yesterday's activities


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more yard work, practice, more house work...trip to meijer for some odds and ends...wore myself out...but so grateful for this weekend of undisturbed thing is certain; we need to simply surrender our back yard to the continuing to weed back there is insanity...did manage to salvage one tiny spot of civilization and add mulch to it...also able to sand and paint an old outdoor end table for the umpteenth love living out in the woods but I am getting too old for the up keep ...and dh is no help at all...if he had it his way, it would simply overgrow until no one could find us :)


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finish ticking off pre-trip duties...round up trash, wask windows, pack, go for a run, practice...clean litter boxes, pay bills...look up various weather and mapping things...plan on spending the evening lounging


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Oldest daughter broke her hand yesterday, too. Four-wheeling. Sheesh. In a soft cast until she can see the ortho doc to see if surgery is necessary. She has a practicum this week where she is going to be graded on setting up a sterile x-ray lab and is wondering how she's going to get gloved up. The mother in me is thinking that she should have thought about that before she went four-wheeling but I didn't say anything.


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mon...teach yoga pilates core....happy birthday to a dear to Kearney NE narrowly missing formidable weather...deo gratis....currently hunkered down with vodka on a lower floor near an interior room :)


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drive from Kearney NE to Twin Falls Idaho...going to work out a bit and then crash

edit to add...30 min on elliptical...abouut 3 miles and then 20 minuetes swimming...breast and backstroke
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drive from Twin Falls to PDX...where son is waiting....drink tequila and watch world cup, shop at pendleton store...finally land in newberg...sigh....tomorrow, the love of my life


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FRIDAY--Traveled to Brooklyn.
Fireworks over East River! Gorgeous.

SATURDAY--Manhattan Dancesport Championships!
Ran into J_Alex on my way to hair and make-up.
Dancing with Nik! Fun as always, but I'm a little disappointed that I did worse than last year in the same events. Dancing felt good, too, for the most part.
Went out afterwards with two of my besties!!! Had great bbq outside, then went on a walk and talked and talked. AWESOME TIME! I am very blessed in the BFF department.
Ran into Nik on my way back in to the hotel and sat and talked for a piece.
Then went in and watched Saturday night. J_alex stopped by to say HI! Great to see her!!!

Read, relaxed, then hauled myself back to reality. :)

I must have done some stuff on Monday, but the only things I am remembering are
-Had a terrible stomachache in the AM (A few too many treats over the weekend???)
-Reading Helen Oyeyemi's Boy, Snow, Bird
-Working out
-Picking up Child at camp

I also got word that my Uncle J died. (Not unexpected as he has been in hospice.) He was 56, my dad's youngest brother, only 9 years older than I am. (Liver cancer stemming from hepatitis C. Tragic. He has two kids in their 20s.)

Took Child to camp for the AM only.
Waited it out in a bookstore.
Took Child home.

Her surgery wasn't until 5 PM, so she had to fast ALL DAY LONG, not even water. She is a trooper!
Child: I don't know how Muslim people do it. My friend Maya says it's too hot for Ramadan, so she's not doing it this year."

I was very, very nervous about the whole thing: the fasting, the IV, the general anaesthesia. Naomi cried a little when a nurse told her it would hurt, but the anaesthesiologist was VERY COOL and said he would give her the gas first and only give her the IV after she was asleep. She liked that!!! They did not do any of this with us watching; they wheeled her back first. I appreciated that. I don't really want to see my child lose consciousness.

She did SO great! I was hugely relieved. I was also relieved that I did not pass out like I did when my husband had surgery last year. I might have eaten four fun-sized candies (think Halloween) to try to keep my blood sugar high. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

By the time we came in, she was eating graham crackers. They said bland foods only tonight, then real food the next day, but nothing too greasy or spicy. He looked at us. "You look like you eat pretty healthy. I'm sure whatever you normally have is fine." Um...thank you. (Clearly didn't know I was mainlining fun-sized candies during the surgery, though!)

Child wanted to go to camp. I said certainly no for morning, as she had just been under general anaesthesia and had barely had anything to eat yet. I said she needed to get her strength back up. ("Okay, but I feel fine.") The we get some good news: camp is actually CLOSED today! There were violent thunderstorms in the area and the camp lost power. So Child can stay home and not worry about missing anything.

