yesterday's activities


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wed...teach step one, teach step two, teach cycling....mail two packages, more laundry, clean the master bath from bottom to top...take and long soak and get pretty for dh's return home...cook a fabulous pork roast w/vegetables....field work callsfor both jobs....whine to a friend....listen to another friend whine...write some bills...make a Dr.Appt....will be in bed very soon


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9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 Appointments

10:10--GLC Flex. Writing Center and SASS (Student Academic Support Servies) present.

11:30--Meeting with transfer student peer mentors. A lot to digest here.

1ish--Back to office, follow up e-mails, pack up, home to change clothes, off to Towson.

Arrive to see my teacher and his ex-partner dancing an incredibly sexy rumba to a great song. I am captivated, but...what?! I am so confused. Turns out they have a show. I didn't know they were still doing shows together. Interesting.

2:30-4--Double lesson, with a particular focus this week on paso. Dear Lord. It turns out there is a lot I did not know about the technique I am supposed to be using in this routine. I think my brain reached full at about the 60 minute mark. Can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I definitely got my money's worth. Possibly I should have left a tip/combat pay.


6ish--Getting ready to leave for dance studio #2 of the day.
7-8:15--Child has ballet. Apparently the instructor has nicknamed her "Big Eyes." She does indeed have big, beautiful blue eyes. She got a couple positive comments. Yay.
Get her signed up for a team track suit.
Home, put her to bed.

Grade until almost midnight. :(


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Get up and work on birthday party invite for Child. It is a loosely Star Trek themed party. The picture on the evite is her sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise D, which they had at the Las Vegas Con. The evite reads:


8:20--Drop off Child at school. Feel some Working Mommy Guilt because they are kicking off the 40th anniversary of the school and parents are invited for a special ceremony...from 8:30-9:30! Does not work for me.

9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 appts.

10:20--GLC. More discussion of _The Feminine Mystique_. Then set up next time's discussion of _A Single Man_.

Lunch, grading.

12:40--20th C Brit Lit. Lawrence.

1:45, 2:05, 2:25--ENG 1101 appts.

Get stuff to secretary. Mad dash to car! Drat! Realize I've forgotten a folder I need, but no time to go back.

3--Pick up Child.

Deal with work e-mail, get Child ready for dance, and
4--Out the door.

4:30--Beginning of Child's dance marathon day.
5:30--Home! On treadmill! 8+ miles. Shower.
8--Stop by work. Pick up the damn folder.
8:50--At studio to pick up. Child has been crying. Ugh. Not a good day at dance. Got hollered at in tap rehearsal. She also said she was tired because she slept badly the night before and had no energy. Is sad and feels like she is one of the worst on the team. :( Tough stuff. I try to say comforting things, like "That was just one bad rehearsal. You will do better on Saturday after a few nights rest," "You did great in ballet yesterday," etc.

Put Child to bed. Put self to bed.


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that is hard ccm...but I will say this...I wish I had that experience as a child so that it wouldn't have been such a surprise when I got is always a hard lesson.....


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thurs...teach blast in the a.m. try to sleep, do more stuff around the house...schedule engaged couples...go back to gym and the class cancels which is a rleife because Iam having a blue day over some disappointments...and I haveto go backin a few hours and teach zumba anyhow....home in a foam.....and dh is wonderful...he is just back from out of town and has a wife who is useless...


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-Eyebrow waxing.
-Grocery store. We were out of milk this morning which made Child grumpy re: breakfast cereal. Text Husband to let him know I have done this errand, and to make sure he won't also do it. But don't worry! He doesn't check his messages and does in fact duplicate the errand...when there are plenty of other errands he could run. This is a guy who has his phone with him pretty much ALL.THE.TIME, and frequently an I-Pad as well. Sigh.
-Grade stuff.
-8+ miles on treadmill.

9:10--ENG 1101. Class on how to know when to trust and when not to trust a website. Pick some scandalous examples.

10:20--GLC. Discussion of Isherwood's A Single Man branches out into discussion of perceptions of homosexuality in the present, during our lifetimes, in different cultures (one student is from Ghana).


12:40--20th C Brit Lit. Lawrence.

Send e-mails relevant to guest speaker coming in November. Find out that my catering contact for events at Prez's house now works for grad division. Unclear who is now in her position. Le sigh.

