You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when... check out all the fancy dresses in a department store although you came to buy a T-Shirt don't mind standing in line because now you can go mentally though your dance routine start comparing your feet to other people's feet

... when music comes on in a public place, you yell, for example: "It's a cha-cha!" (as if anybody cared)

...Your non-dancer friends listen politely to your constant dance talk, but secretly they wish you'd get into pottery or rock climbing
You adopt three kittens (now 3 yrs old) and instead of naming them after the two that passed away... you name them Salsa, Cha Cha, and Tango.
Also, after leaving the dance floor you struggle to find any long standing source of inspiration, only to be FLOODED with it two years later after your first lesson back.


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...the first thing you do upon getting home after flying 7000+ miles is take a shower and go out dancing. Despite having been awake for 24 hours already.
1) When the favorite card in your wallet is your dance studio member card

2) When you book a cab straight after work (pretty expensive here) at least once every week, just so you can reach the class in time cos your working hours is fixed late

3) When the amt of time you spend in the studio increases from 1 hr a week to 8 hours, and still no sign of stopping there

4) When all the decisions in your life, be it work or relationships, are based on whether it will affect our lessons

5) When you behave like a zombie whenever you are not in the studio


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When you cut holidays with your family several days short to get back in town, because you managed to convince your pro to give you secret from other students, studio-closed lessons on the one day he'll be in town over the break.

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