You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

When you have so many clothes for dance that you can't fit your regular clothes into your closet anymore and when your mother suggests you wear one of your dance shirts as a regular shirt, you roll your eyes at the stupidity of her thought.
You sneak in dance steps while you're shopping at the grocery store when the aisle is clear. You're especially addicted if you don't care if there are other is the aisle as you dance smooth with the shopping cart as your partner. :lol:

ooh, thought that was just me and the missus..............
we get odd looks in asda sometimes.............!!!!!!
You Know You're a Ballroom Dancer When...

I'm surprised that I couldn't find a thread like this! I'll start:

You know you're a ballroom dancer when you practice arm-styling while you vacuum!


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wasn't there one on the general dance discussion page? I think it was a very long time ago since I just barely remember it.... paging TC... dear sweet TC...

I will add, however. You know you're a ballroom dancer when...

It feels uncomfortable not to stand up straight.

You view monetary amounts in terms of lessons. (e.g. God, those shoes are cute, but that is like 2 lessons!!! or, I made so much money today... I made 6 lessons!!)

You off-handedly use terms like "comp" and "stoned" around your non-dance friends and don't understand when they look at you funny.

You don't have any non-dance friends.


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When you practice the position of your feet during New Yorkers on the subway.

When you use bus pit stops to practice routines on the gravel.

When you rate new music you come across by how danceable it is ("I can do a mean samba to this one...").

... Not that any of this is based on personal experience or anything.
When your lesson gets canceled like mine did tonight so you read all 218 pages of this thread while listening to your latin round playlist on itunes to avoid losing your mind.

By the way, I've been a lurker here for about...3 years. O.O. So...-waves shyly- Hi, it's good to officially meet you all :)

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