yesterday's activities


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sunday...did I do sunday? clue...probably just be exhausted
monday...teach 5 classes, make wedding arrangements...yes, already

edit to add; oh yea, I practiced on sunday....imagine that
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Well-Known Member sorry...on all counts
Thanks, Fascination.

Hmm. I could swear I already wrote about Sunday, but it does not seem to be here, so perhaps I did not push "Post Reply"! That would be very absent-minded of me, but not impossible.

Day of convalescence with Child. [NOTE: Turns out that is a very hard word for me to spell. I originally typed it as "con/VO/les/cence" (without the syllable breaks, obviously), but that looked wrong. Turns out it is "con/VA/les/cence." Huh.]

I worked out, wrote in my diary, did various household chores (groceries, dishes, cat box, recycling, took dog out, soaked beans for Monday's dinner), medicated Child.

Another day spent largely at home, and very similar to Sunday. Today's errands included talking to the pharmacy and the doctor's office as I did not think they gave me enough of Child's antibiotic. These were less than the most satisfying interactions of my life.

A highlight of this day might be that I made homemade vegetarian baked beans in the crock pot. They came out okay, but not to die for. I've had some to die for baked beans before. Next time, I'm going to try a different recipe.

I got a phone call from Husband. The pathology report came in. Stage IIIC colorectal cancer. It's in the lymph nodes and in the bloodstream. So that's not great in terms of long term prognosis. But one day at a time!

Child and I watched a couple of her favorite episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine together that evening. She took her last dose of medicine for the day while watching and it went much better than the others.


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Went shopping in the mall (something I do maybe once a year - I hate malls in particular and shopping in general) and found a dress I loved but the store didn't have it in my size. And the other locations of that store were out of my size as well. Dang it.

Then had the most amazing set of lessons yesterday where really good things were happening until, during the last five minutes, I tore my hamstring. Badly.

It was one of those days where I just should have stayed in bed which, with the torn hamstring is pretty much what I'm doing today. So much for dancing the night away tonight...


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tues...make further wedding bills...go bowling (dh and I, son, dtr and her fiancee)....try to go to a restuarant but, because no one listens to me, we didn't make a reservation...and, imagine that, there was over an hour snow was falling rapidly, we went home and I got to cook and trash my kitchen again(after having spent a good part of the morning recovering it from the rest of the holiday) these people but they exhaust me...retreat to watch big bang...soon to open champagne


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finished the evening toasting and seeing if kids can tell difference between champagne nd cheap sparkiling wine...and then cuddling...was a night nice with family

wed...wake late (9)...order pizza around 11...clean house, play scattergories, dink around on internet, guys play euro-rails...dinner at steak house with gift certificate...snow blow the drive way....bed will be soon as I have three fitness classes tomorrow


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thurs...teach blast, sub at last minnute for a few things for spud fest tonight, get son and dtr's fiancee try to jump son's car b/c battery has cottage cheese...take a nap...pinterest wedding stuff...prep potatoes for spud fest tonight, back to gym to teach cycling and cardio fusion, finish cooking for spud fest, snow blow driveway, priest friend about now securing a church...sip wine by the tree for about...2 1/2 bed before I can even apply bengay
Since Feb. 18th last year done a lot (didn't realise I've not been online here since then! :sorry: (shame on me)).

Run up few tower blocks for charity
Passed piano exam
Done a lot of work on nutrition (feel super at the moment)
Taking down Christmas decorations today for my mum!
Eating lots of sweet potato (which reminds me, need to get some more at lunch time in a bit)
Busy bee at work
Lots of time spent at the gym
Driving my mum mad (nothing new!)
Not done as much dancing due to decline in numbers for our class (might move to America and take up breakdancing :dancingbanana:)
+++ lots more things I'm sure.

Yes, things are good!


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TUESDAY, aka New Year's Eve:
Husband still with Dad in hospital. Child--I think improving, but still has cough.
Worked out.
Read some _Degraded Work: The Struggle at the Bottom of the Labor Market_.
Made homemade sweet potato fries.
Watched Star Trek with Child.

Read some more _Degraded Work_.
Decided Child was healthy enough to leave house and do something fun. We saw "Saving Mr. Banks" and took one of her BFFs along. Child now would like to have this BFF over every day, please. (Not going to happen, but glad you two had such a good time together.)

Read some more _Degraded Work_.

