack bag: pool cover-ups, more sunscreen, water bottles, apples, etc. (Only realize later I forgot TOWELS. Duh!)
Review rules, like stay near Mom so you won't get lost, no acting up when it is time to go home, if Mommy needs you to be quiet in the car so she can listen to the it, etc. (She's a very good kid, but I think establishing clear expectations is part of good parenting.)

2:30--Leave for Hershey. In car, child sings me the songs that Lower Elementary (1st-3rd) will sing at the closing ceremony. One of them is "37 Prepositions in Alphabetical Order." LOL. I cannot wait to share this with my best friend. She LOVES grammar. The other is a song about a space alien who loves 7s, and includes part of the 7 times table.

4--Arrive Hershey.
Turns out sunset deal doesn't start until 5, because even though the waterpark closes at 6, park as a whole closes later. Eh. Get 2-day flex pass instead (69.50 adult, 51.50 child). GO!!!

4:15--Find waterpark. Put stuff in locker. I'm delighted: parking lot was pretty full, but the crowds are very reasonable. It's a big park.

THE SHORE (WAVE POOL!!!) Apparently brand new this year, and awesome. Child LOVES it!!! They make her wear a life preserver, even though she can swim, because she is under 48", but it's actually kind of cool because she can float on top of the waves with ease with it on.

SANDCASTLE COVE for child. I sit on the sideline with other parents.

INTERCOASTAL WATERWAY (lazy river). Also apparently new this year. Oh my gosh, THIS IS THE LIFE!!! If I weren't on sabbatical, I would have to be at graduation in a black robe, doctoral hood, and funny hat today. (I love my job, but it's in the mid-80s!) Instead I'm cruising around a lazy river with my child. She steers us under every waterfall and I "complain," but secretly love how much fun she is having.

EAST COAST WATERWORKS. Go up on this, getting sprayed from every direction. (If you've never been on one of these structures--they have similar ones in a lot of waterparks--you cannot imagine how inundated by water you will feel.) Go down a waterslide. Child and I are both feeling a bit chilly, though--sun has gone behind cloud--and water attractions close in about 5 mins, so we head to lockers.

Hit gift shop and get a souvenir towel. (Shockingly only $12.99. Food is wayyy more overpriced, as I shall soon learn!)
Get dressed.
Have dinner. Child has chicken strips (6.89), fries (3.25), and water (free--brought from home). I have a grilled chicken salad (6.99), and Diet Dr. Pepper (2.83). We call Daddy. Oh, good, he's not mad that we snuck off while he was napping! (I left a note!)

Hit another gift shop and child chooses stuffed dog. Oh, and stop by sweet shop and get a small souvenir cup of Hershey's kisses.

7:15--Tram to car. Child is about to drop. Even though we have only been there 3 hrs, no question we got our money's worth of fun!

7:30-9--Drive home. Much to my shock, child does not sleep on ride home. We see beautiful sunset. I learn the 37 prepositions song, which is to the tune of "America the Beautiful."

9:10--Husband takes child up for bedtime.
I get on computer.

10--I talk with Emeralddancer on phone for about an hour.

11--I take shower to rinse sunscreen, sweat, and chlorine off. Mmmm, so much better!



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CCM, what a great Saturday! And good for you, the spontaneous waterpark visit; sound like an ideal playtime.

My Sat was less ambitious.

Up 6:30; late again! cat was most displeased
fed Spouse
glanced at clock and panicked; how did it get to be 8:30? I'll be late for haircut!
got haircut from Lenore the Goddess of Hair
admired self with summer length hair (will get over it, but right now, it feels splendid to be short again)
Spouse wants Indian food for lunch; hi ho, off to curry we go
back home; updated website
waited for client from France to call and make appt to buy items I will have to deliver to his hotel in NYC
still waiting
still waiting
said fugeddaboudit, he's never going to call, and made plans w/BFF to go to evening program of Dancing Ala Carte comp in Springfield, MA, about 2.25 hours from here. BFF has never been to a comp, she's interested, and I need a comp fix; haven't been to one in almost a year.
updated website
crashed and burned with post-trip exhaustion and called BFF to cancel plans; (what was I thinking? I was going to drive another 5 hrs today after just getting home from driving to Denver 30 hrs each way? who am I trying to kid?)
fed Spouse
shopped on ebay for an inexpensive sparkly dress for rhythm, another "what was I thinking" moment
in bed before it actually got dark out.
youtubed on laptop in bed
woke up and closed laptop around 9pm


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Staff member do you people remember it all in such detail....????? ....once I have slept on it, the finer details seem to fade, which is annoying so I am going to try to do better today

up at 6 a.m because I promised to choreograph two new numbers for zumba this morning and couldn't find the time until now...also finally got in the shower...shamefully admit that I am not certain when the last time was and it was long overdue

9-11 taught cardio kick box class and a zumba class...both classes went pretty stuff can be a train wreck

11-12 talked with a friend who takes my class, she has adopted 8 high risk kids...she is remarkable...tanning on the way home

12-2 lunch..leftover from world's largest homemade taco extravaganza...nap

2:00 chat with various family members who are finally awake (in case of son), back from driver's ed (in case of dtr), done running erreands (in case of dh)

2-8 (here is where it all gets fuzzy and muddled)

2-4 play in the dirt round I, aka planting and watering flowers and veggie garden (deer do not eat onions, daffoldils, iris or marigolds, fyi)...meanwhile spouse and son are watching FC Barcelona, dtr is reading and FB-ing

4-6 IIRC this was alot of housework related stuff, inlaws are coming on monday and though I am leaving for my lessons, I don't want the house to be a mess... when that boy is home the place really goes to hell in a handbasket rapidly, dh and dtr are not much better, but son takes it over the top...

