yesterday's activities


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-Coffee, pay bills, answer e-mails, DF, FB, breakfast
-Worry about the amount of snow coming down, but decide to run errands, including purchase of rubber boots and kettleballs
-Practice, cut short by headache that just will not go away
-Home for food, aspirin and a short nap that helps the headache, but does not completely alleviate it
-Shower, back to the studio to set up for social party
-Desk at party, and dance a bit
-Food at the studio, chat with pros, home very late, zzzs.

A fairly standard Saturday, though it's usually minus the headache and heavier on the practice.


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Pre-comp details, makeup, hair, etc
A friend and her teacher arrive, we share space and dress, etc.
Warm up in practice room; Teach arrives
Standard, 10 single dances, then long break, then scholarship; I make the final, go me
Much relaxing with friend and her teacher, including wine and dinner


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Check out early; drive home; pick up ingredients
Bake blueberry pie for family lunch
Out of town family arrives; lunch is very pleasant
Total crash and burn after they leave


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Leave for NYC by 9 AM. Catch 12:12 train in NJ. Arrive at 1:35.
Check in to Affinia Manhattan.
Pick up a quick bite at Europa Cafe next door.
Get together with BFF!
Go to The Met. Tour the Egyptian collection and 19th-20th century European Painting.
Dinner at Niles. [My food was only okay, but I think Husband quite enjoyed his steak.]

Ripley's in the AM. (Husband was not enthusiastic, but Child was dying to go, and I pointed out she had agreed to do The Met first. We have within the last 2 years visited the Key West, Baltimore, and NYC locations.)
Lunch at Maoz. Child must have her falafel!!! This is a very good place for us.

"Waiting for Godot" starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart! Really enjoyed the show, though I was surprised by some of the interpretive choices. This was a far more comic and lighthearted version of the show than the last version I saw (more locally to me), especially in Act I. Toward the end of Act II, Patrick Stewart's character brought out more of the existential angst of worrying that your life is so inconsequential that you don't even know what happened yesterday, or whether by tomorrow you will remember today.

Afterwards, we waited at the theater door to try to get autographs, as Child is a huge Star Trek fan and was very excited at the prospect of Patrick Stewart. It was a HUGE crush of people, some of them friendly, some of them quite aggressive. I figured Child--who was the only child in the crowd and is not a tall person--had almost no chance of getting any autographs because even though we had exited the theater as fast as we could, we were not in the front row. I'd say we were in about the 3rd. I managed to get Ian McKellen, who was VERY generous with his time and signed for a fair percentage of the crowd. Child emerged from the crowd at the end. (We got separated.) She had gotten ALL THREE of the actors who were signing: Billy Crudup, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart. She charmed people and they passed her program forward for her. :) Good job, kid!

Rushed to reclaim our suitcases and then hopped on the 7:14 train. Ate cupcakes from Crumbs that we had purchased earlier on the train ride home.

Drive back to MD, dying of tiredness but we made it!


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brief synopsis of the past week and a half:

wed in the am....huge snow storm...aunt finally makes it here...we drive to lincoln, drink bad margaritas, have appetizers, and go to bed at a residence inn

thurs 13.... drive to ogden at snooty place where aunt's requests for a frozen margarita and ground beef tacos are not especially appreciated....I try to navigate that that aunt likes to get up early and loudly....rut roh

fri 14th ....make it to portland and actually get a few hours with cutest baby....color me thrilled....and he recognizes me...olive garden for dinner because it is nearby and it is late and we are exhausted...I take the sofa bed because son is too big for it and aunt is too old for it......not ideal as it leaves me with complicated bathroom options, but I will survive.... with baby all at seafood place where a bunch of the trail blazers eat...see a few local athletes... appreciate the view :) was pretty good too with food carts downtown and powell's book store....spend much

monday....more time with cutest one learning letters and playing with water and going to park....I don't have the words for how precious the time is....we go to gymboree and pf changs....service is lacking....return to hotel exhausted ...they go out for green beer and fro yo...I enjoy some solitude

tues...more play with things from world's largest easter basket...look, I don't get there very hotel for night of taco fest, son's home made pizza and reality tv....we over spice things

wed....more play and we go to mc mennamons... a school turned into a restuarant and several other lounges, theatres etc.....and also to Hawthorne St. because we need aunt jeanne to understand how weird Portland really is :)....we also make her drink kombucha....she thinks we are weird

thurs....really hit my stride with cutest one and we play outside alone...yay....he relies upon me and enjoys me....we run and run and run.... then play ring around the rosy and fall down many many times...thurs eve we do gnocchi bolognese and other things Italian in the room and watch "frozen".... day....sad...hit nearby mexican place....thank god the margaritas are good...