Went to the endodontist. He looked at my last set of x-rays and then said "I'm going to do some tests." I would like to see a measure of my normal resting heart rate vs. my heart rate when the endodontist says he is going to do some tests to see if the tooth is dead. (In a previous pre-root canal situation, the dentist started drilling and was like "Yeah, the tooth is dead or that would have been excruciating." Um...that's not a good test!!! I think they were 99.999% sure, but even so!!!) This one just involved applying a cold pellet to each tooth. I could not feel it on the back tooth. That's apparently a bad sign. So I'm having a root canal. Yippee.

Errands before snowstorm gets too crazy: grocery store/PetSmart/Take Child to Cold Stone. Snow is coming down in big, thick flakes, but it's not that bad yet.

Child and I have discovered Veggie Patch products. She likes their falafel (also vegan friendly, fascination!) Today she tried the chick'n nuggets, made of textured vegetable protein (these are vegetarian, not vegan, as some egg is involved). She honestly said "I can't say whether they taste like chicken as I can't remember what chicken tastes like--it has been too long--but I like them." She went vegetarian toward the end of 2nd grade and she is now in 6th grade, so this April will be four years.

Child and I read and laugh our heads off. (Our dog destroys remote controls and has now set about destroying the home theater chair in which we store the remote control. So it is definitely a laughter of recognition here.)

Had some words with Child at bedtime. She insisted I get more "days off" than she does b/c according to her, I have Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays off. Oh, yeah, that's a great analysis, kid. Yes, it's true: I have arranged my schedule so I only teach and advise college students 4 days a week.
-All that grading I do on Thursdays and weekends is just like having a day totally off because grading student work is such a pleasure. (Not every Thursday and every weekend, of course...but quite a few over the course of the school year!)
-The chores I do on the weekends--including making Child's favorite bean salad every Saturday, and doing Child's laundry on Sunday--are just like having a day off.
-Wait a minute! I also work out every Thursday and every weekend! So if your dance team stuff counts as not a day off (and it IS intense, I grant you), then if this 40-something body puts in 8 miles on treadmill, don't I get a little credit for that?

I know she sometimes says testy things at bedtime because she's tired, but give me some credit, kid!!!


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fri...wake, feel gross, wonder if I have the flu...teach cardio kick and toning...feel to chicago with dtr and her fiancee to tour the Field Museum and watch her fiance' nearly have a seizure when the museum announced the down payment aloud....dh, and this is why I love him, did a wonderful job of explaining that this has been a lifelong dream for which we are prepared and that it was a gift to us to let us do it....I just said that if he backs out I am going to have one damned awesome belated 50th birthday party :) (as I will turn 50 in 2015, shortly before that....eek)....after the shock, we had some lunch and went through the World Exposition exhibit......drove home, reflective....we were all pretty sedantary after that...basically staring at our respective glow boxes and watching "friday bridesday"

Taking down Christmas tree, stress at Christmas tree lights which are all tangled up (4 sets of lights! arrrgh)
biosig at Gym
eat weekly cheat meal of Icecream - went to bed after sugar rush hit!
helped my mum with the shopping
chilled out and finished off sorting Christmas tree lights only to find one set completely not working! nooo


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@fascination--YAY on booking the Field Museum!!!! I perfectly understand how that would be a dream come true for all concerned. What an absolutely beautiful space. I'm sure it will be a wedding no one will ever forget!

P.S. I will become the mom of a teenager the day before your daughter marries, so between your 50th bday, Child becoming a teen, and your daughter's wedding, the two of us are going to be off the Richter scale emotionally. I guess we are going to be counting on flashdance, Peaches, 3wishes, j_alex, NRDRMS, etc. to hold down the fort on this thread and counter-balance us!)

@flashdance--Oh, I hear you on the Christmas tree lights! We put up an artificial tree at my parents' house. (My Dad's background is Protestant). We could not get the lights to work. Finally, my husband came. He looked at the situation and pointed out that we had the lights from the lower piece of the tree (which were working) plugged to themselves, instead of to the middle section. He changed one plug and the whole thing lit up! It was terribly exciting. It made the rest of us feel quite technically incompetent, but by that point in our collective frustration level, we didn't even care!


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Child's doctor called in the AM asking us to re-schedule our 9:20 AM as their office wasn't opening until 10 AM due to the snow and the condition of their parking lot. Sounds good to me! We re-scheduled for 3 PM. When we finally went, he said there is still some junk in her lungs and that she should keep taking a cough medicine with guaifenesen so she can try to cough all that junk out. He said he was not going to put her on another antibiotic at this time. (Yay.) He cleared her to go back to dance, but not to go sledding. He said that the extreme cold we are having my irritate her airwaves and cause further problems, maybe even a reoccurrence of the pneumonia. Pass on that! It has already been almost a month since she was truly well.