6pm ADULT(LOL) son begin's to get restless bored and whiney, "mummy entertain me"...a request that doesn't come as often as "mummy, feed me" or "mummy buy, me something"...b/c this is annoying, and b/c he rejects my proposals of constructive things he might do, I pull dh out of his newspaper (b/c he has also been sedantary and indoors all day) and send them off to play tennis for an hour of so knowing that this will utterly exhaust both of them since they never exercise and are both out of shape...can I just tell you that I am brilliant?

6-8:30 at this point, having gotten rid of the men (daughter is still ensconced in her favorite reading corner and still suffering jet lag), I pour a glass of wine and go outside again for playing in the dirt round two, which is simply more planting of flowers, which makes my heart happy

dh and son return exhausted, all feed themselves whatever it is that all have independently chosen...dh and son proceed to encroach upon dtr's reading corner to chat wherin dtr, while talking to son, let's an exceedingly rare swear word rip, dh corrects dtr, dtr is now in full artistic mode (possibly tinged with pms) and has to have a huge bruhaha with dh about the fact that he is "sexist in his discipline" and how that was "the proper word that she as an artist intended at the moment"...dh is playfully amused which infuriates her, son and I watch for amusement until it is clear that an intervention will have to occur....dtr flounces off, I promptly give dh a clue to life and send him out to be affirming...she rejects this which I knew would happen, but is mollified for the time being... I then have separate counseling sessions with both of them, explaining to him that she is leaving her school early to go to the academy with none of the rites of passage that graduates get and it is a rough transition time for her, and that while she knows he loves her, she would like for him to repsect her and he, because he is starting to miss her before she is even gone, is starting to treat her like a 5-year old princess instead of a very responsible and feisty 16 year -old who can't wait to break out into the world...I then politely suggest to her that she is very lucky to have a father who loves her so much and that while he may have a double standard at times (he really doesn't intend to)... he does respect her, she's just his baby and he is human and struggling.... and that it would be nice if she could find some mercy for that....she is annoyed because he can't admit that he has any flaws and never does anything to improve himself...I am incredulous b/c well, she has her own issues with ever being wrong about anything....

phwew...glad that is over...I leave them all in their opposing corners (dh and son back to watching soccer) ...dtr in reading chair and then cleaning her room

I have more wine(well deserved, mind you), df and then practice rumba and FT mostly, which didn't go so well after the wine

I go upstairs to see if folks are up for a family game, b/c they love that and I am usually too sleepy, and dh and son are out cold (due to the tennis ;)) and dtr has gone into her room for the night...I attempt to make appetizers for a party we are going to today, but son ate all of the flour tortillas so I can't make roll-ups...I struggle to make them with corn tortillas...that was a nightmare...must go to store tomorrow for plan B...

in bed by around 9:30.... thank you CCM for inspiring me to reflect more deeply on my day
9am - opened my bleary eyes again whilst wiping my eyes and trying to come round properly.

10 - Finally got out of bed and made some breakfast whilst our dog chewed my feet and stole one of my slippers.

11 - Sat on computer typing some invoice up for some work I've been doing over the past couple of weeks (finally got it finished :D )

11.30 - Went to the gym and sang the Copacabana to myself, hope to god I don't sing it out loud.... :?

1pm - Came home weary, threw myself in the bath which was liberally coated in petal leaves and lavendar..... Thought about putting my legs into the bath but then again I didn';t want all the fuss of becoming Mer-man :eek:

2pm - Had some sleep and tided up my room.

5pm - prepared strawberries for dinner, moaned that we had no cake in the cupboard, sacked my mum from kitchen duties.. she said she was happy... so I reinstated her :D

7 - 10pm watched telly, watched a zombie film which was complete rubbish... couldn't stand it for more than 40 mins.... grrrr


Well-Known Member do you people remember it all in such detail....????? ....once I have slept on it, the finer details seem to fade, which is annoying so I am going to try to do better today

thank you CCM for inspiring me to reflect more deeply on my day
You are most welcome. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

This is the way my brain organizes information. I have a reasonably good memory and I'm a word person, so putting my day into words feels natural.

I'm sure I occasionally get the times of things slightly wrong, but I feel like you get more of the rhythm of the day if I give a fairly decent approximation of the timing.


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You are most welcome. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

This is the way my brain organizes information. I have a reasonably good memory and I'm a word person, so putting my day into words feels natural.

I'm sure I occasionally get the times of things slightly wrong, but I feel like you get more of the rhythm of the day if I give a fairly decent approximation of the timing.
What gets me is that you remember the times *at all*. I can't! Like fasc, I'm v. impressed!


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what I noticed was that taking the time to ponder the timing really made me focus more on what really was good to think about the dynamics that I usually leave out, and which are generally the most important part

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