Yet another flirting thread... this time, a poll!

To flirt or not to flirt

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for the AK says, i am a lover and not a fighter....and I had three of you nicely in hand the other night I believe...and it is fine for the B team to come in while I am out for the day(just kidding RI...blows kisses)
cornutt said:
I give! Uncle! Uncle! Darn, lost again. I guess you'll just have to have your way with me... :raisebro:
I guess so....;)

oh and don't worry, I have plenty of nice white shirts myself :raisebro:

soooo enticing....
It might be a little more than you can handle though. It's cocked and ready if you wanna give it a try. Do you know where the safety is?


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er lets also be careful to keep it PG around here...we do have guidelines and youth online....must wear moderator hat from time to time...luvvies
RIdancer82 said:
I'll take the automatic on the guns.... but if we're talking sticks, then I'll take the manual anyday... ;)
That's a girl after my own heart! This car might have too many horses for you dear. You sure you can keep it on the road?

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