Your salsa tagline


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"five minutes of heaven"
Actually this comes from what I tell myself on those nights when I have stumbled onto a bad latin night(no salsa). I say give me one decent dance partner for one decent salsa and I will show you five minutes of heaven.
LOL Brujo...

That's just what I'm told, so I took it as my tagline...

It could have been:

El Papi Chulo de los Premios Globo

But that would be more than 5 words and I'm not sure
if anyone would know what the Premios Globo are...
My own thoughts on my Salsa dancing:

"Tense, rigid and awkward."

"Hips not moving correctly."

"Unlearning many bad habits."

"Very shy seat warmer."

What I tell the ladies:

"I'm just a beginner."

"Sorry about your foot!"

"Whoops, I screwed that up!"

"What are you laughing at?"

"Si, soy un gringo."

What the ladies have shared with me:

"You right on the beat."(ie you can't dance very well, but at least you're on time. :oops: )

"You have good rhythm." (what are you really trying to say? :shock: )

"You have good frame." (why not, hey there mister, you're a handsome hunk of man? :cry: )

"Hey, that was perfect!" (don't try and BS me ma'am, I wasn't born yesterday! :roll:)

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