yesterday's activities


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thurs....teach blast, teach PYC....walgreens doesn't have stamps...drat...cvs does...yay...tan....home to feed all animals and get quick nap before returning to work to sub for co-worker...power to schererville for hot yoga...home soaking wet....applying wine


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sat...sleep in....breakfast....lessons....very fruitful .....home to practice and time w/ dh and dtr....also spoke with a buddy at long last....bed very soon....learned a lot about myself today...and about denying pain that is still there...and about being okay with being vulnerable


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Stood in my beautiful cousin's bridal party as she married the love of her life. Very excited to bring her new hubby into our family, and so very happy for her! Best weekend ever!


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since I anticipate nothing more than watching some mindless tv, taking out the trash and maybe snuggling with dh, I will do today now....healthy brekkies.....5k jog with dh....he dusted me....I HATE running but I hung in was father's day so I told him I LET him win :)...took dtr to meijer for "stuff" that she needs for her new apartment for summer/senior year....accepted a request to be confirmation sponsor to my cousin's sweet....cook good food for dh

edit....given all of those typos, I should have had wine and created an excuse
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7 take dtr to train
8...teach core, pilates yoga..
11-1 training on cybex machines in order to add wellness coaching to my duties
clean house, water garden, cook lots of food for engaged couple who came over tonight for a pre-marital mini-retreat....sleep immanent


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tues...pyc cancels....not clue what happened in the middle of the day but taught powerr pump and cycle in the evening
wed...teach pyc in the morn then 3 hours of training forwellness coaching...blated father's day dinner with my dad and his one died of it....


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take dh to train again...ongoing car issues
teach fit for pilates core and yoga fusion
write and mail bills including down payment ofn "lighting vender"....amber lighting of all museum pillars and soft lavender wash to the dancefloor...enjoy a blissful half an hour on a lawn chair...first time this summer...get a nap...
drive over to pay for car repair...purchase tequila in anticipation of friend's divorce...don't ask...soak in tub...bed soon


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Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, gotta catch up.
Signed contract to remodel pool - moved reconstruction date to September when pool isn't being used so much.
Took DH to Arcadia Methodist - Cardio Conversion - proved to be successful as of his post-op a few days ago.
Dr. announced he's leaving for Ohio practice and introduced to new electro-phys Cardio Doc. Drugs changed and some ended.
Believe me, Dear Husband is fully back in the daily life world.
Sit down with business plan and potential buyer - another sit down - out to lunch in Korea Town - waiting to hear from Board after the July 4th weekend - fingers crossed all the way around for approval.
WHEW, take a breath.
Started working out, muscles screaming NO NO NO. Brain says,,, we go.
Walking, DH joins us. He really is good again.
Finish AC conversion in our home - sooo nice now.
Drag out ballroom stuff. Head back to studio - start getting ready for Desert Classic in Indian Wells (they moved - for one year - from Palm Desert).
Secretly start looking at cruise/land packages to Quebec or Europe for next year.
We laugh about how full our summer has become where there was nothing on the calendar to begin with.


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saturday...teach a fitness class, take hot yoga after that, then tan and have lunch.....spend the next 12 hours with a friend at his party to forget his divorce.......probably all I want to say about that

sunday; spend entire day moving dtr from school year residence to Summer residence...cannot explain how tired I am of moving my children hither and yon...and their heavy sofa beds, etc...but we did have a nice dinner while watching world cup


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Wednesday--To NYC (took the train from Metronorth). Saw "Macbeth" at the Park Avenue Armory starring Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston. It was absolutely fabulous, possibly the best Shakespeare production I have ever seen and certainly the best use of theatrical space I have ever seen. I am so glad I was able to take ChaChaChild to this; I think it will make a lasting impression.

Thursday--Shopped at Macy's for Husband, Child, and parents. Lunch at Chevy's, which is a bit of a nostalgia trip since that used to be a local northern California chain back when Husband and I lived there, before it got by one of the national companies. There was one a block and a half from our first home in El Cerrito.
Spent until late at night wading through work e-mail catching up on what I missed. Worth it.

