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Good point. When I was an undergraduate we received dire warnings about cheating and I only remember one instance of anybody being caught doing so - two of my friends had colluded on an assignment. That was in about 2003, so well into the internet era but still pre-smartphone, pre-Facebook and probably before the internet became the source of aids to plagiarism it now seems to be. Do you find it a harder battle now than it used to be, or is t only as bad as it's always been?
I don't necessarily find it a harder battle now, but

A) I am not in a discipline that gives many tests, and my pedagogical method is to give as few tests as possible, as I feel essays are a better opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to analyze and develop their ideas,
B) Of course, it is possible that students are buying these essays, but I would probably never be the wiser,
C) If they are buying these essays, some of them are not getting great value for the money. (In other words, why am I not grading all A essays?)

Of course, I guess you could counter point C by noting that ballroom dancers often pay 3K-5K for dresses, and yet one sometimes sees ugly dresses on the floor that make a poor argument for marking the dancer first, so maybe ugly prose and weak analysis that makes a poor argument for giving a paper a straight A isn't all that different. ;)
converted fitness training to muscular hypertrophy

goal to put back on 10 lbs or more of muscle after having lost 17 in fat and reducing body fat to 12.8%

diet has mad amounts of protein.. lotsa water!!

oh and I can do this....

I see what you mean, ChaChaMama. I imagine it made for an interesting debate.

oh and I can do this....
What, all of it? :eek:


Set up computer account for new staff member and spend longer than is good for me trying to persuade her Blackberry to talk to the server. Fail. Get annoyed and stuff phone into top drawer for another day.

Office is visited by man selling mattresses. Colleague buys one. Man hands out Christian pamphlets of the EDUCATE-THE-INFIDEL variety on his way out. Rather surprised. :bookworm:

Go to dance lesson with a friend whose partner has had a bad day and is too tired to samba. Realise how much our two classes have diverged since I last did this. Get horribly lost in the waltz. Not sure I've really done her much good. Hope she's benefited from it in some way.


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8:20--Drop off.
9-10--Office hours. Grade papers.
10:10--GLC flex hour. Peer review of papers.
11:30--FYS Instructor Meeting: in other words, a meeting I had to run. It went well except for one small problem: I think I forgot to book an ASL interpreter! I ran back up to the office and placed an emergency phone call. By the time I got back down to the meeting room, there was an interpreter there. Yikes. Ball drop.
1--Back in office. Grade papers.
1:45--Drive home, switch clothes.
2:15--Leave for Towson.
3:15--Double Nik lesson! Focus on jive, with a little rumba at the end.
Drive home, and I am reminded of why I prefer to have my lesson at 2:30 over 3:15. The Baltimore Beltway is less than fun at 5 PM.
6--Home, quick transition.
6:30--Drive Child to ballet.
7-8:15--She does ballet. I--just for a change of pace--grade papers!
Home. Snack. Bed.


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8:20--Drop off.
Stop by library.
9:10--ENG 1101. Discuss the topic of audience.
10:20--GLC. Watching the movie of "Goldfinger," which we just finished reading and discussing. They have papers due Friday, so I'm cutting them a break.
Lunch, grade papers.
12:40--20th C Brit Lit. D. H. Lawrence's _Women in Love_.
1:45--Office hours. Two students come by and I read their rough drafts.
2:45--Skedaddle. Pick up Child who asks "Why are you late?" (Kid, I'm not "late." I was on line at 3:01. Pick up is 3:00-3:10. It is not my fault that the pick-up line was SOOOOOOO slow. Blame the pre-schoolers in front of you.
3:30--Get ready.
3:50--Leave for dance.
4:30-9--Child at dance.
5:15--I put in 8.3 miles on treadmill, then shower, then drive back to check in with Child.
I wind up grading papers in the "homework" area of the studio and bonding with a 2nd grade A-A boy who is on the Mini PT--talented and very cute. He and I have several semi-hilarious exchanges. He asks me if being a teacher is hard because you have to go "Shhh" all the time. I don't actually get to do this much.
Finally time to go home. Put Child to bed. Stay up a little later than I should have because Child isn't asleep until 10ish, and then i want some time to myself.