The rest of the day was spent on household chores, reading, and working out (8 miles on treadmill).

Husband came home at 9:30 PM! His Dad is still sick and in the hospital, but he has been there a week and felt a need to come back home and check in with, get some work done, etc. Hopefully his Dad is starting to turn the corner and Husband won't have to fly back to Houston, but it has been one of those one step forward, one step back things.
Short version: in addition to having stage IIIC colorectal cancer, his Dad has some complications including pneumonia and some kidney problems which are significantly adding to his misery (e.g., coughing hurts his surgical site and leaves him weak and debilitated).

Husband did not wake up because he is tired after a week in Houston. He normally takes Child to dance on Saturday, but I got up with her, got hair up in a bun, made her lunch, and took her. I also stayed for the Parent Meeting at 11:15. I was highly relieved that they are ordering a different legging for the hip-hop routine because LOTS of people had had the same problem I had. (Out of stock.)

Home around 12:30.
Finished reading Degraded Labor: The Struggle at the Bottom of the Labor Market and did a write-up of it on my FB page.
Started reading Refrigeration Nation: A History of Ice, Appliance, and Enterprise in America. Yes, I realize I have weird intellectual interests.

Husband went to pick up Child and get some forms notorized. Later, I asked him if he could also pick up some groceries; there were only six items on the list, but three of them were milk, eggs, and more Mucinex. He was laying on the sofa reading from his I-Pad and said he was kind of tired. (He slept until 10 AM. It was only 6 PM. This errand would take ~30-40 minutes. We are expecting an icy rain tomorrow.) Finally, he went. I am a little sad that I had to guilt trip him into doing it. I get that he's tired and had a tough week and I tried to be understanding of that, which is why I gave up my Saturday sleep-in day and let him take one, and did not even mention how long it has been since I had an opportunity to sleep in. But I do expect him to make some contribution around the house!

We were talking to each other pleasantly again by bedtime. He sort of gets that it is not fair to expect me to do everything around the house and that he can't say he's a feminist and then behave like that...but he needs to be nudged.)


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Wake up obscenely early for a Saturday, after having been up late the night before. Things to do, you know.
- Coffee, breakfast, DF, FB, etc.
- Errands, including picking up new cellphone and buying super on-clearance Christmas accessories. Yay!
- Practice at studio. Field text from pro asking how practice was going. Is the man psychic?
- Quick lunch en route.
- Arrival at friend's house, who has a much better equipped sewing room than I do (better serger, some industrial machines, etc.), meaning much (or all) of my dress sewing is happening there. They are in minor crisis, so I don't get to put the elastic in my bodysuit as I require assistance with that. After finding a problem with one serger and switching machines, I sew skirts. For hours. Complete the first layer, with about 80% of the second one done. About mid-way through the second skirt, I start questioning why on earth I selected a 1.0, 1.5, 1.5 circle style...
- Dinner, where I inhale three large pieces of pizza and watch Star Trek IV on cable.
- Drive home, check e-mail, go to bed.


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Drain old waterbed mattress. Clean and REPAIR bed frame and headboard - multiple trips to hardware store required for this part of the project. Fill new waterbed mattress. All day ordeal with additional frustration created by husband, who would only try things my way (the RIGHT way, of course) after he had exhausted his ideas. Hmm, sounds like this post should go in the whining thread...


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ccm....I think it was probably a good idea for you to have nudged your dh into running that errend...some of the lack of enrgy may be depression and it isn't a good idea to let that abound....and your larger point is, I agree, also correct...

nurdrms....that is so maddening...we have that issue here all the time as well...I state something, like how to successfully jump a car...I am ignored...40 minutes later they figure; WTH, we might as well listen to her, two seconds later the car starts...stuff like that happened daily over the holiday...a few of them even noticed it themselves this time...but it gets exhausting

saturday; do dishes...field a call from in-laws, go to grocery store in advance of impending weather issues...spend most of the day horizontal as I am not feeling up to par...son's flight for sunday is cancelled and we spend most of the evening trying to get him a new to whether or not that one, which leaves significantly later will actually happen, no one knows...oh, but ...daughter agreed to humor me and try on my wedding gown...that was a fun was "too 80's" for her...and also ASTONISHINGLY too small...which blows my mind as she wears several sizes smaller pants than I wore at her age...but it was too small in the waist....anyhow, woke up in the middle of the night with nausea and body aches...going to have to monitor closely whether or not I need todrive to indy tomo


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sunday...spend entire day worrying about son getting to oregon...also have something in my eye which is now swollen and a bad stomach ache...have scarcely moved from the couch the entire day

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