Friday--Did some advising. Finished reading Emma Healey's Elizabeth is Missing.

Saturday--Drove up to New Jersey for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. There were photos, and then swimming, barbecue, and cake. My parents just wanted to have me, my sister, and our kids and husbands there, not a big party, so that's what we did. (My sister's husband was actually unable to come. He is a police officer and there is some stuff going on between him and a superior. Apparently he offered an opinion that was not appreciated. He's had to work pretty much every weekend, which really cuts into his with his baby, now 7 months.)

Sunday--Drove home from NJ. Relaxed. Did a little work. Connected with one advisee I have been having a hard time connecting with. 11 down and 3 to go with registration on Thursday!


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Headed up the hill to see Step-Dad who has informed the entire family, "see me now before it's too late"...ARGHHHSCREAM. I cannot say enough about this.
Step dad motoring around house, smiles "how ya doin?" talk, then I peg him on his calls to sister/brother etc etc.
Watch World Cup with him.
Husband and Dad talk NASCAR and Soccer.
Overall - a good visit.
Pick up grandson for birthday party - head out from there, note the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (Dodger farm team) has a full parking lot across the street.
Spontaneously make U-Turn, Grandson pleased as punch, walk up, get tickets for the shady seats behind home plate and have an absolute blast.
Grandson witnesses a home run into high left field pine trees and screams his head off for the team. Yep, America's game.
Head home, jump into swimming pool, tossing Grandson expertly into deep end.
Water fight proceeds.
Grandpa and neighbor joins in.
Grill burgers, cut watermelon, smiles and laughter,,,,
DH and GS challenge each other to video road race game....hysterical to watch them claim each other cheats.
Take GS home late evening.
DH takes a deep breath and mentions that sleeping should be no problem after the day we've had.
Silent cheer! Nightly night.


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teach 8am yoga, core, with some members, teach y get moving....clean house....teach 4pm power pump....have some friends over who want to learn a few dance steps... that was fun....currently ready to go to sleep


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Search for AARP magazine that we just got with Helen Miran on the cover.
DH appears confused as to why I am looking for it....FIND Magazine, turn to page 34. Leona and Grace Harper featured in terms of new kinds of marriages and mixed families.
Explain to DH, who knows Grace, that there is also a 30 second live interview with AARP that she did with them.
Call Grace, laugh at her, she is a close best co-worker friend, who also retired from the City. She was also the 1st Black Woman Plumber in the state of California and rose to be Chief Building Inspector with Building and Safety.
Asked Grace for her autograph as we are having lunch in the near future and I can hear Leona laughing in the background.
DH is amazed as he's knows a quiet unassuming Grace. He reads the article with interest and chuckles.
Find the Food and Wine Magazine, contact my also career mentor and close friend - about her daughter and the photos featured. WHO KNEW, way back then.
We both laugh.
Make plans to pick up Grandson and start dance classes again.
Walk in park with friends,,,head out to dental appointment, this is not pleasant.
Collect more ideas for finger foods and start making an organic list that I need from farmers market.
Catch up on articles and make plans for the Texas wrecking crew arrival in July, LEGGO LAND is in this mix. Looks like fun.


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wake at 8 and eat cottage cheese, df, fb...teach to kohls for some clothes that aren't spandex and also a few from a dance buddy who is really frustrated....count my blessings....home to pet care, burning cds and continuing to get my ceus and re-certs....teach power pump and spin...listen to a struggling cat litter....sip moscato ...nearly comatose


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2 DH gets home, is still on his beeper until 7, so he's wired. Sigh.
5:30 time for me to get up. Yay coffee!
7 drop DS at his camp jr counsellor gig
8 drop daughters at camp, drink coffee and write in journal
9 group workout. I'm really loving this class!
10 home, food, cleanup
11 really really great lesson w coach
12, 1 lessons w pro
Quick practice w AP before his lesson. We've fixed a few things since yesterday! :)
Collect girls from camp, DS has already walked to the studio
3 pm kids piano lessons
5 home, snack, start kids dinner, change
6 babysitter arrives, DH gets home
Lovely double date dinner out with DH, and my sister and BIL who are visiting this week
9:30 home, babysitter leaves, DH is surprised when I don't head back out to the WCS dance, but I'm quite happy with this day as it is...