Extensive convos with Sister about whether we should go to the funeral in Toronto, which is Friday at 11 AM. We feel like it's the RIGHT thing to do. If it were on Saturday or Sunday, this would be a no-brainer, but given that it is a Friday at 11 AM, we both have childcare-related problems. I would have to take Child with me as Husband is going to be out of town...which means she would miss camp. Either that or I could ask her BFF M's mom to let her sleep over, as M also goes to this camp to watch her...but I feel guilty because I'm leaving a kid who just had surgery on someone. Plus M's grandma is visiting from out of state this weekend. And Sister has an 8 month old, and her police officer husband has been forced to work nights for the last couple of months.. Also, our dad has discouraged us from going, saying there is also going to be a memorial in NJ and we should just go to that. But our cousins might feel differently and want us there. We ultimately decide not to go. (We are sending flowers, though.)(This is the Protestant side of the family, so no sitting shiva, and flowers seem to be more the thing than food.)


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day one of paradise...aka playing with grandbaby..unfortunately interupted by news of the sudden tragic choking incident of the spouse of one of my closest cousins...he is on life support...they have two young children....difficult decisions are going to have to be made.....


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Oh no! Oh Fascination! That poor man. Hoping for a miracle there.

On a happier note, I'm glad you are getting in a visit with the grandbaby. Hope you get lots and lots of snuggles and some 1:1 time!


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OH My Fas,,,prayers.
Yesterday, blissful sleep at the Esmeralda Marriott Indian Wells Hotel, even DH notes his own sleep.
Breakfast with DH. We both go off to the amazing workout center, me to warm up legs, DH because that is him.
Catch up with ex-pro, his love, and his adorable baby girl who just turned 1. I want to hold her and not let go!
She's screams Da-Da...apparently this is a new learned word - watch ex-pro turn his head like a squirrel and gotta laugh at him. Very adorable, he's just a daddy I decide.
Get ready for rounds of Silver Smooth. They go very well.
I find I'm in a new place of mind - thorough enjoyment - a whole lot less worry about forgetting a step or missing a measure.
Dance several times by Dear husband who is hanging with ballroom students and they are giving him all kinds of attention...I'm sure, actually positive, he's the one who encouraged them to try to make me laugh. Gotta love him.Scholarships go well, recalled to finals, and I'm quite pleased where I ended considering I haven't danced since last summer.
Farewell for a short time to our pals as we head to lunch and to the pool. I like this Esmeralda Marriott of Indian Wells, they have lots of "short" shallow water for the kids, a beach entrance and rafts and such, plus it was not a haul of a walk to get something to eat.
Float in the pool, catch up with old friends, water volleyball and relaxation.
Change for the evening, dinner bar-side, fish tacos were way yummy, share stories with others who join us.
Into the ballroom to watch ex-pro and partner in rising star smooth.
It was a good night, a slow walk in the warm air under the stars and nighty night.


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day two...grandchild love crisis still in limbo...but lovely dinner with son (Dundee Bistro)...which is a relief since last night I got food poisoning and tossed a bunch of bad bar food (as it should be)


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eeewwww food poisoning Fas is NOT the way to spend the grandchild visit.
I'm a firm believer that I will take on what Joan Rivers said yesterday on "The View" show.
She spends one solid week - just with grandson - going .
Mine are getting to the age where that is possible. I've decided...and dear husband already knows.
Now,,,hmmm, the possibilities are limitless - if each of the all of them knows they get exactly one week with grandma going - and experiencing something new. Which means I would get a great big adventure summer...
Yesterday, blow into ballroom say farewell, see ex-ballroom sister dancing Standard, take more pictures.
Breakfast with DH poolside.
Shopping at Cabazone - DH buys me cushy, flat open sandals that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, he took one look at my blisters after the smooth rounds and he made that decision without consulting me. ahhhh honey, the ways I love you - this is a big one.
shop the Cabazon outlet center.
Head home, field phone calls, looks like he's not retiring any time soon, darn it. Deal fell apart, that's ok. lately nothing is as bad as not being here,,,heart events will teach you that.
Plans firm up to take employees to the Proud Bird on Sunday for brunch.
All the adult kids and grandkids start asking about "when, who, what, where," they all arrive in our home next Friday and Saturday. SCREAM with delight, even the 14 year old is coming.
We chill out for the evening.
Step dad calls - needs a dryer - ok, so instead of a calm tomorrow, we are heading up the hill to buy him a dryer.
Life, curveballs - and a path to follow, let the adventure continue!


