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thurs...teach a class...have lunch with dad...he leaves for florida for 7 months next week...I have thoughts about that....I won't share them....teach cycling and sub toning for someone whose chief goal at work has been to be pettyand miserable with me and who leaves a snarky note instead of thanking me...lovely...remind self that she is miserable that I should just continue to absorb it until she leaves or tires of being a po-ed biddy...but it takes a while to shake it off...confirm a lunch date for tomo....bed soon


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Wake late (for me) at 6:30. Fool around all morning designing an evening gown for my mom - so very relaxing. Drive to Governor's Mansion in Denver to give speech about the Air Force's space and cyberspace challenges and achievements. Meet Alan Shepard's daughter and have a great chat with her about her dad. Go out to dinner with a friend I haven't seen in 3 or 4 years. I'm still wearing my uniform and this prompts folks to stop by our table to introduce themselves and talk. One of these drive-bys is a former governor of Wyoming and his wife, who happens to share my first name - this instigates stories about all the jokes we had to bear about our name ("Me Tarzan, you Jane." "Plain Jane." "See Jane run." And my personal favorite (NOT!), "Jane, you ignorant slut.") They all seem to be lovely people, except for maybe the guy who made some crack about Air Force pilots being unable to land on an aircraft carrier (he must have been former Navy.) It was a really wonderful evening meeting lots of very interesting people.

Arrive home about midnight to a house that smells of badly burned popcorn. Teenagers.


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fri...teach two classes..long lunch with a buddy....never ending continuation of house shopping....bed soon...have to work tomo but only a am hoping to get in a good practice tomo and sunday and to be able to continue to establish order in this home before dh gets home


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it truly was so cool. Laura Shepard (sorry, can't remember her married name but she hyphenates it) was REALLY interesting. She was talking about her dad walking on the moon like you and I would talk about our dads taking a hike through the woods.


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it truly was so cool. Laura Shepard (sorry, can't remember her married name but she hyphenates it) was REALLY interesting. She was talking about her dad walking on the moon like you and I would talk about our dads taking a hike through the woods.
I had a chance to speak briefly to Alan Shepherd about a year before he died. I got to ask him a few questions about Moon colonization. It was interesting. He was all for it, and he thought that a moon colony could become self-sustaining fairly quickly. He said the main worry would be dealing with the health effects of extended living under the Moon's low gravity.

The interstate highway here is named after him.


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sunday...had a horrible truth this is my favorite time of the year, but the past month has been full of difficulties and disappointments on every front(occupationally, extended family, friends and dance) yesterday I was flat out depressed....I navigated it...took my vitamins, practiced a bit, had a nap, got productive, started to feel better, cooked a meal for dh who was returning from Germany...he walked in the house with the flu....and that about sums it all up


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-6 miles on treadmill.
-Went with GLC (my first year seminar class) and Child to see George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" at the college. It was very good but a little longer than I had anticipated, so Child had a late night of it. Shakespeare and Shaw in one week; we are quite the theater-going family!

My BFF called that night, but I couldn't talk for long b/c had to put Child to bed.

9:10--ENG 1101.
10:20--GLC. Last day of _The Handmaid's Tale_.
Lunch and prep break.
12:40--20th C Brit Lit. Last day of _Women in Love_.

9:45--Parents Weekend event. Not a great turnout.
Prep for Child's birthday party.
8 miles on treadmill.
Cleaning up house.
Grocery store.
Baked Child's birthday cake.

Decorated cake.
Made dinner for that night ahead of time, lemon chicken and potatoes, one of my stand by menus. (Also wound up making Child's bean salad, so carnivores and vegetarians could be happy.)
To Michaels to get craft supplies for party.

12-3--CHILD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! Pizza, bounce house, craft, running around playing sardines, cake.

4--Neighborhood homeowners meeting. I wish it had been a little shorter since parents were visiting for Child's birthday, but it is what it is, and my parents do know how to entertain themselves.