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Monday--Took Prius in to get its 20K mile service.
Read a lot of Michael Cunningham's The Snow Queen.
Followed up with 3 advisees who had yet to be advised for Fall 2014. Now 2 out of 3 are advised. I reached the 3rd one on the beach, and he asked if he could call me back in an hour. I'm still waiting.
Grocery store.
6 miles in 1 hr on treadmill...which was made a little more difficult by the fact that I have a summer cold. Actually felt pretty draggy all day, but made myself work out anyway.
Took Nyquil before bed.

Tuesday--Dang, what the heck do they put in Nyquil?!? I slept until 9:15. I had kind of woken up a couple times before that (e.g., when the dog barked at 8:30), but just felt right back to sleep. I never sleep past 9 nowadays. Heck, I never sleep past 8. I can't even always make it to 7. Now I had to hustle to make 10 AM meeting.

10--First Year Team meeting.
Talk to new transfer student.
Lunch. Still feel kind of medicine headed from the night before and trying to shake that!

2--Double Nik lesson!

Home. Dinner.

Vote in Maryland primary.

7--Parent hip-hop rehearsal.


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Staff member fitness as wellness coach 11-2, eat , teach 4-5....go home and vegetate

thurs...teach fitness 8-11...not sure what happened next except it probably involved keeping my house from falling into total disrepair...head off to job two and counsel couples....visit with boss who had sudden issues and had to have a stint put in....go to hot yoga...practice a bit...getting rusty...panic ....home and out

fri...teach cycling...tan, mani and pedi for upcoming wedding...practice....dtr with ballroom hair and make up :)


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Wednesday--Take Child and one of her BFFs to see the 1:50 showing of "Maleficent." It was GREAT. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I was really just going for the Mom points.

This particular friend mentioned a month or two ago that her dad is sick of the Maryland winters and that they are going to move south, either Florida or South Carolina, in the next year or two. Suddenly, they are moving THIS WEEK. We think Florida, but the girl seemed a little vague on the details of her future life, has no idea where she is going to school next year, etc. So this is sad for my daughter, especially since it is the THIRD BFF to move hundreds of miles away this year (the other two were sisters), but thanks to electronic communication, they can still keep in touch...I hope.

7-8:30--Parent hip-hop rehearsal.

8:30-1:15--Manned the phone lines at our 800 number registration day hotline and talked to my own first year advisees on my cell phone.
Quick lunch. Brushed teeth.
2:45--Dentist appointment.
Talked with another one of my advisees about her schedule. All 14 out of 14 now have schedules!
7-8:30--Parent hip-hop rehearsal.
Also read half of Dave Eggers' Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? I really like it and it's a very fast read.

Did some household tasks and knocked a couple things off the to-do list, like turning in receipts for reimbursement at work. (Exciting, I know.)

Read the other half of the Dave Eggers book I mentioned before.

6--Final Parent Hip-Hop rehearsal before our performance on Sunday. A lot of people no-showed this one. (4 rehearsals in 4 days is kind of a lot.) During rehearsal, my phone rang. It's Husband. Child had been off roller skating with one of her BFFs and that BFF's mom and fell. Her wrist is really swollen.

I drive home, and we debate ExpressCare vs. ER. I want ER, but Husband and Child think ExpressCare (Husband is worried we will get stuck waiting a long time), so we do that.
And the verdict...BROKEN! Distal radius fracture. Darn...I'm not surprised, given how much pain she was in, but I was hoping it would just be a sprain.
I call my parents, and Husband calls the swim team to say we are OUT for the meet tomorrow. (Probably for the whole summer season, actually, as there is about a month left and I doubt this will be healed before then.)
Get Child to bed.

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