yesterday's activities


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mon...8am step on 8 inch benc with pliates intervals, 9 am spin, 10:30 toning with light weights...home to carbs and a nap...feed animals, crochet project, snowblow drive...5pm boot camp...I will be sore tomo...tan because I need some heat...applying vodka to it


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Too Damn Much Time with Ex
Social dancing; this was delightful, most unusual


Visit from friend from London; from prep to goodbye, this took the whole day, but was lovely




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Might as well do today, b/c I'm not awake for long:

Lesson, in which Standard was addressed
Visit with Blond German Friend
Home; cookcookcook
Nap (much needed)
Group class
Home; about to Z


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tues...cannot remember for the life of me other than I know I taught spin
wed...5am boot camp....8 am step, 9am spin, 10 toning...3pm til this morning; the most violent awful episode of stomach virus which I have ever seen


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OH, FASC so sorry about the stomach virus. Not fun. Sympathy!

Lesson, more Standard
To house of Ex, to pack and ship; this morphs into way more time than I want to spend with him
Home for brief food and to make theater arrangements with father; he's taking a bus, I'm meeting him there; this plan is fraught with potential screwups
Drive real fast to make it to theater in time; do! win! pity the play was so bad
Post-theater snack
Home; z


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Lesson; yet more Standard; this stuff is interesting
Home; nap
Work; class is on homemade mozzarella and ricotta, and recipes for using both; pretty full class, chef and 2 assistants; the other assistant cuts off part of the end of his finger while prepping for class, so we bundle him off to ER and chef and I do class alone; not a total train wreck, but things got a bit out of hand
Home; glass of wine and leftovers from class (fettucine, garlic, tomates, arugula, and homemade mozzarella); who can sleep? Perhaps I ought not to have had that cup of coffee at 6:30, but I would never have made it through class without it
Z eventually


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I haven't posted on this thread in a week? Huh.

Friday the 28th--Taught my regular day.
ENG 1101--How to determine whether a website is trustworthy.
POSTCOLONIAL--Adichie's Americanah.
WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE--Forster's Maurice.
Graded stuff, packed, drove to Lancaster.

Saturday the 1st--Child's dance competition. There was much mutual unhappiness during the hair and make-up portion of the early AM, but after that, things got better. Child's teams routines all got "high gold" awards and took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the intermediate large group division. :) (Child actually isn't in the cast for the routine that got the 1st, but she LOVES the number that got 2nd. It is her favorite.) They also got a special costume award for one of their routines, the costumes that we had to glue something like 4.5 gross of Swarvoski stones onto. Yay.

Sunday the 2nd--Drove home from Lancaster. Did some grading. Watched part of The Oscars.

Monday the 3rd--Snow day. Did quite a bit more grading.
Wrote in diary.

Tuesday the 4th--Office hours, grading, full faculty meeting with some contentious stuff about changes to tenure and promotion procedures. Drove to Towson. Excellent double Nik lesson.

Wednesday the 5th--ENG 1101 in class debate.
Postcolonial Lit--Americanah.
Realized I had forgotten my sandwich. :( Graded over lunch.
Walk on the Wilde Side--Mrs. Dalloway.
Office hours, grading.
Took Child to dance.
Pretty great workout: 6.6 miles in 1 hour. I typically do a little over 6 miles in 1 hour, but I pushed myself more today.

Thursday the 6th--Graded. Read a little.

Friday the 7th--ENG 1101--In-class debates.
POSTCOLONIAL--Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions
WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE--Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway.


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Staff member off morning class as I am still not certain that crisis has passed....but, after 2 naps, managed to teach the evening ones...nothing else to say about this day except that it involved low cal gatorade and chicken broth....

friday morning...still not myself but teach anyhow...then recive a pretty bizarre and unexpected call.....still don't know what to make of it...but don't have time or inclination to ponder it as I had to contact my boss at the church about one of the couples I am counseling, who seem determined to forge ahead into some very conflicting expectations.....we aren't in the business of witholding access to sacraments, but we do make it our responsibility to be as candid as we need to be....

order pizza because it is the first time I feel like eating in three days...and out early

satuday; teach two classes, go to hot yoga, tan, practice, nap....major catch up on cuddle time...practice, cook dinner and share a nice quiet sit down with spanish guitar music, watch a movie with sub-titles...nice to do something that actually feels like enjoying and savoring the quality things in bed early as I have lessons early


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Husband's 48th bday!