Dad asked for help with tv remote so he could watch football and I had to admit I had no idea how it works. I called Husband down, but I actually made myself learn tonight. My Dad was kind of stunned that I didn't know. "You NEVER watch tv?" It's pretty much true: I never watch tv alone. (I'll watch Star Trek or a movie with the family, but then someone else can turn on the tv!) If I'm alone, I read, surf the web, workout, or write in my diary.
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ccm...fwiw...other than news and big bang, I don't have a clue about tv

monday...teach step, meet with boss (I like him so much), home to feed animals, kiss poor sick dh whom I should be home caring for , but if I miss another week of lessons I am pretty sure my pro is going to kick me to the curb as I am going to be gone the next two weeks...lessons are ...well...I don't know...I guess I am crawling out of a hole and he is ...ambivilent?...anyhow, do feel that the technique/hazing from last week, may actually be helping....and I am grateful to him for that...margarita...too tired to eat...bed soon


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NICE Nurdrms!
Well, a few yesterdays,,,went out social dancing for the first time in almost a year! WOWEEE, Danced know....OFF. Felt sweat dripping down back. EMBRACED that, since I haven't truly worked out in months and months.
Came home, DH still up, go to sleep....
WAKE UP to DH, at 1:30 a.m. sitting on side of bed, barely able to breath (he's had a cold for a week), and saying "this isn't good, I'm dizzy and lightheaded ALOT - help me"..
ok, let's just say...he's NEVER EVER SAID "help me" EVER. Grab phone 9-1-1 on speed dial....finger posed over button. DH tries to walk, looks like drunken sailor....Grab blood pressure cuff...uhhhh...wait, what? 52 over 16? WHAT?! Quickly question him. He took a medication he has taken in almost a year, along with his heart medicine....look up side affects...DRAT IT ALL - both are beta blockers that drop blood pressure. This will be a long next few hours of watching him. He goes back to sleep...
Stupors around house on Sunday stays in Chair most of day,,,BIL, ds, DGS are over....DH relates what he did...and in unison..."we thought you were smarter than that!"
Make appts, drag DH to GP, Cardiologist, etc etc,,,,bring bottle of his medication....and of course the question is - obvious. Change of prescriptions by doctors. GS is intent on delighting me and making DH "all better". I have a few choice words with DH when he's all together last night.
Best Friend comes over and we catch up on her retirement and the Solar Car Race that she judged - from Dallas to the Los Angeles in July. WOW.
THAT was fun.
Trainer calls, reconfirms that my first free weight workout is in the morning at 8 .am. ohhhhhh, this is gonna hurt. but it's good right? ouchie.
I always dread starting over....on these things as the muscles scream at me....for days on end until I get use to it again.
Watch DODGERS - we actually had tickets given to us for a behind the plate seat(s)...and couldn't go, for the very obvious sick-husband reason.
DARN IT...but that home run that won the game. was.....BEAUTIFUL! GO DODGER BLUE!


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tuesday...dreadful...lessons only served to confirm that no one wanted to be there and that I lack talent...which leaves me ...not sure about what to do next...situation compounded by a text from former boss now co-worker who is a friend of 20 years who has decided I am a traitor b/c I haven't helped her sabotage the new was fired yesterday and texted me a nastygram about how she hopes I am happy....large quantities of pain involved which I don't even have time to deal with b/c I get an emergency call from current boss about needing me to sub a class that starts about 15 minutes before I can get home..followed by the class I have to teach after that...did I mention I have just had 4 lessons back to back?, on the verge of tears and extreme fatigue, I have to face a firing squad of questions from members about my friend's firing...which I am not allowed to answer...while being awesome and enthusiatic...I haven't eaten since 10:30...why am I still fat?....I go home and make dh order pizza...that's why...I fail to pack for have to get up at 5am today to pack so I can teach three classes this am then drive to Lincoln...oh...and I broke a tooth...flossing...perfect

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