yesterday's activities


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A few days here.
Watched DH slowly descend from "blowing nose into Kleenex for hours on end" to
him resting, to DH has no energy and is breathing hard.
Brain triggers shades of last year/May A-Fib heart event. I gently mention he needs to call his doctor and get in.
DH poo poos the very thought of being examined for a cold/sinus thing.
Yesterday, I force his hand - get him into the car - head to urgent care.
He's thinkin - the cold is in his chest, I'm thinkin' "your in A-Fib".
Who won? me. 5 hours at an excellent Urgent Care Center, then home to get
clothing, close up house, eat a really late lunch.
Head off to Emergency Room where his Cardio Doctor meets him.
Heart rate....sometimes 210. YES, you read that right. for the most part 165-187.
Treat DH, control heart rate - change meds, he's in for the night.
Head home, let everyone know he's doing ok, pass out while deciding to have "the talk" with DH about his heart health since we now know this will, in all likelihood, happen again.


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wed...massive snow...go to work and stand around for 3 hours because who wouldsome outto work out in this?...aunnt makes it to my house....we drive toLincoln Nebraska..worstpartof drive was my driveway....

thurs...Lincoln to Ogden utah...12 and a half hours...we go to snooty place where aunt tries to order a frozen drink,,,I am amused

toda/fri...drvie to remembers me...heaven has come down to earth...not likely to be on much for a while...bliss


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Take DH for small walk at local park. Visit fresh produce stand in park. MARVELOUS strawberries. DH is exhausted (meds for heart are doing this).
Rest at home.
Take DH to walking village in Claremont. Slow stroll. Visit Rhino Records. OMG!
LOVE IT, albums I had in the actual jackets, retro music, nothing modern. Fabulous walk down memory lane looking at the music.
Hit the "some crust" bakery for bread, DH is just happy to be out of the house.
A very much take it easy day.


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Cold eases off a LOT
To House of X to pack up stuff to take to show; I am delivering something large, fragile, and expensive; for that many zeroes, I'll drive to Baltimore and go into the show to deliver, Ex did not get tables this year; as long as I'm going I bring some other merchandise and make arrangements to meet some dealers at the hotel, have them buy whatever they want directly from the boxes
Drive to Baltimore; arrive at hotel, where I'm sharing a two-bedroom suite with J&L, friends I haven't seen in a couple of years
Out to dinner with them, lovely meal, excellent wine, am happy, full, sleepy; it's nice to see that they are still people I like and respect, I was afraid I'd changed so much, we could not really get along any more


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Show merch to dealers; take in $$$$, yay
Brekkie in hotel
Make more arrangements to show remaining merch to other dealers
J takes the Stuff to show, along with his stuff
L and I get deep-tissue massages and go shopping; color me effing happy
We decide to make dinner, b/c hotel suite has a kitchen; grocery shopping
I go to show to deliver my large, fragile, expensive item; I am still processing what happened next, but it was all good, which surprised me very much
Drink in bar with a friend
Back to hotel for dinner, much wine, much talk, much laughter


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Pack up
Hotel brekkie
To show to say hello/goodbye to people
Drive to hair salon; time for color
Home; cannot concentrate on assembling info for corporate taxes, which are due Monday, must get the info to accountant, but might as well try to lift a truck
Read; Z
  • Woke up late, had to rush to make it to mass
  • Dance technique class
  • Swam laps for the first time in a month
  • Made soda bread from scratch
  • Ironed shirt and packed for tomorrow (workout, dance practice, and dance lesson in a day=lots of clothes to pack!)
  • Never got around to the work I wanted to get done today...whoops!


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uhhhhh, flat line.
Stay next to Dh for most of day.
Stop into studio, many hugs, and DH gets tongue lashings from everyone and then loving hugs after lectures..about his health and those roadtrips.
We promise each other to wash the cars - well, to at least take the "roadtrip Nashville" car to the car never made it. giggle, and it looks like it needs a jackhammer to get the dirt off...for now.
Sleep, with one ear open for any weird stuff happening with DH


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Haven't been by here in a week. Highlight reel:

TUESDAY the 11th--Lots of ENG 1101 appts, department meeting, grading Walk on the Wilde Side midterm projects. Took Child to dance.
Discover Child did something very brave to help a friend. I am proud of her. (Without going into too many details, one of her BFFs had been displaying some borderline eating disorder type behaviors. Child and another friend reported this to the teacher, who called the parents, and the girl is now getting therapy.)

WEDNESDAY the 12th--ENG 1101 appts, oral presentations on Nigeria and Zimbabwe, grading midterm projects, Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness.
BAD NEWS: Husband's dad is going to have emergency surgery as still in risk of sepsis. I ask Husband if he would like to fly out there. "Yes." He will fly to Albuquerque next day.
Take Child to dance. Work out.

THURSDAY the 13th--Grade. Nik double lesson. Grocery store. Time with Child.
FIL has surgery.

