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I got so depressed when Teach disappeared for 3 weeks' recuperation from a health issue, I can't really say what's happened for the past month. But I've been fantastically busy, working, going to theater, dealing with family and their Issues, dealing with friends and their Issues, dealing with the X and his Issues, and finally getting back to the studio. Since April 8, I've been home 3 nights. That's effing busy. So I feel numb. But I've seen some great theater.

Back to studio has been bliss. And useful. How weird is *that*.


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wake at 7 ....teach pilates, core and yoga fusion at 10....home to with wedding food vendor issues....feed animals....teach PYC again at 4, power pump at 5,and cycling at with son who has an interview with a firm for prospective work after graduation....tired...and to bed soon


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doing today now as I am nearly done....teach 8am pilates, yoga, core fusion....home to navigat e bit more wedding stuff and pet with a co-worker, do some mending for dh.....cook dinner early for dh....nap...teach kickbox...touch base with dh....bed soon


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Cruised through various voluntering opportunities with DH,
Westside German Shepard "no kill" rescue, GreatDane Rescue, Volunteers In National Parks, Plant A Row, and our very favorite Operation Homefront - while he also figures out what path to take with the American Legion.
We discuss the potential - of putting on a Dance, of sorts, to donate to Operation Homefront.
DH motors down to our business - while I garden (AHHH - feels good after the rain).
Go to park walk 3 miles - darn Fit Bit is keeping me honest - developing plan to start running again.
Head off to lesson with Pro.
Watch the bridge burn - on the 15 fwy - which cancels my plans to take stepdad to cardio Doctor. Had to laugh, it could only happen to me.
DH comes home and heads straight to his bike. Rides - already lost 5 pounds, I'm pretty sure I found it.
Trader Joe's, pick up marinated sirloin steak - Way Way good - DH says "buy more, let's freeze it" DH NEVER says things like that.
Outside to visit with neighbors - talk to pool contractor - EXCITED! to fix/repair and modernize our pool.
Neighbors ask about our new rooftop vents that replaced those ancient whirlybird turbine thingys, yes these work better and for the first time in 15 years I'm not busting a sweat when the house heats up from the sun. amazing.
Receive cards and gifts from Oregondaughter and granddaughter - ahhhhhhhh - sweet way to end the day.


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today/thurs....teach blast, tan, teach, sleep, go back and teach PYC again....and haul tubs of cookie dough to cars of people who purchased them at our fundraiser....bed soon


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breakfast, teach is humid and I don't feel well....head to grocery store..clean kitchen, do laundry, clean cat litter, crochet, soak in jacuzzi...notmuch else


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Wow, I haven't been on here in forever!

Friday, May 2
8:45 Child's Science Fair.
10:20--Postcolonial Literature--Oral report on India, then discussion of Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger.
Lunch and grading.
12:40--Walk on the Wilde Side. Oral Presentations, Day 2.
Home for awhile.
8-9 PM--Parent Hip-Hop rehearsal.

SATURDAY, May 3--Child's Dance Competition! Call was noon, so we left around 10:20, just be safe. Good thing we did: the competition was running ahead and two girls missed their first number, which is also my daughter's favorite, "Beat Drops." (Hip-hop.)
Came home around 7 or 7:30 PM, walked our sick dog, and graded. Husband and Child came home a couple hours later.

SUNDAY, May 4--Child's Dance Competition, Day 2! Call was 8 AM! Child had no numbers, but was just there to support.
*I* was in the Parent Hip-Hop number! This was fantastic. The yelling and cheering from the audience gave us all the WARMEST FEELING INSIDE! It was so loud you almost couldn't hear the music. Standing ovation, I am told!!!! Fabulous end to the weekend!!!! (And to say the least, a lot cheaper than competing ballroom. Total fees for choreo and competition: $60. Costumes were whatever you wanted as long as it was black with purple and white accents, and I think I spent maybe $80 total.)

Then had to go home and grade. I had not kept up with drinking water, so I had an eviscerating dehydration headache which was not fun. (It's one of those things: I didn't want to drink too much before we danced, but on the other hand....)