Run home to run SUPER ANNOYING errand of returning merchandise. As far as I can tell, this particular dance manufacturer expects the CUSTOMER to pay shipping when you have a return. I have waiting until close to the 60 day deadline, too. Not happy with the manufacturer or myself! And was not in the mood to go to the UPS Store.

Try to coordinate plans for NYC trip.

7-8:30--FAMILY FUN NIGHT--Roller skating with upper elementary! Fun. I don't think I've been on traditional roller skates since I was Child's age. I did some roller blading on my first sabbatical, but even that has been 10 years. There was a bit of a teen scene there that drove me a little bonkers when waiting on line to get in, but once we were whizzing around the rink, it was all good.


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friday...teach 4 fitness classes...then cook like a maniac for fake event hosted by my father's new wife to alllow herself to feel generous and tired right before she and my dad leave leave for florida for 7 months...that is really all that needs to be said about that....son comes home and that is wonderful

saturday...from hell...supposed to be my weekend off (so that I can goto fake christmas)...but one instructor's daughter is in ICU and another instructor's brother in law drops dead of a heart attack....another instructor has a torn ACL and another (the former boss) is still too busy pouting and blaming everyone else for having to step you guessed it...teach 4 classes back to back(nearly expire) an hour to fake christmas which was mostly tolerable yet full of many passive aggressive jabs until it culminated in some bomb dropping which left me pretty much ruined for the night

today will be a trip to the cemetary, my nephew's football game, and then the in-laws...because hey, why not just get all of the worst crap dealt with all in one weekend?...and afterall, the in-laws are suddenly looking pretty reminding myself that it could be a lot worse(see lives of the other instructors)...even though, at the moment I also have a blazing headache from allergies and am thinking that none of this bodes well for my first lessons since usdc on Monday which I have been dreading anyhow...and that is all from Little Miss Mary Sunshine for now