FRIDAY the 14th--ENG 1101 class on quoting and paraphrasing.
REMARKABLE FACT: In an attempt to make topical and hip references, I referenced both news articles about the Malaysia Airlines flight as an example of something you might paraphrase and the website rapgenius as an example of paraphrasing (or translating). A student in the class was like "Wait, an airplane went missing?"
Oral report on South Africa. Discussion of Coetzee's Disgrace. Grading. Discussion of The Well of Loneliness. Grading.
Pick up Child from school. Take dog to kennel for the weekend.
Get midterm grades in in two courses. :)

SATURDAY the 15th--Drop Child at dance. She will sleep over with a BFF. Fly to Atlanta, GA. Car service to Dahlonega, GA. Cousin's wedding! Glad to be able to be there for it. I wore a new dress from White House, Black Market. It was definitely a more budget-oriented wedding, but I have a huge amount of respect for couples who don't go into debt for their special day.
We take turns taking care of my sister's 4 month old back in her cabin. I get him at a particularly crabby stage...and I get him to calm down and fall asleep! Made me feel like The Baby Whisperer. :)
Coming to terms with the fact that my Mom's COPD has resulted in her only being able to walk short distances, on level ground, and slowly. It is for some reason hard for me to wrap my mind around her growing frailty. (She is also on 92 lbs at 5' 7".)
Had gotten text from Husband that they were worried FIL might have had a heart attack and were doing some test and that it was very scary. Then didn't hear anything from Husband and wasn't sure how to interpret that. (Cell service not great in Dahlonega, either, so had to worry that he was trying to reach me but couldn't.) Luckily, they decided FIL's heart is okay.

SUNDAY the 16th--Flew home. Flight was delayed 30 mins due to weather, but not too bad. Picked up Child.
Home. Put Child to bed. Grading.

MONDAY the 17th--Up at 6:15 AM, grading by 6:45 AM. Worked really hard.
Had to share computer with Child, who had an assignment due for her online writing course.
Read some of Murakami's Kafka on the Shore.
Took Child to dance.
Helped Child pick the "perfect" science fair project. Waaaaay too much drama here for my taste. Oy. But she finally picked something.
Got in grades in the 3rd and final class. Thank goodness.

So that's my week in review!


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3wishes--Hope your DH is doing much better. Scary stuff!

Fascination--So glad you are getting to spend more quality time with The Cutest One!!! I am so happy that sweet boy has the blessing of an involved and engaged paternal grandma. :) Grandparents can make such a difference in children's lives.

j_alex--Sorry I didn't know you were in Baltimore! Would have loved to get together. Realistically, w/midterm grading, husband being out of town, and this Atlanta wedding, that might have been impossible...but it would have been fun!

TUESDAY--Get Child off to school.
Log in to Google Drive. Make list of which days my 30 FYS instructors have for College 101. Figure out grid.
10-12--Go to meeting DURING BREAK to work out grid. I present other people with draft. The dean of first year students thanks me for doing all this work and says it would have taken her 48 hours. (I don't think I even spent 48 minutes on it...and I'm including the time it took me to figure out what our password was for Google Drive!)
Meeting ends early...which is a blessing, because a 2 hour meeting during break = unhappy CCM.

Did some annoying chores, then enjoyed some time reading before picking up Child.
Took Child to dance.
Got to read one of Child's recent creative writing assignments, which is called "The Telltale Annoyance." It is about 4th-6th grade boys, and it is pretty hilarious. Quote Child "I drew inspirations for all my titles for this week's assignment (biographical essay) from Edgar Allan Poe." If Child were a flavor of ice cream, it would not be vanilla!


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CCM: impossible for me, too; we might want to make an actual plan for next time you're in NY.


Do Taxes.


To NYC on St. Patrick's day; what was I thinking? Taking the train was interesting; drunk teenagers at 11 in the morning, and more of them on the way back.
Lunch with friends of long duration
Walking around Flatiron district
Home, Z




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Lesson, in which I discover that Monday's walking and Tuesday's gyro/lesson/work have turned my legs to jello; Teach is most displeased, until I get myself together; we are competing tomorrow, and I think for a moment there, he was about to cancel b/c I just could not move, but I pulled myself together
Tutoring, and for the first time, I feel like I did my student some good (long story)
Theater: Rocky. Save your money for something good.
Home; Z


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Walked at local park.
Took DH to our CPA, discussed business exit strategies with them.
In-N-Out afterwards, order his DoubleDouble with no cheese and no added salt - he's miffed and then surprised that he didn't miss the salt at all.
Home - discuss our business exit strategy even more.
Discuss his medications - all three with same side affects - hopeful Cardio Doc will remove two of them at scheduled appt.
Rest and read.


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WEDNESDAY--Grocery shopped.
10 AM meeting at work. What the heck kind of "spring break" is this if administrators keep calling meetings?
To Towson. Practiced.
Home. Picked up Child from school. Took her to dance.
Worked out.
Picked her up.

THURSDAY--Waxing and then actually enjoyed a day of BREAK with reading and writing in diary!
Husband came home from New Mexico that night. FIL has been released from hospital.

FRIDAY--Dentist. Car maintenance. Annoying way to spend part of break, but has to be done.
Evening: Child got awards at Teens Create Ceremony sponsored by library! 1st place in the Middle School Poetry and Non-Fiction divisions. She is the youngest one there by far; I think the next youngest was 13. Yay for Child!


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Up early, walk, DH is feeling like ol' self with change of meds and dose.
DH walks loops with me, chats a mile a minutes, ideas popping every ten.
Ok, annoying but oh so familiar, THANK YOU GOD!
Talk about pool repair (ugh! but has to be done)
Head out to business - surprise everyone there.
Out to lunch, home, more walking.
DH discusses upcoming heart procedures and seems satisfied.
I cruise through internet, haven't done that in a long time.
Watch some recorded programs together...quiet evening...for now.

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