Speaking of which, I have to get back to grading! More later!


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sat....lessons...thank heaven...was much too long a break....then a first communion party...subsequent exhaustion...again, that is beginning to worry me...and I slept over 12 hours

sun...wake around 9:30...yogurt and berries....cuddle time, practice, shower, call from son and talk to favorite baby...texts from god from future son in law....lovely gifts from dh.....nice dinner with daughter, sister in law and dh, sweet gifts from daughter....lovely day only slightly marred by a harrowing trip home amidst flash flooding


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holy, gratitude thread, just found out that, in addition to those two flash flood warnings, the south part of town got hit with a tornado and baseball sized hail, in the same system that we drove home from chicago in....once again proximity to the lake saves us....and it was bad enough here


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Project catch up continued:

MONDAY, May 5--Pretty typical work day. Forgot to mention that two extremely annoying e-mails were sent to me late Sunday. One was from an ENG 1101 student asking--at 7:30 PM on Sunday-- if she could change her research topic on a paper that was due LAST Monday, and which I gave her an extension on until this Monday. Seriously? So with 14 hours to go, you are going to change your RESEARCH paper topic? When are you going to do this research? Are you buying the paper, or is it going to be light on research?

The other was from a student in my 300 level class asking at 10 PM if I knew someone they could swap oral report days with because they didn't feel entirely ready.

The chutzpah and irresponsibility of both these requests floor me. My extra large aerosol can of Patience is running out about now.

9:10--ENG 1101. Oral reports. Paper on "new topic" from the student mentioned above.

10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Final day of discussion of Adiga's The White Tiger. What a great book!

Lunch, grading like a maniac.

12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Oral reports. Mr. 10 PM gives his.

2-4--Office hours. Grading like maniac.

Rush home, get Naomi ready for dance, take her to dance.

So shot by the end of this day.

TUESDAY, May 6--
9--Office hours featuring more grading.
10--First Year Team meeting.
11:30--Full faculty meeting.
1--Follow up e-mails from First Year Team meeting. Grading.
Interrupted by phone call from home. Child's BFF with the eating disorder is now cutting. :( Child is of course not supposed to tell, but recognizes she has a higher moral obligation.
I promise I will talk to the parents, tonight.

6--Child's music concert. I manage to pull the BFF's dad aside before the concert to talk. Obviously not an easy thing to hear.
The strings and the chorus stuff goes okay.

I might have had to do more work even after this concert. I think I was working on my exam review handouts.


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- Work. Exhausting meeting-filled morning (boo).
- Try to sneak out of the office early for a nap, but that doesn't happen... actually get away late.
- Home just long enough to bolt down some food, slip on my stairs due to my haste, then off to the studio, where thankfully, class was running late ('cause I sure was).
- Great latin technique class, working the basics of C, R, J and S, and explanations on the similarities and differences of each. Enjoyable, all except for that part where we were really working the body movement and I regretted eating so close to class... but overall, really glad I rushed to get to this one! Four people comment on what I'm wearing... it's laundry time, so I'm not in my typical practice wear... perhaps should wear this outfit more often.
- Change skirt and shoes, practice for a bit (waltz, and a little QS), then have a snack and hang out with pros, chatting.
- Home to bed, far later than I intended.

- Sleep in, then coffee, e-mails, shop online for dress fabric, etc.
- Late breakfast/early lunch, practice for a couple hours (mostly Tango and FT). Try to dance VW, but that makes my ankle seriously protest, so I take a pass on that for the day.
- Groceries, gas, home to shower
- Dinner out with a friend, where I have no idea what we talked about but somehow managed to be there for almost 3 hours
- A little tv, bed
I feel like there was more, but this seems to be all that I remember...

- Coffee drinking, interspersed with laundry, dishes, and changing the sheets
- Breakfast
- Convince myself that as it's a nice day, it's outside with me... and while it's a rest day, should go for a short run (which is not an activity that I particularly enjoy, but my QS routine demands cardio fitness, so...). Cranky ankle from Friday's slip on the stairs causes me to cut it shorter than intended.
- Shower, lunch, run a few errands
- General tidying at home, do my nails, dinner
- A little tv, iron some clothing, then bed


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9:10--ENG 1101. Oral presentations.
10:20--POSTCOLONIAL. Course evals. Exam review.
Lunch and grading.
12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Course evals. Oral presentations. One person speaks for double the assigned length, throwing off my schedule. Arrgh.
1:45--Office hours. Grading.
3--Pick up Child.
4--Leave with Child for dance.
4:30-9--Child dances. I work out.