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Holy Moly Fas,,,,,,,well,,,,maybe it is better to "get it over" with one weekend. Been there....still doing wonder road trips work well for me at times.
Ok, so a whole lotta yesterdays...f
Head home from Canmore, Alberta Canada where a light snow fell during the night and woke up to a most amazing view of the Three Sisters Mountains in front of our balcony.
Drive through Banff (goodbye, sniff sniff sigh, my home away - childhood memories are so warm and good when revisted) to Route 93.
Drive south on Route 93 (which we find out goes all the way south through to Arizona!)
Beautiful, no winding roads...wide, lots of warning signs of "caution" wildlife crossings. Believe me, there is ALOT of wildlife...
Stop in Radium Hot Springs (town) - 1,000 old/antique/vintage cars are arriving from as far away as Cagalry - This is the event of the year...
Talk to DH about staying....for the event since it will start the next morning, no such luck...gotta hit Salt Lake City...on Sunday for the business meetings.
Drat. People are so kind/nice/etc.
Further south, opens to rolling hills, deep forest and beautiful farm country. Spend the evening in Whitefish Montana...Loved the main street walk-ability and all the new small café(s), did not care for the entire road being torn up for massive road construction (cranes, bulldozers, get the picture?) crane swings wayyyy too close to front windshield...we decide to walk-it....on the side/main streets. Really enjoyed the variety Whitefish provides to out of towner(s).
Stop and chat with some local conversations.
Sunrise, free breakfast, and buzzing along 15South.
Embrace the view of Big Arm Lake - which is truly....HUGE,,,then Flathead Lake....lots of marinas, boats, outdoor....
Stop in and have a blast at the Polson Great American Museum...this is not a normal museum...there are Alien Spaceships in the back, full blown very old beauty palours, a total immerse into Americana.....and a full blown antique diner..(non operating)....every kind of Harley Davidson Motorcycle,,,exhibits donated of World War(s) and some purple heart medals with full stories behind them. Volunteer suggested the 4B's café down the street, so grabbed a wonderful tomato soup with grilled cheese (loved that comfort food)....
Head to Dillon - this small town had a Jr. Rodeo going on and a University football game so - rather packed...
Up early, to Salt Lake City....The Great American Hotel - WOWWWWWEEEEEEE - son calls from the south as he comes in on 15 through Vegas...and yells in phone "BEST ROOM ....EVER".... Let me say this,,,,,it was not a room....there were 4 rooms minus a full kitchen and I felt like a queen. AMAZING...and the hotel itself was amazing...stayed for 5 nights...
Explored SLC - Family Library Center - although my dad had spent a week there years ago researching his family with the volunteers,,,,there is no way to tell someone...what this place is like,,,,different floors address different things...DH went to the "map" floor on top...DS,,,went across to Temple Square to see the buildings, I sat with Volunteer as she pulled out several books and actually found (with some names, dates, and potential locations I gave her) a book on French Canadian weddings in the 1700's/1800's. BINGO....thank you, dear volunteer, for giving me instruction, usage on the web...and potential tutorials I can do at home.
Head out to Squatters Restaurant....Salmon was the BEST!!!
Meetings started Monday, I reconnect with business owners I hadn't seen in 20 years (someone has to take care of kids and ill I didn't go).
It was great to see everyone again....spend time at pool with other we catch up before continuing the workshops.
Lots of information and a Computer Switch - coming...that has everyone apparently nervous. No wonder they saved that announcement for the last day.
Husband is not happy at all...and loudly - to DS and myself - explains...his unhappiness about this complete switch.
DS and I convince DH that - we would like to be home on Friday....instead of going to Vegas on the tail end of trip...and get caught up in Sunday return traffic.
DS and I walk ALOT in SLC....which was fun, to just have time with him.....we jump in car while DH is in class....and I take DS to Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons. Walk Park City, eat at a wonderful Bistrol...he loves the main street, calls his GF...tells her....about the ski resorts....hmmmm I get the feeling of a potential winter ski glad he likes picky ski kid.
Back to hotel for final dinner event....DS finds his generation of young adults and they hang together until late in the a.m......
Head to Mesquit NV - wherein, DS insists because of time change we could make another hour of driving, I stand my ground knowing he was up to all hours, dear husband does not feel, in his bones,,,like he wants to stay folded up in car....Rest is best for everyone.....I'm now the "bad-guy" what.
Up early, knowing we are driving through Vegas "work" morning rush hour and the 15 in downtown off ramps is reduced to two lanes due to fwy construction. We hit a lot of up again at Stateline....Hug DS - wish him well,,,as he departs from us to head home.
It was nice being away,,,but it's always nice to be home again.
Spent the last two days, recoverying, putting away, meeting new neighbors who just moved in.....and trying, somewhat to get back to a "routine" whatever that definition's just spontaneous combustion.....and go with the flow. lol.


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Have not posted since September 12 or thereabouts, b/c, well, I've been on a fairly even keel. Considering what the past few years have been like, for me, I'll absoeffinglutely accept "even keel" with bells on. But it doesn't leave me much to report.

What's actually been happening?

Some baking, some lessons, some gyro, some Rolfer, some shopping, some evenings with friends, some theater, some Blues dancing, one ghastly evening of ballroom social dancing.
And a lot of reading.
Oh, and a visit from my accountant that left me less worried about money than usual -- the opposite of what accountant visits are supposed to do.
Oh, yeah, Ex acted up a bit, but reacted pretty well to bitchslapping.
Oh, yeah, and the whole my-cat-stopped-eating thing.
And the Morton's Neuroma diagnosis (podiatrist has thank-yous on his wall from Hugh Jackman and Baryshnikov; my confidence in him is high, shall we say). TDNWMH.
Well, I guess the even keel got tipped for a bit. Meh. It'll be fine.


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Slept in.
Did not work out but walked 4 miles.
Turned my car into the dealership as it acted up with sensors during our vacation - the ENTIRE TIME, except - of course - when we had it at the dealership in Canada to see what was wrong. Of course it didn't act up.
Caught up on e-mails and such...and not much else.
Pro calls....wants to schedule lesson.....hmmmmm......somehow I'm not enthused as yet.
Schedule pick up of GS #2,,,,looking forward to seeing's been awhile.
Prayed that whatever they find about my car, since they informed me they have to take apart the electrical system,,,,is covered under warranty...UGH!!!
Early to bed.


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mon...teach step and to indy...first lessons since usdc...didn't die of it...worked on some things that might help....learn that dh has to fly to munich today so I won't get to see him before he leaves...lovely...apply tequila and out for hours....