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thurs...teach blast...go home and go straight back to bed...feel as though I really haven't recovered from the previous weeks and the various events that have for a relative who is on a ship in the persian gulf....go back to work and teach step ...spin, thank God, was cancelled....nice chat with son about upcoming trip out to Oregon....consume skinny margaritas with dh and watch project runway

today; teach step 1, teach cycling, teach Y get moving, meet with admin, meet with boss...home around 1....feed animals, feed self...df, fb, phone calls.....currently thinking I will be in bed early as dh has to work late and I have to work early tomo....oh well


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.ok, where did I leave off?
Oh, 90 minute most needed massage at spa across from our "place" - and it was much needed, lots of walking, strolling, hiking.
Drop car off and see if "All Wheel Drive Off" msg/with bell - can be stopped/fixed - whatever.
Pick up rental car, head up to the Fairmont Hotel - amazing, magnificent, majestic....I really cannot describe the upper elevations of Banff.
Head also out to the IceFields Parkway. Fabulous photo opportunities and never wanted to leave Lake Louise either.
Watched, stunned, from the other side of Lake Louise - as young people in bathing suits jumped into the freezing cold lake,,,,
Even caught a few pictures as the people were laughing/screaming as they were getting out of the water (there was about 50 of them).
Stroll through the hotel, enjoy the historical pictures.
Love the gardens.....the flowers are amazing.
Back to pick up car, which of course, does not act up for the dealership service department.
Head out to view the Curling Arena,,,and enjoy dinner in town.
Bunnies in the front yard, deer munching, and more touring on our own.
Head up to the Cave and Basin Exhibit in upper Banff. - Weather is finally gorgeous after previous day of rain, wind and cold.
Ok, this was a complete surprise this exhibit, Husband and I were truly fascinated - as we learned Banff National Park resulted from 3 men
who discovered the hot springs, built a 6x8 "hotel" to claim the land (in order to make money with healing waters) and the government said "nope, we are going to make it a national park".....ok there's also more views than one can take in as you go up the stairs - this use to be a great big thermal hot pool.
Husband picks up shirts, I get the m agnets (really I hate carrying more clothing than I need).
Dinner at home, fireplace going, final shots of the Three Sisters Mountain Range with a dusting of snow.
Drive 93, HUGE FLASHING SIGNS - "Wolve Packs sighted in area, drive carefully".....ok, go around the bend,,,another bend,,,THEN
HUSBAND SLOW DOWN....there's a huge moose trotting across the freeway!!!! from our side to the opposite direction....oh my, into Whitefish
Montana we go, settle in and what is with all the road main street construction...awful!!! Avoid main street, we walked the sidestreets and
picked dinner "Café Buffalo" although the Beetle Tribute show is going on...decide not to buy tickets....
Discovery of Husbands French Canadian - distant family - made - and they sent a 1890 family picture with important family tracting our homework is here,,,ready to be address,,,,Salt Lake City on the horizon and the family history center.


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A bit resentful that I am up and out of bed by 7:15 on my "sleep in" day because the door was wide open and I can hear you calling to each other. This is a tough week for me and this was my one and only chance to catch up on sleep. It would also really have helped me to be well-rested before the marathon amount of grading I have to do today. Sigh.


11:30-1--Break which includes lunch and the first step in dinner preparation. Oh, and Husband wants to spend some time with me? Today is my Hunker Down and Grade Like a Maniac Day. Okay, fine.

1-3:15ish--More grading. Starting to feel a little lightheaded.

3:15--Take break and make dinner.

4--Dog trainer.


7:30--Work out. Not as good as Wednesday, though I still manage to get through 7.5 miles.


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Get ready for school/work early and make sure I like the way Child's hair looks since it is picture day!
Get to school nice and early too, one of the first dozen people to arrive.

8:30--At work.

9:10--ENG 1101. Debates on:
-Is the TSA doing a good job keeping us safe or is it "security theater"?
-Should talking/texting while driving be illegal in all 50 states?

10:20--GLC. Finish watching "Goldfinger." Students hand in papers.

Lunch break. Grade.

12:40--20th C Brit Lit. D.H. Lawrence.

2--Leave work.

3-6--At home, grading! Leftovers of the Curried Rice and Lentil Salad I made the night before for dinner, and Husband and I think it tastes even better the second day, maybe because the spices sink in even more.