Child goes to dance. I clean the house, wrap presents for Husband and Mom (who had her b-day last Saturday--we do a joint party), and shop for dinner foods.

PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE BOOK FAIR. Child is a finalist in the Penguin Random House Student Writing Contest. All the finalists are invited to read short excerpts from their work and get certificates. Her poem places 2nd in the 6th grade division! YAY!!! SO PROUD OF HER!!!

There was also a silent auction, and Husband bid on and won a 7-course (or 6-course? Can't remember) tasting menu for 2 at a nice restaurant in the area. So we have a guaranteed date night for the future.

My dad declared at this point that he had not had lunch (it was 4 PM) and was going to grab something on the way back to the house. I pointed out that we had food at the house, and he said "Lunch food?" Anyway, he and Mom stopped at McDonalds. Le sigh. I love my parents, but one issue for us is always meal times. My ideal set up is something like 7 AM, noon, 5:30 PM, and they seem to think 9 PM is just a fine time for dinner...which doesn't work with my sense of Child's bedtime. (And while yes, I could feed her earlier, if we are having birthday cake, I'm not going to cut her a piece before we sing "Happy birthday" and she's not going to want to miss that anyway.) Anyway, tonight we do kind of a compromise and sit down to dinner around 7-7:15 PM.
[And I wrote about another paragraph about my parents and eating but then decided that might be an overshare.]

Back to the house. I make the cake first, then lemon chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Nice birthday dinner, then presents.
Husband gets tickets to "Waiting for Godot" for the three of us from me and Child, and the BJ Novak book from my parents.
Mom gets Kate Atkinson's Life After Life and the Grumpy Cat book from us. My Dad laughs a ton at the Grumpy Cat stuff Mom reads out loud. It really seems to appeal to his sense of humor. :)
Fun night.


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Wake with a snotty, drippy, sore-throat, achy cold. TDNWMH. Spend day on couch with liquids, mouth-breathing and occasionally watching videos.
Make mulled wine; a mug of that, an aspirin, and a Benadryl, and out like a light for 12 hours


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Finished, FINALLY, painting the rooms. DH was in Nashville, his avoidance of interior painting is well known and his sinus just can't take it.
DH arrived home, after long roadtrip - and brought whatever virus that is he caught into the house! yikes!
Plan for free Vegas trip,,,woo woo, 3 nights/4days - FREE. A good word in my book.
Dear son calls, makes a point of having both of us together...looking at the "facetime" window.
Lo and behold,,,,a shinning stone in a beautiful setting...for awesome can I say "future daughter in law" We don't know when, or how he will propose....let's just say
HAPPY for us, is an incredible feeling...Happier for him - is even better!


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doing today now because I am exhausted and will not be awake long....

drive to lessons...enjoy three hours of work involving connection and also some new choreo to to south bend to visit family....nephew (11) was recently put on meds for adhd...personally, I think it would be better given to his parents....anyhow, spent some time trying to make sure that we are building a trusting and secure relationship as he needs it....and I love him...and my mother is not here to do home....pretty much ready to crash and burn...not completely over whatever hit me this pastweek and I had to be up very early with Spring forward, a time zone difference and the long trip....


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mon...attempt to teach my 3 classes...not really feeling it today...still recovering from what hit me last week....talked them through one of the classes...home to crash...talked with my father, tried not to resent him for abdicating his responsibility as a member of the family....spend rest of day prepping for road trip to see cutest one....mindless tv...cuddle time


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6:45--Wake up thinking from the fact that it is pitch black that I should probably roll over and go back to sleep, but no...this is what 6:45 looks like after the daylight's savings time change. Cheers!

9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 individual appts. 9:40 is sick, but e-mails me work in progress, which isn't much.

10:20--POSTCOLONIAL--Great discussion of Nervous Conditions, though I could have used another 30 mins.

Lunch and grade, grade, grade!!!

12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness.

2, 2:20, 2:40--ENG 1101 appointments.


Home, wolf down food in 7 minutes, take Child to dance, stopping at the gas station on the way. (I had tried to do this on the way home from work, but an ambulance was blocking Main Street and after a few minutes, I decided the wiser course was to bail out and try again later). Talk with another mom during dance and--among other things--get some needed advice on a big issue that has been worrying me.

Home. Put Child to bed.


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Staff member I will not be up late.....spend entire day prepping to see world's cutest care, laundry, dishes, wash car, pack, cook for dh, go to more presents:)...teach home with nothing but dinner, a bath, and some mindless tv ahead

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