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DH wakes up sore in every bone of his body...well...sigh....he attacked his workout routine previously....and it let him know he wasn't doing this for awhile.
Motor around house doing little things, realize I have two more rooms to finish painting. Head to big box store for paint.
Call from GMC dealer. Will replace Sensor Part - that is covered under warranty,,, WHEW!!!!
I'm still stunned that the car battery is under the passenger shot-gun side seat and not under the hood. seriously.
Lessons with Pro. Good time catching up, start open work....we both are surprised at the ease that I get new figures I haven't done before,,,,,ever. WOW.
Pick up GS#2. Did he grow 4 inches while I was away?
Take GS#2 to dance class...where...he...stands....aside....the entire time....and this is unusual and weird.
OH WAIT...there are new taller 7th grade girls in the group....ahhhh....I got it....this is what he's staring at. Oh MY!!!!
GS Insists he can come to my house after dance class....and proposes that it is no different than the summer,,,it's just that it's a school night.
Maybe he'll be a negotiator when he grows up...but no, I return him to his mothers house after class, much to his disappointment that I insist it's
a school night.
Catch up on taped shows with DH..who finally at the end of the day is less sore than in the morning.


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tues...sleep til errands...lessons, which partly fun and partly miserable in a good for you sort of home, teach two hours of spin back to back...go home and drink wine...sleep til 3 am when dh texts that he has arrived in Munich nd I am in too much leg pain to go back to bed...whch brings us to today


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wed....teach three classes, then train an instructor on cycling so that I can take a vacation in October, buy a few books from the book sale for my grandson and nephew...home to lunch and nap...feed animals...tidy up a bit...head to second job...counsel a delightful couple with some significant extended family issues...nice chat with my boss about the new pope...home to some wine and out in a hurry..dh is in Munich


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-Communicating with various parties involved in weekend outing.
-Workout--8 miles on treadmill.
-Make Child's favorite egg, bean, onion, and pepper salad.
-Pick up Child at dance studio and drive to NJ.
Stay at parents' house. Child and her bestie are very excited to sleep in my sister's room at my parents' house and enjoy playing with "The Husband," her pregnancy pillow.

SUNDAY: Group outing to see Romeo and Juliet! I put this plan together and got a dozen tickets at the group price. The good news is that I get credit with everyone for a great idea. The good and bad news is that I wind up planning and coordinating the entire day. It feels like a lot of responsibility for my day off!

9:09 train to NYC with friends.
Arrive in NYC. Buy picnic lunches from Zaro's Bread Basket. I got a grilled vegetable sandwich and a black and white cookie. Child had a bagel with cream cheese and an oreo cupcake. One 4th grade child cannot find anything she would like to eat. Luckily there is a Mexican place nearby and she settles for soft tacos.

Strawberry Fields.
Picnic on the rocks near where the horse carriages seem to go for breaks. The kids really like watching the horse carriages.
Bethesda Fountain.
Alice in Wonderland. Kids especially like this.
Belvedere Castle.
Delacorte Theater.

1:40ish--Back on train to midtown. Trains running slow due to track work, but we've left plenty of time. I go pick up tickets at Will Call. Others shop. I get a little antsy when 2:40 rolls around and they aren't there yet, but they make it on time.

3--ROMEO AND JULIET! Interesting production. Some things I really liked about it, and a couple things I didn't. (Pluses included that I thought this interpretation did a very good job of capturing the teenage emotions of Romeo and Juliet. The balcony scene had a real "No, you hang up!" "No, you!" kind of tenor at the end that seemed very true to their ages. There were some excellent secondary characters as well, including Juliet's father, Juliet's nurse, and Romeo's friend Mercutio. Excellent use was made of cello and drum to heighten the mood. Oh, and Orlando Bloom is pretty easy on the eyes. Negatives included that some of the script cuts made things a little unnecessarily confusing. There were also some odd eclectic elements that seemed to be in the production just because.)

Orlando Bloom did greet fans at the stage door, and though he could only do a handful of autographs (not including us), I thought that was cool.

Dinner at Maoz, a fast food falafel place (slogan "Veg Out!") Child and I were totally in the mood for falafel, and the salad box I got (5 falafel with as much of the middle eastern salad fixing as you can put in the box) really hit the spot!!!