I point out to family that everyone has been hinting that we are out of various foods, but that I am the one who went to the grocery store last AND made dinner last night, AND this is my pre-announced "Busy Week" and I would have appreciated more help. Husband claims it was an unusually busy week for him at work too. I think that's kind of lame, as for YEARS I have been trying to get each of us to pre-block out weeks that are going to be extra-challenging at work, and he acts like every week could be a challenging one. Really?!? There's no predictability to this?!? (Like I can already tell you that from now until when I retire that the last 2 weeks of the semester and finals week are going to be intense weeks and I can map those out on the calendar ahead of time.) I suggest we ALL go to the grocery store together. So we do this.

We then watch an episode of Star Trek Voyager together.


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5:15--Cat wakes me up. Really?! Is every mammal in this house against me getting a solid night sleep, ever? I went to bed a little early, hoping for a solid night. He will not leave me alone. He loooooooves me. I love you too, Darius. I love you even more when the sun is up. I'm not feeding you at 5:15. Go back to sleep!

7:30--On the road early to go to the National Book Festival! Drive to Shady Grove, then Metro in.

8:15--Phone call from Husband. Do I have Child's dance bag? Yes. I try to improvise solutions of how she can get through day...she had another pair of hip-hop shoes, jazz/lyrical can be done barefoot, etc. I will try to get back by 3:15 to give her her ballet slippers. Sigh.

Metro connection times are not great. I forgot that the system runs fewer trains on weekends. Make it to my destination with just minutes to spare and am lucky to find a seat at 9:55.



Many interesting and witty things are said at both of these interviews. I think they are going to air on C-SPAN 2's Book Talk at some point in the future, if you are in to this kind of thing.

12--Autograph line for Margaret Atwood. HUGE line. Run into three alumni from the classes of 2009 and 2010, one of whom studied Atwood in one of my classes! :) Great to see them.

1--Bought a souvenir t-shirt, then headed out. Thought about getting a drink, didn't...and that was probably a mistake, as I started to feel a little not so great on the Metro home. (Had had no water or any other beverage since leaving, which is very rare for me.) Napped a little on the Metro to take my mind off it. The great thing about being the last stop is that you can't oversleep it!

Can I also just say that I find Metro's ticket machines and pricing confusing? The system itself is pretty user-friendly--as in it is easy to figure out to get where you need to go--but figuring out how much your trip is going to cost, adding value to your ticket, determining how much the parking lot for which you also need you SmartCard is going to cost, and do you need to pay if the arm is already up, etc. = very confusing. It also seems like it is a rare day that at least one machine at the metro station isn't broken...oh, and the escalator was broken at one station too. I prefer the NYC system and others like it where it is a FLAT RATE for the trip. If I am going one stop it is the same price as if I am going to Brooklyn. Prime time costs the same same as off-peak. Easy. Oh, and connecting trains tend to sync up...which for sure was NOT true with Metro on a Saturday! I had a 19 minute wait to get from the red line to the blue line. Could be worse, but not ideal.

Drive. Stop at a convenience store and get a soda and peanut M&Ms and a banana. Feel better after taking in some drink and food. Possibly should have gotten two drinks, as I look down and thought "Wait, who drank all that already?" Lol. Stop at studio just in time to hand off ballet slippers before class.

Home. Ahhhhh! Relaxation.

Later that evening, a plumbing disaster that involved a toilet and dripping through the ceiling. I suggest we need to call emergency plumber, but Husband surprises me and manages to fix the problem! Woo-hoo!

Type up comments on papers I graded.

Put Child to bed.

I am reading one of her books on the nights I put her to bed, Rita Williams Garcia's One Crazy Summer. Pygmalion, are you around? Did I recommend this to you when Child read it? It is about Oakland during the late 1960s, Black Panthers, etc. I think you might find it interesting. (The rest of you might as well, but I thought of Pygmalion first.)