Maniacal amounts of grading. 6 Postcolonial Literature essays and 16 oral report write-ups. I probably did something else this day, but nothing springs to mind.

Friday, May 9
6 AM--Up. Breakfast, then grocery store to shop for class parties.
9:10--ENG 1101. Course evals, one presentation, class party #1.
10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Class party #2.
Lunch and grading.
12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. One presentation, Class party #3.
3--Leave campus. Discover that the memorial service we are going to is further away than we thought, so very quickly change clothes and take off. Hair really needed a little help, I discover later when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Ooops.
4--Memorial service for a father of a kid at Child's school. He was 47, my age. Very sad.
The service was very hard-core Baptist and we were not adequately prepared for that. I was more okay with that than my husband. (My pov is that if it is comforting to the widow, we need to overlook the offensive pieces of the ideology just this once.)
My husband was like "Get me out of here" afterwards, so we passed on the "Fellowship Meal" and went to Panera.

I think I did some more grading after this.


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-Grading, grading, grading.
-Working out.
-Picked up Child from dance and drove to NJ, stopping at Panera (again!) on the way.
-Arrived at my parents. Belated celebration of my bday, which was 12 days earlier.


Picnic lunch and stroll at Grounds for Sculpture, which is having a big Seward Johnson retrospective. Beautiful weather and fabulous day. Child also got in some swimming along with her baby cousin. I took quite a few photos of baby and Child, baby and Mom's dog, and all of us at the sculpture garden. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!

My Mom is not in the best of shape, but did not need to be on oxygen all the time, so better than I was expecting. Oh, and she got up to 100 lbs while we were there! That has been a big goal. She is still severely underweight (she's 5' 7"), but it's an improvement...and it's really good to see her making the effort!!!

The drive home was easy too!


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Hear from dear son, who hauled, for the first time, his Toy Hauler totally loaded to Arches National Park, where instead of 80 degree weather there is snow, sleet, rain and hail. 15 others with him agree, have to laugh.
Hear from son again at the Delicate Arche - SHE SAID YES!, we are thrilled.
Hear from son an hour later "my phone is blowing up, my sister announced what happened - quick mom - beat her on FB" - ohhh for the love of brothers and sisters.
Husband assists me in yards - Home Depot - cars - etc, then is set on cleaning not so much..the garage that is.
We talk about his Wednesday heart exam appt, and the potential of living with this...not something he ever anticipated.
Hear from "buyer" of our store - YES~! cannot wait for full retirement...potentially in July.
Start looking at travel...WAIT,,,what? uhhhh, we laughed so hard,,,,there is a honeymoon to pay for in the near another detour but a fun one.
Hear from my career mentor, her daughter and SIL Gabby and Greg will be on the cover of Food and Wine July issue as some of the top 40 new chefs in the states. Really? THey currently launched, run and cook - Ox in Portland, Oregon (Fascination has had the pleasure of eating there).
Flashback to Gabby wearing braces and graduating 8th grade...and watching her grow into a wonderful woman (loved their restaurant on Maui so glad they moved to the mainland).
I know, shameless plug...but so what.
DH and I finish putting together a rubbermaid outdoor cabinet,,,and start looking around for new pool chairs,,,potentially the ones that can sit in the water since we are installing a Baja Shelf in the pool...This is gonna be fun!~


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fri...only taught one class today as opposed to 5 yesterday...which is good b/c it was humid and I am DONE....staff cookout, grocery shopping...tan and highlight hair because I am sick of looking like I live in siberia...and dh had to massage everything last night because my muscles are so sore.....set up engaged couples for appointments...talked with afew friends, cooked...good practices as well...did laundry so that I have clothes for lessons and work tomo

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