7:03 train to NJ, then drive home. One of our friends had a member of their group miss the train. (She had gone for Indian food after the show, then took a cab. She must have said "Take me to the train station," and he took her to Grand Central instead of Penn. So that was a bit of debacle.)

Great day overall!


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Paying the piper a little fatigue-wise, but it is worth it.

8:20--Drop off.

9:10--ENG 1101. Debates on whether college honor codes work and on whether more colleges should go SAT optional. That second debate rouses some passionate opinions! That's a keeper.

10:20--GLC. The Handmaid's Tale.

Lunch break, grading.

12:40--20th C Brit Lit. Women in Love.

2-4--Office hours. Grading.

Home. Almost forget this is a fast turn around day, but remember just in time and get out of the house by 4:45.

5:15--Child's dance rehearsal.

Put Child to bed. I may have done other things here. I may not have. At this point, the gas tank was on E, so I can't really testify! Hopefully I didn't forget anything too important, like brushing my teeth.


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Am a little frustrated. Husband and I were both tired last night because of the NYC outing. I went to bed around 10:45. He went to bed more like 12:45...and I'm sure it's because he stayed up to see if the US Congress was really going to drive over a cliff. I get it--this is big news. But it will be equally big news if you wait and read it on the computer tomorrow morning at 6:30, and then you won't wake me up coming to bed at an odd hour. Oh...and later on, he reports that he feels "sick." Growl. Take care of yourself!

8:20--Drop off.
9-10--Office hours, featuring more grading. Oh, and shmoozing. The cleaning guy for my floor really likes to chat with me...maybe a little too much, because it is cutting into my productivity. On the other hand, I feel strongly that professors should not be stand offish to the many other employees of the college who perform the necessary services without which we would be unable to function. So....

10:10--GLC flex session. Presentation by the Center for Experience and Opportunity and by Study Abroad.

11:25--Faculty meeting. The big BUDGET discussion. The good news: It looks like we're getting raises! The bad news: small raises. But I'll take it.

Home. Was going to take a shower but Husband is taking one and though we do have two showers, I'm not sure that we would both get ideally hot showers. Type up last week's dance notes instead. Get dressed.

1:30--Leave for Towson. Notice my cell phone is dead. Figure this means either I will get stuck in traffic or my teacher will be late, because that is the Murphy's Law of dead cell phones. Sure enough, he is late and tried to text me to warn me!

2:45--Double lesson. So good! So much samba info and jive info! Also some paso. This one part of our routine that I thought I had straightened out? NOPE! He gets me thinking about it in terms of alignments on the floor, and it turns out this helps a lot. Turns out I was not pivoting nearly enough in my slip pivot, which therefore set me up badly for the next several counts and pretty much guaranteed a visible mistake. I think I have it now!!!
Filled out forms for Paragon at the end of lesson.

Got Child ready for dance.
7-8:15--Child's ballet class. They watched a video about contemporary history of ballet, which had a lot on Baryshnikov and Nureyev seeking asylum in the west. Child "I took 2 1/2 page of notes!" I love Child.

Child also wrote a persuasive essay that evening.
ME: Is this an assignment?
CHILD: No. We're still on the paragraph. I'm a bit of an overachiever.

She reads me her essay. It is all about how she wishes they could do creative writing instead of having to work on paragraphs in Writer's Workshop!!! Luckily, I think her teacher, who has taught her since 4th grade, will find this funny rather than annoying as all get out, but you can see why I have to keep an eye on this kid!


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8:20--Drop off.

9:10--ENG 1101. Debates on elite travel teams for kids and on helicopter parents.

10:20--GLC. Handmaid's Tale.

Lunch, deal with stuff.

12:40--20th C Brit Lit. Women in Love.

1:45-2:45--Grading and e-mails about lecture I'm organizing for November.

Home. Quick transition, then off to the studio.

4:30-9--Child at dance.
I come home and put in 8 miles on treadmill, then back to studio to give Child her snack, because she forgot it. Turns out she has somehow gotten a cookie from another mom. She promises me that she did not beg for one and that the other mom just volunteered it. Mm-hmm. The other mom felt she "looked hungry."

Drive home. Child to bed. Self to bed.

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