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Drive through Montana - south, around the Big Arm Lake (gorgeous) and stop in Polson. Get out of car, and view The Great American Museum in Polson. Ok, it was weird, odd, great, made us think, and laugh...very Americana.
Continue south, while Dear Son calls and is headed north to Salt Lake City to meet us.
Now we are in Idaho, pull off for gas, see a sign that says "café 1/2 mile" and its that odd little sign,,,,in small town main street,,,that passing up the standard issue Subways, Truck Stop food places....causes us to be just curious enough to drive. AND BINGO,,,,a Little Café - for about 20 people, where everyone knows everyone and the pies are homemade. GREAT LUNCH.
Meet DS in Salt Lake City - check into the Grand American Hotel (magnificent - built in 2001 for the winter Olympics).
We valet car, check in, they give us a REAL KEY. remember those? I find that I cannot stop staring at the artwork, the gardens, this and that, the harp player, we open the "door"..with real key. oh my! Four rooms, all kinds of French doors, three feels like royality....and the service is 5 star. DH and I decide...if we come through SLC again,,,,this will be the place!
Pool outside is heated with a hot tub and wading pool, dressing rooms, showers, etc etc...YAY!!! no changing in hotel room to get to outdoor pool. Some other inside amenities are being renovated...really? I'm being treated like a queen, believe me, I don't mind at all.
We all gather and walk to Squatters for reall, Deer Valleyy good pub food, DS orders a craft beer,,,that he decides "isn't all that"....
Long walk back, while discussion comes across all the vacations days, things that happened, and plans to take DS to Park City Old Town, Deer Valley and The Canyons. Stopped at the Family History's a good night for everyone!
Go for a swim in the morning, for the first time in ages. Three quarters of the pool is roped off for kids' lessons, but it's quiet in the open area. Sympathise with the small girl who's too nervous to jump in but swim away before seeing if she manages it. Feel sure she will eventually. After all, I did. ;) Deliberately get out after half an hour, while I'm still enjoying myself. Might be able to start doing this regularly again. :)

Go to the cinema with a friend to see Rush, the film about the 1976 Formula One World Championship and the relationship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Very good film: exciting and surprisingly moving in places. Also...ooooooooh, cars. :D

Come home, eat chilli and watch some TV with friend. Catch up with the week's rugby union games and reflect on the fact that twenty years ago the pitchside pundit, a retired player with a good cauliflower ear, would not have been wearing that puffed gilet over that pale pink sweater. Times have changed. :joyful:


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sunday...couple's counseling appointments ...finish staining deck...dh leaves for san fran.....evening spent happy that I don't have to move my body

mon; teach fitness for 2 hours, meet with boss, spend rest of day cleaning house....friend bails on me for drinks tonight due to spousal conflict on her end...I more yard work...and I miss my lessons finally...which is actually a relief...maybe it will be okay when I go back...going to cook a burger soon ...haven't eaten much today...which is good since yesterday I ate like a goat...anticipate an early bed time then a busy day tomorrow continuing to return order to my home, running errands, and teaching cycling


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8:30--Grading papers.

10:45-8:30--Day 2 of National Book Festival with Child, who didn't get to go on Saturday due to dance. We saw Jon Scieszka, of Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales fame.

Oh! And we also got to see one of Lionness's favorites, Tamora Pierce!!! She is wickedly funny and very refreshingly open and honest. Her tent was packed to the gills!

Wanted to see Khaled Hosseini, but that tent was really, really packed, so we decided to go to Readers Theater with Susan Cooper, Katherine Patterson, Jon Scieszka, and Grace Lin instead.


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Another Marathon Monday...almost Masochism Monday, really!
9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 appts.

10:20--GLC. The three waves of feminism. Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique.

Lunch and prep break.

12:40--20th Brit Lit. D. H. Lawrence's Women in Love. Animal symbolism.

Grade 1 paper, then...
2, 2:20 2:40, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4--ENG 1101 appts. Get stood up once, but the rest show up.

4:35--Home. Do hair! Husband has agreed to take Child to dance since I took care of her during time he is supposed to take care of her on Sunday.


8.5 miles on treadmill. Shower.

Child home. Child is in great mood tonight. Her literature assessment of Bud, Not Buddy is being added to the file of possible assessments people can take at the end of the unit because it is so good. They also had a lesson on the scientific method today that involved popping different brands of microwave popcorn and counting how many kernels remained unpopped. Then dance rehearsal was really good and the time flew by so fast she couldn't believe it had already been an hour.

Put her to bed, then waste a little time before bed.


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doing today now...tues

vacuum, shampoo, and mop most every floor in house....laundry and dishes...wash gifts for a family event this weekend.....two hours of spin....currently exhausted...probably in bed by 9

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