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day 3 with cutest was sort of a quiet day as we had all played too hard the previous two days...andjust as well since the death of my cousin's husband occurred...which led to many family calls...and dh's flight was de;ayed so he wasn't able to see baby today but did get here in time for a nice dinner at Mc Menomens at the Kennedy School...very Portland...a school rehabbed into a brewery/restuarant/theatre, hotel, cigar bar, etc...alone time with dh...just what the doctor ordered...thankful tonight for another day with him as I think of my cousin


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day 4 with Mr wonderful...but had to share with Grampy...aka take a back seat....Cole loves his back to the room to sleep while the guys watch the replay of the world cup....I am beat and could not care less


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Husband took Child to camp and left on yet another 4 day business trip.
Ordered a floral wreath for my uncle's funeral up in Toronto.
Read, wrote, did some household chores, bought groceries.
Picked up Child at camp. Horrible traffic. It took 2 hours, 25 minutes RT. (In perfect traffic, it would be 1 hr, 20 mins)
Good news: CTY is apparently undergoing re-accreditation and they pulled eight kids to talk to the team. Child was one of them and so was her BFF! I felt proud when she told me that.
Did some first year team stuff.

Took Child to camp. Left all kinds of extra time because of experience the day before, but it was a much easier drive.
Worked out.
Spent a fair amount of time working on home office re-organization. I have waaaaay too many unfiled papers and junk that can be thrown out sitting on my desk, and everything needs to be sorted and then thrown out, recycled, or filed. I now have a filing cabinet down there and a Pottery Barn organizing system, so making good use of those.
Pick up Child. Child informs me that it was a fun day, she learned lots of stuff, and that she now knows the words "oligarchy" and "theocracy."

Took dog with us to PetSmart to get wet food. Was a bit of a debacle. Our dog loves going in the car, but is not as well behaved as he could be in PetSmart.

Finish reading Claire North's The Fifteen Lives of Harry August. It was okay.
Do a bunch of household stuff: dishes, laundry, pet care, help Child with bath, make a nice dinner.

Play Settlers of Catan--Star Trek edition with Child. (Had to remind myself of the rules of this one!)
Played with Child outside on her playset for awhile. I couldn't believe she said "Mom, could you push me on the swings?" (she's 11, and even with a broken wrist, this is an unusual request), but eventually gave in and went with it. Good mommy-daughter time. Child also discovered what we think is a squirrel drey on our property (basically a squirrel nest). We also saw a bunny, and, when we looked closer, it was right near a hole. The only thing is that the hole didn't look big enough to me for it to be a rabbit warren...but Child thinks maybe it could be. (She pointed out that our mid-sized dog can get through the cat door when he's really determined.)

Re-watch an episode of "Sherlock." Child loves this program.

Child woke me up at 2:45 AM. She is very apologetic, but says she has lots of itching underneath her cast and cannot sleep. I get her a cold compress which gives her enough relief to sleep. She has been being such a trooper about the cast--no complaints, and has said she doesn't want or need pain meds.
Back to bed.

7:30--Got stung by a bee (or possibly a yellow jacket or hornet--but you get my point) first thing in the AM when I took the dog out. That will wake a girl up faster than caffeine! Ow! Iced my arm.

Put in some serious work on the office re-organizing project.

12:30-4--At college doing Parent Preview show. I try to make my part mildly entertaining and informative.

Break. Husband is home from trip, as he promised he would be! But asleep. So that's why he didn't answer the phone when I called in between presentations. A little disappointed because I feel like he should be spending some time with Child after 4 days out of town, although Child is watching "Ellen" clips and does not seem to mind.

6:30-9--Parent Preview dinner and Resource Fair. At the dinner, I get to sit with someone from my OWN first year seminar last year (score!) and with a parent who--TOTAL COINCIDENCE--went to the same high school I did! He's older so we have no overlap, but still...what are the odds? (It's 3 hours away from the college, so it's not like we're both from this area and stayed local, and it only has about 1000 students.) At the resource fair, got to help people with their children's schedules, met the mother of an incoming student who is so demanding and overbearing that she already has a reputation and her son isn't even here yet, and got to meet the father of one of my own students.

Finally home just in advance of another torrential rainstorm. It's like "Honey, have you seen our toolkit? I think we should have started in on that ark building project" kind of raining. We already had a rainstorm on Tuesday that knocked out power for thousands. A lot of dramatic weather in 2014! (And it sounds like that's been true in a lot of parts of the country.)


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baby wants not much to do with me, day 2...I get it..grampy is a boy...and he's new....but hard because I really only get three weeks a year to build up my stock...accept that well 90% of the time...but not enough sleep as dh has pre-trial stress...and much extended family drama surrounding a sudden death...and I basically circled the drain a lot today...finished with margaritas and some country dancing in Portland...will be sleep soon

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