sat...take son to airport, buy souveniers at the "all things oregon" to burley idaho....alsmost have to open a can of whoopass over a reservation snafu but it works okay because they end up giving us separate rooms for the price of one....first decent chunk of alone time in a week....consequently, I stay up too late which leaves me tired for a hard next day of driving...but the dinner in that town, mex again, was superb....note to self...try to stay there again...pollo mole was phenomenal from burley to north platte....crappy service at ruby tuesdays....have to actually walk my margarita back to the bar and have it re-made....up again too late.... home...700 miles...previous day was 800......hug aunt and thank her for her support of my son and I ...and for being with us this week....share the trip details with dh and dtr...alone time with dh......out cold....
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Coffee with an old friend from high school, who now spends half the year at his b&b in Italy; uh, maybe I need to think about this as a career option, b/c it sounds splendid
Cooking and reading and a nice slow day
A friend has lost her job, well, OK, she got fired; we go out to dinner to commiserate
Reading, Z


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Lesson, in which Teach and I talk about recent competition, and also dance a bit; much work on technique
To House of Ex, to pack and ship
Home; nap excessively
Group class; Viennese Waltz, in which Teach basically gives the class the patterns he and I have been doing recently; it's interesting to watch other people learning these movements, also to find out what the leader's part is, b/c there are too few men and I spend some time leading, very educational
Home, read, Z


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today...sleep....brief visit with "adopted" dtr whose parents are divorcing....very difficult....pretty much spend rest of day decompressing and apologizing to my cats for my unexcused absence...teach spin...bed soon


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Might as well do today, b/c won't be awake long:

Gyro; fantastically useful
Lesson, in which Teach pumps up the stakes and Sh*t Gets Real
Home, cook cook cook, so I have food for days; I have not been able to eat one of my staple meals (brown rice/grilled chicken/spinach/spices) for months, ever since I got food poisoning shortly after eating this meal and puked a LOT, but I decide it's time to suck it up and get used to eating it again b/c it's healthy, easy, useful, simple, and did I say healthy? it's just that, once you've vomited a meal multiple times, it's difficult to eat it *ever again*
which is why tequila and I are not friends, but I digress
To theater, to see Aladdin, which is *MUCH* better than I expect
Home, nosh, Z soon


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wed...teach 3 classes....go home and sleep....plan my first ever yoga goes amazingly bed early

thurs....teach blast in the morning...clean cat litter boxes, do laundry, catch up with friends and co-workers...teach spin and 50/50......bed soon as tomo will be busy


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MONDAY--First day back to school after break.
ENG 1101--Pep talk, then pick topics for the shorter research paper.
POSTCOLONIAL--Pep talk, then Disgrace.
Lunch break, deal with email.
WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE--Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man.
Office hours. A couple advisees come by.

Take Child to dance.
Went to bed a little early.

TUESDAY--Office hours, Meeting #1, Meeting #2. Get tasks done stemming from Meeting #1. Write up minutes from Meeting #2 as I am the secretary for that committee. A little downtime. Meeting #3. Note that no students were harmed or even talked to after 10 AM. To repeat: I was at work from 8:30-5:30 and I saw about one student this whole day.
Took Child to dance. Read while she was in class.

ENG 1101--Library instructional session with new instructional librarian.
POSTCOLONIAL--Bengal Nights, Day 1.
Lunch, work on library selections.
Take Child to dance. Come home and work out while she is in class.

THURSDAY--Dentist appt (Again! I've got a frequent flier card there. No, this time it was just to get an impression taken for a new nightguard). Nik double lesson @ my work! (I reserved the dance studio.) Very fun.
Home to discover that Child has been waiting to start her science fair project until I get home because there is some belief that I would not want to "miss out" on the fun.

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